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Episode 5 “Staging your Home”

[Music]the stage are not to stage that is thequestionwelcome to another episode of GG's re TVwhere I explain real estate and help youavoid mistakes now when it comes to areal estate there's an old saying thatsays when if it's not compelling it'snot selling I'll get the words right andthat is so true when it comes to sellingyour home in a competitive market orjust to try to get it the highest pricepossible I truly believe that theeasiest way to create a compellingfactor and set the stage and make yourhome shine and pictures video and inperson is to get it staged studies haveshown that staging your home can bringyou an extra five to seventeen percentmore than an unstaged home so new homebuilders know that and even magazineslike Pottery Barn know that that's whythey set this set the stage forwhoever's looking at it staging yourhome eliminates any negative thoughtsand allows the buyer to completely seethemselves in the living area so whetheryour home is occupied or vacant myadvice to you is to stage it 100% heythanks for joining me hit the likebutton if you agree give me your hardestreal estate question and stay tuned forepisode 5[Music]

Episode 4 REtv 📺
“If it’s not compelling it’s not selling”

I have been paying for and staging all my listings since day 1. It’s part of my service package because I put my money where my mouth is.

In a competitive market or a 100% sellers market, you HAVE to stage ALL your listings people. It’s a no brainer for me and I feel sad when I see unstaged listings on tour. Now if your home is a fixer upper, now that’s different.

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