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Episode 1: Kids room | Quick Room Flips 2019

this is my husband Ronnie and we'reprofessional renovators George is allabout the design and style and I've gotthe hands-on building experience he's amachinetogether we're putting the skills welearned on the Box to good use puttinglike this what idle breathing theirhouse and doing it on a tiny budgetdon't always see eye to eye but warystyling refreshing and reallyroom-by-roomand it all begins in this formercommercial bakery we free presentsquick room flips workshop welcome toquick room flips with Ronnie and GeorgiaI'm really excited about this weekbecause we're actually helping a familywith small children so that's a reallyrelatable experience for us well let'smeet the family let's do ithi Ronnie and Georgia my name's Ryanthis is my wife Jesse and we'd like yourhelp to flip our daughter's bedroomcurrently I work a fire fight lifestyleand with Ryan being away so much whenhe's home we try and spend as much timeas we can together as a family we'd loveyour help to update the girls room andhave a little bit of your style in ourhouse I guess the challenges with thishouse is that it's a 1960s three-bedroomsmall house and we have to make moreroom for the girls that's right and youknow this flip is done on a budget we'veonly got a couple of thousand dollars towork with so we have to be really smartwhen we first checked out the room itwas obvious we're gonna have to condensethe furniture so what I'm thinking iswe'll do a bunk bed we're gonna do anice rug under there with maybe abedside table nice little piece ofupcycle furniture bookshelf I think thetheme I'm gonna do is shabby chic meetsfloral woodlands and what I love aboutthis is that it's something that willcarry the kids from the younger yearsthrough to their teenage years and thatway you're getting longevity out ofdesign so let me get this into my headwe're moving the girls Tilly and Mollyinto bunk bedsyes we're upcycling the Wardrobe yesupcycling some 30s window treatments newpaint knowing you you barely know yougot it actually the bed linen issensational and that was my wholecontrol for the room so I can't wait tosee it in the space let's flip[Music][Music]the kids are absolutely pumped you guysto see we've got planned it okay it'spretty special I think doing a quickroom fit for young girls bedroom it'ssomething that you can't be quite girlywith and there's lots of beautifulstyling elements that you can includebut for me the challenge was pushingmyself to do something on a designplatform that was a little bit differentwe've got something exciting plan foryour room and I can't wait to show youso I guess you guys go to school andthen when you come back you're gonnahave a new bedroom dusty was so pleasantabout it quite outstanding for you knowyoung five-year-old boy to display thatsort of character I think it's reallyspecial and beautiful actually so whatdo you reckon we chuck a sleeping bag onthe floor in their room and you can allshare a room together sounds goodhave a great day at school and we'll seeafter schoold[Music]in such a tiny room to have two singlebeds next to each other it just didn'tmake sense from a functional point ofview so as soon as I saw that I knewthat we were going to have to pop inbunk beds and just give it a bit of afresh updated feel I suppose theoriginal beds there actually my wife andmy sister-in-law's beds from back on thefarm when they grew up in a way that wesad to see them go but I think new bedswould be nice[Music]there's nothing worse than taking paintoff the off the floorboard so you knowwhat guys just protectall right what's going on we need anextra set of hands sorry I know whatyou're gonna say what time to call Joliethe Builder let's do it let's do itwe needed an extra set of hands hehelped us on the block and he's gonnahelp us in quit brain flip so to therescue[Music]so guys the reason why we use in thegrater is because it's battery-operatedthere's no cables and when you'reputting a primer on these wardrobes it'sactually got a bouillabaisse on it soit's a lot faster you won't any brushstrokes so this is the way to go withoutthis guy go I don't think we would havefinished the challenge so what we havehere is a gorgeous antique dresser whichI actually picked up from gum tree for$50 till we found this beautiful vanityslash like makeup dresser and you knowbees ones help we sort of upcycle dirtit's a handy bit of work so what I'mdoing at the moment is I'm just actuallystanding my upcycle piece of furniturewhat this actually does is gives it areally you know unique aged look youjust stand away I like to just get theedges take your timenever over sand because then you can'treverse that problem when you'rerenovating on a budget you've got to besavvy about where you buy your furnitureor how