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[Music][Applause][Music]hey guys welcome to my channel and todaytoday I know I knowand it's been long I know I've kept youguys waiting I know it is you guys and Itold you I'm gonna have a video up andit's finally outit's my dining room reveal I've beenwaiting for this video for the longesttime even though I'm a part of it youknow what I mean but I've gone for afamily vacay so things took a while andI need to you know make sure havesomething that I'm not you know if yousee what I'm seeing you guys oh my godI'm so happy I'm so happy my vision cameto life remember guys when I asked youwhat do you think my theme for my dailygroup is well watching[Music]first things first I'm not going to showyou guys the table it's the me it's themain event and you just don't show themain event at the beginning you show itat the end so we're gonna start here andthe side table so let me tell you guyswhere I was seated at the intro mydining I don't have the before thebefore clip of my dining room cuz Iforgot to take it but I'll tell you wenever used to eat on there then tip onahead was round and the chairs weremassively huge so on the side where Iwas sitting we had an automatic means toour clothes literally you never felt theneed to eat in this area it's never felthomely it never felt you know togethernest like who's that my vision formaintaining you know homely togethernice family coming together eatingenjoying good times it never feltstarted so we never use did you justfelt like a place where behind our toolsso now I feel like I've gotten much moreroom I never had this space where I'mstanding here anyways to have this facebecause we used to squeeze ourselvesthat table is to be somewhere here andused to iron our kids around that areaso the fact that I knew I'd have space Igot a side table I never had a sidetable and I always water have side tablebecause I usually watch this lady calledbe my guestwith Denise she has a YouTube channeland she had a side table where when shehosts her guests usually puts food thereshe decorates it and I'm always on aside table so I got this sizable fromodds and ends for prices and we're gotstuff there's a blog post linked belowso if you want all the details ofeverything it's in the description boxbelow so I got this from odds and endsthe first time I saw it last year noseto my bedroom I knew I wanted it allbecause of this you know this cowhidetexture over here anything is reallyreally textured and we loved it and theit has a wooden most sort of texture butI love the whole vibe of it especiallybecause it's so simple and over hereit's like very variable pens I'm able toput you know my things then just keep itup vibe and I feel like it's somethingthat I'm good changing as I go it's notsomething that I'll keep it as it is nowit's something I knew in a couple ofmonths to switch up to a different vibeto something different so that's that'ssomething I'm looking forward to solet's start on this end so these curveballs are the ones I had in my bedroombecause I couldn't find similar onesthat I remember couldn't them from houseof leather I got the candle stand whichis not for these candles honestly it'snot for these candles if you look at itit's not but I call this one's fromParis lot and they are doing the job atthe end of the day it's all aboutimprovising this Mira was a gift I gotthis one from my friend at Aikido and hewas moving out so I bought itit's really cute it's a cab vintageframe I want to put those his pictureover there going into the vintage bag Igot this from Paris lamp so this candleis what is it it's a body shop condo andit smells so good it's salted caramelguys it smells amazing this one I can'tremember where I got it from but I hadit in my closet stroke filming room andI just burned down some fake books overthere we have some Christmas crackersthat I got from house of leather andthis plate as wellthere are some drinks and then thiswhiskey bottle all I got from Eddie hetold me he got it fromI think cookie Kosh so I bought it fromhim when he was moving out of his houseand it's so beautiful it's massive it'slike if you just feel the quality of itand lastly I have my you know that's itreminds me of a milk Inc and thewonderful you know come on move itthat's what I do but I got this fromParis land you guys remember I did ahaul and I put some fake plants therefake plants I got them in Bangkok butyou can always get fake plants from soclever last but not least we have thisbeautiful painting that I got from Ortonand it's seriously so beautiful and itpairs so well with like my seats thetable some of the gold the call that Ihave one here it's amazing I love it somuch it's the perfect size it's so muchsee if I already you guys can see butit's so huge and it's so gorgeousat the bottom I loved having this spacehere because I can do anything with itand since it's Christmas right now Ihave lanterns that I filled in withballs recorders Christmas tree ballsrecords from hopes of never and thisLantern was a gift in this lap Thomasfrom house oh yeah it's just such a niceyou know these black matches this bloodis silver you know I have a lot of goldgoing on and I feel like you can alwaysmix your come on let's mix your metalsit's fine so it could white balls inthere and I have these fairy lights