Fall Home Decorating Ideas

my job speaking of labor day you know itis kind of I guess what you would callthe unofficial start to the fall seasonright but it's kind of hard especiallyhere in Florida to get into the fallseason in the autumn spirit when it's sodarn hot to show you how to get yourhome ready to welcome fall as interiordesignerChristina Cary she is of tina-marieinterior design hey there it's alwaysgood to see it's always great coming inbecause salutely have such good tips andit is hard isn't it right we're actuallyhere to get into the phosphor becausewe're just a hundred degrees yeah so ifyou want to make your home feel morelike fall inside there are some reallysimple things you can do expensivethings you absolutely there are and it'sabout right now it's about transitioningfrom summer into fall and there's someeasy ways to do that and we went out wetook the challenge of this andeverything so when you were gonna behere and doing thisand we went to our favorite store thatyou can go to when you know pick up yourgroceries or kids supplies whatevertarget yes and they have a greatselection right now of bringing in somethings and transitioning from summerinto fall one easy ways you know I'm abig big proponent of neutral furniturebecause you can do things like thiswhite you do because you can change itwith the seasons and everything easiestway they do that in like a living roomarea are pillows this is a play on kindof texturing things right here we havethis great kind of cable knit hellowhich is of course brings in that cozykind of funky oh this little flannel andthe plaid as well but we threw in thiskind of woven macrame melody which iscould be a carryover from summer whichis great and his new works but thecolors works with the feel of everythingand so it gives you a nice kind of warmfeel but it brings in a little bit ofthat it's the end of summer so whenyou're talking about pillows here itreally is about the texture too thathelps you do that fall absolutelybecause a lot of it you know these aregreat colors for fall but these are alsogreat colors for someright there vibrant and there's noreason that you can't kind of mix themin one of the things we also did arelike the rugs down here this is a grainof jute woven rug again it has that rustcolor to it but the Jude is definitelymore of a casual people think coastalkind of feel to it and then over herewith our black and white this is anotherthing that people don't think aboutblack and white is such an amazingamazing neutral and it can really betransitional from season to season toseason I think the thing with black andwhite that maybe scares people as theyfeel it may be too stark and and I cansee that and if you go ultra kind ofmodern but what you say that this rug isstar no no it's the pattern is great ithas that boho vibe that is so hot rightnow and it really is just a nice littleaccent point this is just a simple likethree by five you can put down in yourkitchen or in a laundry room orsomething just to add add a little andthe price is right natural elements likethe wood bringing them the organic inthat's a great way to bring fall intoyour home because you think of you knowit's also very earthy sit in trees andyou know the leaves shedding andeverything like that so this is greathere bringing in the ambered color thatlaughs beautiful and again it justevokes kind of a feeling of fall anunexpected color for fall is the tealpeople don't think of that as beingnecessarily like a blues being kind ofamong color but when you go with theteal like we have here on these greatwoods foods you bring the organicelement in with a little bit of thatteal color and it's a great pop and thenover here we have it a little bit of ittoo in this great pitcher so again thewood on the lamp and then just a littlebit of you know kind of greenery themantelwe absolutely fall doesn't just need tomean yellow and red and and you knowfalling leaves and me just like littletouches like this that make it feelreally earthy and warm and cozywell you've brought some great tips forus and I love the fact that you can getall of the stuff and expensively becausewe're going to have you back totransition now go into Christmas and Ilike the fact that it's all economicalabsolutely and even then this can gointo Christmas this garlic from goingthat it's huge transition into there tooso you have hit it out of the park onceagain where can people find you Chris ohyou can find us at tina-marie interiordesign comm that's also our handle onInstagram and FacebookI don't do some beautiful work thank you

Fox 35 gives you some home decorating ideas for the upcoming Fall season.

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