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Fairy Room Cleaning

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The challenge is real, you are asked to participate in this fairy game as a personal assistant for a housekeeping task. It seems like this fairy’s house need your special help and even if you are not prepared for this kind of work you could learn step by step because we offer you guidance all the way. In this cleaning game, you are asked to fix and wash away all the dirt and problems that make this fairy house appear like a total mess. Each part is cleaned with a different kind of tool and you actually have to accomplish all the given tasks so you can move to the next step. First comes the living room where you need to take care of the broken walls, the weeds from the windows and any other irregularities.The spiderweb is all over the place and as soon as you clean that it might look even better, the Tv doesn’t look good at all, remove the dirt from it too. Clean all the room and get to the other three ones remaining. The bathroom needs your attention as well and you have to wash the floors, clean the mirror, arrange the bathtub and all the broken things need to be fixed. When you are done you go straight to the kitchen to accomplish the tasks in there in order to make it clean and shiny. Last, but not least is the bedroom where you will gonna find a lot of dirt and you will have to take care of each part of the room to make sure is completely cleaned up.

You could find features like:
– Variety of tools and processes to accomplish
– Free and easy to play
– Awesome accessories and interesting styles to adopt
– Cleaning challenges
– Find the secrets for a perfect cleaned spot
– Learn how the housekeeping is actually done
– Use your sense of fashion interior design
– Great music and pretty good graphics

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