to spend your money so we'realways upcycling because I think it's agreat way to inject character into aspace without breaking the bank we waxedit we distressed it you know you put thehardware back on and then to contrastthat I did this really cool IKEA hack soI bought a really cheap cost-effectivestool I'm gonna chuck a cushion on thetop I'm gonna use a couple of can justspray-paint Bob's your uncle you've gota really gorgeous expensive lookingstoreall out this stool is gonna cost meabout $60 if I was to buy a realMongolian wool stool in a shop you'd bepaying $350 all day long and it's justlooks so great didn't it yeah ready nowwe test it[Music]this is the part where we're doing allthe coffee Joel's were about anotherfive to ten minutes of talking and I'mfinally gonna start ripping the plasticoff so then this is it[Music]my inspiration for the girls room I knewthat I wanted to do something differentso I was actually flicking through theadea's catalog I saw the most divine bedlinen and that was my starting point forthe bedroom I basically designed thewhole room around that bed linenwe sort of took a step back and lookedaround and thought this is really unfairif we just flip the girls room and dustygets nothingI've got really bad dusty was so happyfor his sister's yeah we needed to doanother flipyep we have a bit of surprise to you yeslittle mite dusty we felt sorry for himso we're doing he's our internabsolutely but now that we feel thepressure gonna be right now you knowfavouritesa bit rusty there we go[Music]one of the hurdles of flipping two roomsin one day is the drying times with thepaint so you know I came up with an ideaof getting a residential stand up Peterput a heater in the middle of the roomwhile you're painting you lose fivekilos so the inspiration for Dusty'sroom I want it you know he was big onsuperheroes what little boy isn't Iwanted to do like a really cool sort ofcityscape almost like it had been handsketched and then that was kind of likemaybe Gotham City and usually I wasgonna just have it on this wall but it'sactually quite a lot larger so I thinkwhat's really cool it's we're actuallygonna wrap it onto the Wardrobe so I'mactually really really pleased with theoutcome it's almost like I planned it[Music]so you need to have ample storage andthat was one thing that was missing fromDusty's room storage for his toys andthings like that so I bought this reallycool you know unit from Ikea and thebest bit about that is that it didn'thave to build it it was Ryan and jobyeah great job so this is just aroller-blindI like to use it as a block out and thenI use that's the function side and thenthe form the aesthetic side is actuallythe shear which I've got so when we wereflipping Dusty's room it was kind oflike a touch-and-go kind of scenariobecause we hadn't actually laid eyes onthat room we just sort of assumed it wasa mirror image of the girls room and itdoesn't what do you mean it doesn't feelwe're already on the crazy tightschedule fortunately there was a spotlight loosely around the corner[Music]we've got 20 minutes before dusty getshome so we're just putting up thecurtain at the moment and then we haveto strip off the flooring and then getfurniture and so extremely under the pubbut you know what we'll get thereI chose a really beautiful soft greywhich you know works really well withthe gel or boardto do what we did in one day is justutterly exhausting but it makes it allworthwhile when you see their reactionsand you like feels good[Music]this is a little make-up station[Music]we had so much fun doing this throughthere's no way we could have done itwithout your dad your dad was anabsolute superstardusty you've been an absolute legendright the fact that you know we'vehelped out your sisters and you've justsaid that's fantastic good job so we mayin Georgia got you a little presentdo you like present we've got yourlittle present we got your little toywell there you go Matt that's ourpresent for me and George to you but theonly thing is is that where you're gonnaput that you have a special spot in yourbedroom yeah well let's let's go let'sgo[Music][Music]dusty what do you think like is that wayyou wanted to put each biscuit it's puthim up there[Music]there's no way we were ever gonna leaveyou out dusty[Music]our overall budget for this flip wasthree and a half thousand dollars andthat was just for one room and it waslike let's do two rooms but on the oneroom budget for everything and I'mtalking like Rob's new beds new linensyou know new window treatments walldecals twice worried you like everythingyou see there labor you know we onlywent $300 over so it was $3,800 for tworooms two rooms one budget one day likecome on nowthat was amazingyou

Ronnie and Georgia lend their reno skills to a family in need.

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