Episode – 38 | Thanksgiving Shopping 2018 – New Furniture

hey guys so we are starting a we lock at8:45 p.m. today is Thanksgiving so happyThanksgiving everybodyand we are here for shopping becauseit's Thanksgiving night and forget themadness going on so we're starting a welock now we are gonna go run into thestore and see what we are gonna get andstay tunedhey guysso getting the food code over here it'sso crowded and we did some shopping overhere we've got lots of chocolate we gotlike 150 chocolates for my ends mom ifyou love chocolates we got a family andmy parents live here and all that stuffyes and we can assure you everythingwants to be wrong but we're not goinghome right now you're going to have somefood or here at Subway to make isquickly waiting in line for like last 10minutes it's so crowded and after this Ithink we're gonna go stop somewhere elsefrom round shop some more check out somemore stuffso we have subway and my favoritesubjects and has already stopped withoutpatties but with all the French ratingslike peppers and onions lettuce spinachwe compare all the stuff in it so wehave and what are kidding and man lovespizza so even though we had pizza atAnfisa in the afternoon so I shot a newrecipe that world's man easily afternoonso you're gonna get the recipe for thatalso even though we have pizza in theevening we've gonna have pizza againthis is the kind of block or face makeupI'm actually looking for Michael Kors $1perfume I'm not able to find it herelet's see what I'm gonna find that I'msleepy looking for it tomorrow I thinkI'm gonna go to being season fine get itfrom therebut yes I hope you guys are having anamazing Thanksgiving if you let me knowwhat are you shall send pictures andcomments let us know in the comments forall V you are and wanna stuff you gotsuper excited or nowfinally it's like literally 20 minutesso crowded well if you're not any expectanything less it's Thanksgiving up afterall so you can see behind me waiting I'mso behindand we are back and the time is 1257 soit is almost 1:00 a.m. we just came backand let me quickly show you what we gotsuppose you got these little chocolatesand they have like all kind of flavors Ithink China has put in everything theyhave so they have dark chocolate theyhave orange they have cappuccino theyhave gingerbread cookies they haveMinton cookies they have 60 70 percentcocoa see they have 70 percent over sothey have like all these chocolates andthis is the gift set that we got tochange yeah so it is also the assortmentof all chocolates in here that about thechocolate and somebody got thesunglasses actually finally finally gotthe sunblock which he had been lookingfor like I don't know two months yeahand every time one thing or another usedto happen so today she finally got youcan love this so this is the one she gotI just love the shape and then she's onand now this one that she's showing isthe one that she had always liked thecat eye ones so she finally got hersunglasses and okay so we told you guysI think Tanya already mentioned that westarted to spill out late today so thatwe can caption it in tomorrow and showyou what else is coming in tomorrow butthis is nothing but some drawerorganizers something like this so we gottwo of those so this one is likemultiple drawer organizers everythinglike this it has six pieces so one candecide how things inside and then I cutmyself it's so soft it is very very softand it is very comfortable trust me guysand imagine we just went like few daysback we went and we were looking at thisjacket and I and we were like you knowwhat let's wait till Thanksgiving onemore week and there was a price to checkit out yeah so this jacket is reallyreally good if you guys are looking forsome good leather jackets so that's thatshe make like mascara and all that stuffokay one thing I got fancies is thisthing came out new hydrating lip balm somy lips keep keep cracking a lot internscoming via carbonelliand she try this Milani lip plum so Igot like a low Rose no like kind ofthingmascara and this is this is actually thestart this is the one that came up newand this is lash since sensational forit's a boost in serum for your eyelashes[Music]yeah so I just stopped by one morning[Laughter]and then I thought I would God I boughtthese he shows just where homeI was actually gonna buy it you what weeven when course we buy it so many and Ithought these stats[Music]this is once sure yeah I got twot-shirts as well fill gaps I mean saythat t-shirts for like five bucksthey're like youth t-shirts verycomfortable just all the shopping in oneday we used to go out every other day inone day so yeah and then she died andyou can see this over here because rightnow you can you're gonna see it tomorrowso I'm a master bedroom it's all MC andmake up for something specialtomorrow you're gonna see all the thingstomorrow yeah basically we were talkingto you guys and we told you that why