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hey what's going on guys lug that ziphere welcome back to the minecraftredstone video today I've got somethingamazing for you guys have you everwanted to fill up your minecraft housethat you built with a bunch of furniturebut you just you know the staircasesthey weren't doing it for you in termsof seats the fridge wasn't good enoughas just being an iron door with some icebehind it or what have youmaybe didn't want to mess with any modsbecause you didn't want it to corruptyour world well today I've got for youan awesome solution to all of yourproblems using one simple command blockyou are going to be able to getyourselves these awesome structures inyour Minecraft world that add furnitureworking furniture as in holy crapplace it down here's a chair you can sitin the chair furniture sofas tableslarge tables TVs lamps that actuallygive off light well that is what we aredoing today we've got an awesome housecourtesy of the light craft 5 they'regoing to be decorating today with ijamine crafts awesome furniturecommandblock inventions this is somecrazy stuff there will be a worlddownload for you guys to check out inthe description of this video if youwant to check it out credit to boththose authors are in the description aswell and what I want you guys to do isif you check out this little map tweetme pictures out log that zip of yourcreations with all the cool stuff in itI want to see what you guys can get upto and either way hope you guys enjoyedthis video if you do and you want to seemore stuff like this from me make sureyou drop a like on the video I'd love tosee 700 likes if we crush that I willmake sure we do some more funone item commandblock stuff now like Isaid literally all you need for all thisfurniture to be out of your Minecraftworld is very simple one command blockwhich you can give to yourself by typingslash give your player name and thenjust type comm and then press your tabbutton and it will default you to mycommand block pressing enter will giveyou a command block you'll also needyourself a simple button pulled downyour snake key and right-click thecommand block to place the button on itand from here you will find a command indescription of this video that you willjust copy and then paste into here onceyou've pasted that in and press thebutton feast your eyes on what you'reabout to see here instantly a series ofcommand blocks all falling on top ofeach other are going to slowly butsurely build an epic building all aroundyou that's going to contain all of thecommand blocks you will need in order toget this contraption to work it's crazyto watch it all build itself like thisand this is all done with one commandbut I know it listen I know it spawnsother command blocks with that commandblock but for all intents and purposesit's all been done with one commandblock and you can see it just slowlyfilling up like that it's honestly supercool to see there are two commands fortwo different command blocks in thisvideo description that we usually useIJ's furniture command and we use IJ'smore furniture command from here simplya matter of pressing the buttonsactually gotta make sure we don't haveany of these otherwise they'll stack oneach other because I already I wasmessing around a little bit early pressthis and you'll suddenly get variousdifferent furnitures that you can placewhatever you are wherever you want themrather in your minecraft house oroutside maybe you want to have a garagesale you want to throw some stuff allover the place sell a nice TV all up toyou you know without further ado I thinkit's time to get that grid we got a lotof stuff here to work withnow the destroy tag I'll get to you injust a second here but I'm sure we'llhave some use for it I've already set upsome areas that I felt would beappropriate for decorating and we'realso going to have at our disposal youknow plain old minecraft blocks to usefor decoration as well so this can allbe done in vanilla it's just some of thedecoration is with the regular stuff andsome of its with the awesome mod butclearly this is this is definitely aliving room so we're gonna have to I'mthinking the sofa right here let me seeoh yeah oh yeah oh yeah and you knowwe'll put a chair on the end there toohow about that look at that that'sawesome and the cool thing is as I saidyou can actually sit in all thatparts of the sofa it's really sweet justlike that actually let me just you justgot to take my word for it but that'show it looks on each time you now wecould do it you can sit on the right youcan sit in the middle you can sit on theleft for the chairs you can sit right inthem and here's here let me go ahead andshow off the destroy Jaguar we're herethe destroy tag you either walk overfurniture and remove any furniture thatthis redstone invention adds or let'ssay you want to make only one part ofyour sofa sit of a line simplyright-click the area that you don't wantto have a seating ability and thatseating ability will disappear so noticeonly on certain portions can I nowactually right-click to sit down not toobad huh it's crazy stuff so we'll goahead and leave the sofa now let's justdestroy I would be able to sit anywherein this sofa oh alright so first of allyou got the sofa here that's too closesee I'm real meticulous but you'll beable to - now that you've got you knowoptions you got options like this allright TV boom just like that that lookssweet are you kidding me I would love tobe in this house yep place you down nowthe cool thing about the lamp is itactually gives off light will breakwe'll break this oh there's not even aso brick this one I guess we could makeit even darkerlet's do 19,000 huh so as you can see itdoes give off light even though there'sother glow stones over here so it'sreally cool it's actually quite usefulthis glowstone your days are over myfriend but we'll go ahead and place youback for the time being I place youright thereall right where we had there we go backto the lamp so living room is comingtogether pretty nice let's go ahead andplace another lamp we'll just place iton the ground that's fine I think youmight be able to place it oh that's coolit spawns little blocks for you justlike that that's actually really neatokay I mean obviously it doesn't lookgreat right there so we can go ahead andlet's just delete the whole thingand I think a nice place to eat in factI can't go there this is the eating areawhat am I crazy let's put down a largetable right there and we'll get somechairs chair can go here come on come onhmm okay we'll only want you how aboutthat it's like hard to place cuz thetables in my way like that like that goright there and right there so it's alittle cramped it's a little cramped butI think it looks pretty sweet to behonest with it all right looking prettygood now one of the other things I wantto show you as part of this redstonecommand thing it's it seriously blows mymind that this is just with one commandblock you place down an item called itemand what this says it adds redstone tothe floor wherever you right-click nowthis redstone is actuallyinterchangeable with other items let mefind let's say let's say we want to havea piece of paper on the floor forwhatever reason you know you're messyyou're messy lad you got a piece ofpaper on the floor go ahead and line upso that the hip

Furniture In Minecraft | NO MODS! | Only One Command Block | One Command Creation (Vanilla Mod)
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Furniture In Minecraft, No Mods! Only One Command Block needed for all this awesome minecraft furniture! In today’s redstone tutorial we cover IJAMinecraft’s furniture redstone mod, and decorate an awesome luxury house with all this furniture. Seats you sit in, lamps that give off light, and more! Minecraft 1.8 mods are great!

Commands – Paste these into your Minecraft Command Block!
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Thanks to IJAMinecraft And TheBrightCraft5for the mod / map!

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Minecraft Furniture No Mods, Only One Command Block

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