thatwas his gift so I justas for this greenery team I cut it offmy Christmas tree have a Christmas treewhich I don't like very much cut it offand just leave it therein just Q so let's come to the sectionthat has given me sleepless night guysthis section is on us I'll be like is itright is it no - what thank you thankyoubut after I put everything together Ilove how so let's start you guysremember I got these pepper and eggplantfrom Watson and I had to get theeggplant you know and when parents cometo visit they don't even know even yeahbabybut I love how it looks it has a vintagebite that I was going for you know likeI said I'm gonna tell you my film andI'm gonna tell you what it was that Ithink what my theme was just so I cansee how it was come all together so goto sons from odds and ends I got thistrade this was a tree that I was hopingto use on my side table and I realizedit doesn't know cute there so I decidedto displayed on the wallso I've stuck it with a double-sidedtape you can get that from house ofleather and I think so honey also hasthem as well and it's Richard I can'tcook who cares it's really cute and thisone I got from a straw at greenhouseborn greenhouse calledand it's living I think and it's urgentbe who you are and say what you feelbecause those who mind don't matter andthose who matter because we don't giveup then here I have these three framesthey were a gift as they are someonemade them and give me as a gift and Iwasn't planning on using them here I wasplanning on using them in Susie's roombut if what I wanted to put the mirrornice shot and I don't mind it I reallyreally really love itthen this Wi-Fi free inside I got from atry you store in Pawnee a kid :not really nice and I got this I drink Ionly drink to make my friends moreinteresting it's an opener I hung itthere cuz they miss a ban on drinkingself come from the kitchen so I put itthere this one I got it from knick-knackbut the same store and got these cellsthese I'll have all the details in thedescription box below just click thatblog post you don't have picturesdetails price and anything else youmight needand then lastly we have these news andbread natural daily fresh delicioustraditions dishonest wrong Paris landand oh my god this these I love it somuch or not a couple of newspapersmagazines just to keep it a really nicevibe so right now we only have this butit's really nice and like this looks andyou're loving so much it's such a youknow unexpected people put frames photoswhatnot but this is so unexpectedanother thing about this wall is of leftspaces in between so that I'm able toadd on to each it's this is not the endof it it could I could decide to changeall of it or I could decide to just goupdating it adding stuff small things weare in the other iconicdo travel or if they like something thatI get around here and I buy it I feellike it's something that I can do thatwith this warm I don't mind this worldbeing like doing the most because that'swhat I want I wanted the world to do themost so that was my vision for this wallit's doing the most but not that mattermost but with time in a couple of monthsso lastly it's my dining table oohbut let's start from the top so at thetop I have this really nice like badcages you know there for you know howloo does your tea tea candles yeah but Iremoved the candle and left the thinginside and added the green RV's or needso that it can hang this is something Ireally wanted to do the green areas Igot them in Bangkok so yes because Itried to pay for them here inanniversary I got them in Bangkok and Ihunt two of them on each side and thechandelier was a gift and coming down ontheir sides there's some flirting showsthat are nice and ground I got thosefrom Bangkok as well when it come forthe trade fair you're those ones I sawthem on the wall and I was like I kindof had them I didn't know what I wasgonna use them for actually I did Iwanted to use them at the shop and thenwhen I knew I was doing the dining and Irealize that will pretty much havenothing I decided to put them there andthey look really nice I've hung somelanterns with some fairy lights insideand I also added the green areas onthere as well just to give it that pipeit does give you that restaurant rightso what bike was I going for what was mytheme my theme was a big thumb houserestaurant technophile does it makesense yes it has Beach type of vibeslike the the knifeyou know the lanterns the greenery andalso from house because of the woodenthey create the metal chairs you know sothat's one that's what I was going formy thoughts I know all over the placebut they all came back to keep togetherlet me tell you remember I told you guysI was getting a certain tee ball sowe're going to get it it was almost talkso ended up settling for this one asmuch as this was actually my firstchoice but it was slightly out of myprice range and since the other one wasgone I just said nope this one this oneI do love it I prefer the other becauseit had stumps on the eitherends or a throat I was able to and anextra chair if I did want to but youknow all in all it still has the samevibe I did maintain the bench that I'msitting on so the table is from how thetable is from ones and ends in the benchis from odds and ends the bench is fromthe collection of the table that Iwanted it was called the Mexican