wehaven't done the house to yet so we weare gonna continue this vlog because oneof the major shopping is that we havebeen planning everything perfectly forthis apartment and finally we aregetting to furnish the other room so wewill tomorrow will show you what we aregetting from bedroom master bedroom andthen we will do a separate video of thewhole house tool so that you get to seeand in that B log we will share sometips and tricks and things that we havegot for cheap and they look so good fromplaces and we are gonna put some of thelinks that we can in the description boxas well when we do that house to videobut we promised before we travel toIndia we will do the house to video andwe'll upload it for you guys so if youhave any new your pals to take over oranything then you can go check out thoseplacesso for today this is it we have got 150Lindt chocolate sky is literally and sowe got those Lindt chocolate you got allthis shopping and then as Sonia saidthat we have been shopping now and thenhere every few days whenever we werelooking at the Till's because the dealsto start like a week in advance so it'snot like tonight we don't we are not youknow exhaust is too much that oh my godwe have to like spend the whole nightand that's why we have stopped in timeand one o'clock the outlets mirrors arealso gonna close anyways so that's itwe are excited one more week before westart traveling to India and so much toshare with you guys it's gonna be somuch fun because when you go up to twoyears you have to meet your parents youknow and there's so many things plannedwe have put in bearing of our bestfriends so we'll be having like fromnorth to south to Northeastyou know like all over the placewherever we can actually so it's gonnabe so much fun to stay tuned with youguys for today we are gonna stop herenot ending this wheel off it's gonnacontinue tomorrow because yep sogoodnight for now and today is Fridaynot just any Friday and we are gettingall our stuff in today so we are readyfor that call where they call you andtell you so whatever so they are gonnabe here sometime soon and we alreadywoke up like an hour and a half ago wespoke to our parents today both myfather-in-law sports face so wecelebrated with him like on video callson the cake and all that stuff and thenwe took my out for a walk and now we aremaking breakfast for ourselves becausewe gotta go shop aso that is what's clean teacups readyshake ready and we are just gonna makeshake and marvel are you readyup Burpee so and how and once we areadjusting everything we'll try to take asmall clips of everything and and todayour goal is to finally get this houseinto organized a you know like we wantedyou just get over it today we want tojust have everything place where itshould be because currently some lot ofmass as you can see the nice night lampsare over here and you know the tripod isstanding over your fear of the lineuphere so it's like kind of a mess allover the place so since you know we havebeen like moving stuff around so todayis the day and we are gonna justfinalize everything and you'll get tosee the glimpse of everything and thenwe do a house we love tomorrow and thenwe'll update you so that's it stay tunedlook at this funny guy over here we gavehim three toys the big bears are lyingover there and he wants to just playwith this monkeyhe is roaming with this monkey aroundeverywhere the smallest toy marvel areyou playing with your monkeyI do you like it do you like it[Music][Music][Music][Music]let's see where we go and also we haveto come by pretty soon because we mightget the call anytime that they come into deliver so if you guys can see ya I'mjust wearing a jogger a t-shirtso I have a question how many of youguys like to wear comfortable clothingwhen you go shopping like maybe someknickers or some flip-flops and you knowjust casual so that you can like movearound for a few hours and how many ofyou will still prefer to wear asophisticated dress with the stilettoson yeah doesn't apply to men's but stillso do let us know what's your style whatdo you like to wear shopping when you gofor like when you know that you haveyou'll be out for say three hours fourhours yeah let's go it's not really likea sweaty hot not yet though yeah[Music]here we're gonna be demands go lookaround little clean bed sets let's seereading sets[Music][Music][Applause][Music][Applause]here I'm looking at the screen bettingthat there's so many VFX one computer tobelow Sean's three decorative pillowsnice I am like this but not the yeahit's not very soft[Music]okay so we are out man we got abeautiful button set and I'll be goinghome got some work to do at home - mybrother is coming with his girlfriendso yeah only if she approves to takethem take the wheel on some people arenot comfortable being in the video so ifshe's okay becoming famous with usthat'd be fineall the daily news diaper so cute[Music]we're going home and we