Living Room 

Escape my living room part 2

Oh Jack this is part 2 from table andyou can look at this guy's I look coldI don't know well normally right therebut the mind before we got itwell still with the first clues in tellme if you see any hackers behind me backI'm gonna make it behind my backyeah okay so I'm still looking like Ican't find that tell me if you find anyclues anywhere do you see me you thinkokayever see that son on the couch on thetop oh hey this one has the number sixon it and this one is I think we'regetting somewhereokay don't it and this one number threeright herehey guys number three and this one is anM again a lot of inkI think that Jews are not that importantwe keep finding that we can put ourclothes in so let's put our crews onokayI can see I gotta win the patch so yeahokay I'll just put them right here okayso I'm still lookingI think it let's say if it's some ondisc right here right nowoh and this is number two and this oneis a GE City okay let's see if there'sany more clues this one number five Ifelt a number five and this one issaying this one is I can't get focusedthis one is a M it says six one two nineseven eight three four five I thinkthose are the numbers that we got inthis flat okay let's see if we can dowith some numbers on it I don't know yousee yeah so let's see okay so we need tofind a number sixso I'm number two that goes right hereand that is a gene so that my step 4let's go look at the code and see whatit has on there it has a girl it has aplaneso those M and teeth must be girls andmen I think that's okay so I found thenumber 2 and that's a G and oh let's gookay right hereso here's the passcodeit looks this way and I'm gonna put itlike here then I'm gonna be able to seeit okay I'm gonna put it right there soG is two so I think it goes this wayokay I think this way son number two isG so I put it on the girlokay there we go okay not the first oneokay now got number nine this in the midsection and that's a M so number nineone two three four

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