tableand it still matches very well with thisbecause you can see the wood grain thisone was just a little bit smooth theother one had more you know roughness toit but I don't mind so as much as mytheme was farmhouse beach babes greenerywhatnot the thing is I wanted a tinytable where my family and I can actuallysit down at the end of the day enjoy ameal have a Boonton together creatememories in the end of the day I thinkor sure deep down within my heart I didit for sourcing I got the yellow chairsfor her cause she has bright colorsand Elektra for that everything ismismatched so there colors everywherethe small the small things she wouldlove she's a big girl now she was oneyear in crawling everybody movedeverything from the house so she doesn'thave to touch them not don't touch butyou see those small things they makecustom happy and that is what I wantedfor this table now my luck that wereit's Christmas time so I got to do mysetup this was my setup for Christmasbut the beauty with the dining room thatI've come to realize as I was dreamingis such a Pinterest or YouTube if theycan change it as I go change it withthese themes this is no one's gonna behere in January so I'm gonna dosomething different I'm a pro for Easterwhen I'm hosting friends or family sothe one thing I can appreciate about thedining room is that it switches as I goso the table is a blank canvas for me todo whatever it is I want on it so whatdid I do here so that what I did I did alot of research on farmhouse tablesateen so this green thing you see hereit's one of those shiny nose things butit's not shiny mean as much it'sactually really nice plus 300 shillingsfrom neighbors and I got two of them soI've just gone interlocking them as I goand it just covers the whole table thetable is six feet and that thing isactually six feet long and what I did Iwent I did small team picks and I gotfrom house of leather that I got fromHarris land and you know what I was sosurprised I know how another has cutestuff but eg let's see what this one letme show you guys like this stuff thisone was from possibly the imagehundred shillings so everything else Ijust went layering on adding them justto make a really nice runner Aranadoesn't have to be there no money to buyyou food you can literally switch our towhatever it is that you want so justemphasize the one thing I love about thetable is there's this leather cut inbetween the two then you know the twothen cuts the top at the bottom there'sthat middle part that has never changedreally now it's really cute reallyclassy and one thing is the table wasone price the bench was one price andeach of their chairs have their ownprices which like I said I'm gonna putin the description box below there's ablog post with all the details and thenlet's go to the to the cushions so whenI did my haul from Paris land I gotthese photo shots this was actually thebeginning of this dining the first thingI ever bought for this dining room wasthis ocean and it kinda you know startedeverything for this dining I knew Iwanted greenery and you I wanted youknow stuff anyway I wanted it to be likeextra blue two extra gonna do it themoves but still extra even make anysenseso they're true cushion towers arelittle bit worried when I put them thatisn't gonna be too much but it really isit positive in everything and it'sreally neutral it's white it's Brownsand another greens you know what I meanbut these cushions as you can see I'vetimed them over because when I put themlike this they really do look too muchso I put them like that so this one alsoone that was written good vibes only andyou know just have to you know stay likethat another thing I haven't talkedabout is the wrong the rug I got a Jewtrunk from odds and ends and it wasn'tthe best decision to get a Jew trunk inyour dining it clearly is there becausefor tends to fall especially if you havekids dogs you eat things fall on thefloor I do have a vacuum cleaner whichis easy to clean but it's reallythe best decision but I did it for myown selfish reasons when I sit herewithout socks bare feet you know my feeton the rug it feels really nice itsurprises like massaging me you knowwith those two parts it feels reallygood so it was for my own selfishreasons Patti love it now I feel likeit's worth it it's okay if you like it'sokay I can live with it so I hope youguys enjoyed my video as much as Ienjoyed doing it if you haven't yetsubscribe to my channel give this videoa thumbs up because it really reallysupports my channel and leave a commentdown below what did you love about myday and you know what let me tell youguys somethingI've realized after doing my bedroommaintaining my kitchen it's always goodto do things in stages I'm looking at myliving room and I actually can't judgefor twitch 19 I actually do my livingroom I thought in 2018 I'd do my livingroom but I've done my painting and thenthe next thing I'll do is my living roomand I can have like a nice cohesivespace so I hope you guys have awonderful Christmas I love you guys somuch[Music][Music]

Finally my dining room makeover is done and dusted! I’m so happy I got to achieve my wild thoughts! It came to life better than I had pictured it. #quesadivas

Find more details of the items in this blog post http://bit.ly/2Rh2v3S


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