have somepainting to do so we're gonna do thatand once they come they're gonna set upeverything and you're gonna finishdecorating everything transferring onthe staff we are skipping right now sothat is ready for tomorrow and the houseto be locked may not have yeah but itwill definitely happen todaygo I think then on Monday or somethingwe might be able to do a house noted foryou guys what'd you sayYesi already hot[Music]mommy Debbie are back hi how does a messdid you sleep properly[Music][Music]come here are you getting a joy look atthe teddy bear do you like it do youlike it I like it marvel[Music]yeah[Music][Music]okay so we went to Mars it's now and Igot my there are n which means nextmonth and I got this perfume it's mypick or under less it's I got the onewhich comes with you know here and I'mJoel on and this night is sosophisticated and so good I mean youhave to try it if you haven't and it's avery strong smell to its known likesmart strong then don't go for this butif you like then you're gonna love it[Music]hey so it is 9:30 and as you must beseen that a lot of things are going onin the House today since they weresetting up our room so it's finally doneand we just wanted to give you a littlesneak peek not a sneak peek my bad Ijust want to give you how it looks nowthis is how it look so this is what wegot so finally this is the kind of bedsthat Tanya always wanted with this kindof detailing like the buttons and thelining here with the nails and this isthe set that we thought would really govery well and those are the nice stancegood thing about the nightstands is Icare they are really really like deepand they have well wet inside so thatthe things don't slip so they are antislip and then they have a little sensorover here you just have to touch it andthat light goes on and on so that isreally cool that even in the midnight ifyou are getting up you don't really haveto reach out for the lamp so H and thisis the dresser that came withagain the dressers the drawers are likeanti-slip they have an anti-slip stuffin there you know this well wit textureso that things don't just move aroundwhen you open and it has a nice bigmirror so like you can literally seethere is hardly any space where we haveour perfumes and a nice pair and this isour book shelf a ladder case bookshelfand that's so this is what was going onthat Danny have been talking about sothis is how our room looks nowunderstand that you must have alreadyseen the clips of things here and therelike a little bit of kitchen and ourkitten videos and then a little bit ofcouch like a living room when we aresitting on the couch and stuff but weare still gonna do a nice V log of ourhouse to kind of show you exactly whatwe got from where and if you have anysuggestions or anything you know you canalways tell us okay we saw somethinglike this over there and this might goreally well in this area with thisplease please please feel free to sharethat with us and we are gonna do thatv log very soon and we let you guys knowmany subtour it so happens if you arenot following our Instagram account youcan even go and check us out the fitcouple cooks and you will be a lot ofstories that Tanja do throughout the dayand stuff like that and she is alreadyrecording a lot of recipe videos for youguys which are scheduled to come out onWednesday 8 p.m. New York time so everywitness say 8 p.m. New York Times thatis 9 and a half hours before India timeso that is when her recipe comes out thereason she said that time is because 8p.m. is like everybody is back fromtheir offices here in America as well asin India it's the morning of the new dayso you can watch the video whenever youget a few minutes and you can just planeven if you want to that recipe in theevening so you have like the wholedigital plan so she is already takingcare of that so don't worry even thoughwe are gonna travel you're gonna keepgetting the Tonya's kitchen video everyweek every week and for FRS ourlifestyle a lot goes we are gonna takeyou with us on the travels but there aresome areas where there won't be a verygood internet connection and we aregonna be there for like four five daysso I apologize that those will be likelittle time frames in between when wedon't have a good connection and wewon't be able to upload the videos butwe will still be making them it's justthat they will be uploaded a littlelater so I think that is it that is howarte meant today pretty tired because italmost took the whole day to seteverything up and that just got usengaged into more cleaning stuff sopretty much like literally clean thewhole Alcan so so we did all of that butwe are finally done and tomorrow mybrother and was coming here he isbringing her sorry he's bringing hisgirlfriend so anyway I just beat both ofthem tomorrowand you're gonna end this wheel on rightnow and go enjoy a new bed and rightgood night

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