Ep32 The Mad Maker Show Rustic Duck Furniture

all right we're live hey folks welcomeback to an ad maker show my name is EloyI'm the host we have a co-host todaythere's a long story but before we getto that I just want to mention a coupleof things if you're visiting the show ifyou're running into this on YouTube forthe first time this show is aboutinterviewing folks from around the worldthat create things right they envisionthings and then they think well I'mgonna I'm gonna build it I'm gonna makeit I'm gonna create itthose things that I imagined so aspecial group of people we call makersthere's a new sort of people have alwaysbeen making but now there's an addedwith it for the for the longest whilebut closer to this time there's been theinclusion of the create creating aspectpeople in their basements garages shopsyou know across the world but also thisthis new element where there's socialmedia and people can share on withvideos and photos and blogs and all thatso that mixture that combination thosetwo things coming together it's sort oflike a interesting new era so there's afull vast ocean of people that arelike-minded and you know are involvedwith sharing ideas so that's what theshow is about in mad frankly it's truethat you know what are you gonna do alot of people out there you know they'rekind of crazy and mad and that mad likeinsane you know oh that could happenthere there could be some out there thatare sort of like you know but most ofthem nomads like you know hey caution tothe wind let's do it what do I have inmind okay let's build it that kind ofcrazy man where other people would saywell maybe I could maybe know thesefolks they're willing to step over theline and and try it so in a in anutshell that'swhat the show is about so that's that wehave a co-host today generally we haveJP would work and that's Jaime Cage buthe just had a birthday and a huge hugesurprise was was sprung on him he was itwas get what was it how much was it doc670 pounds yeah so a bunch of makerfriends got together and so he's playingwith his toys now so we can't bother himso doc is filling in this is dr. AnneHildebrandt what's going on doc that'sgood to be here could sit in for JP Iwas told by JP to do the followingthings I am drinking from my mancrafting mug and I supposed to mentionhis podcast so he is one fifth of themakers international podcast our boy andpower and GP would work comm I said thatwrong he's got a dash in there but hetold me the website wasn't importantwhat was important was to mention Harneyo media because he's like that and yeahmy name is doc you guys know me no plugsglad to be here you are doc that waspsychedelic I'm trying to read the chatat the same time and I was doing way Ihad way too many things going on at onetimethat's great yeah I'm getting yelled atby bales in the chat what do we have outthere by the way all right bye I seeJules is out there Jules is out thereJohnbe happy John's out there bales isyelling at me for not wearing my scratcht-shirt I'm surecross-cut javis outside there out in thechat what's up Jim Basheer's chrimbusyears old school Jim Bashir's in thehouse a little-known fact Jim Beshear'sis actually in the chat of every Makershow simultaneously ever that's a that'sa fact look that up on the Internetall right so we'd like to welcome AmandaDukes of rustic furniture to the showwelcome hi thank you for having me I'mexcitedwell it's a pleasure to have you yeahvery much sowe're very excited ourselves to have youAnya I love the work that you do we weretalking earlier that you know too muchlove in one direction makes a personfeel a little bit on you know unsteadyuneasy I I came across your work in agroup on Facebook and just the furnitureis is amazing I love the Stars I loverustic and just the amount of differentyou know unique within that genre offurniture and finishes that you do it'sjust mind-blowing so yeah so I I'm a fanlike I said I'm so shy nowwell so tell us a little bit about youyour past give us you know a little bitso that folks have placement and we'llstart with that where you're from whereyou're at just a little bit ofbackground history early history howeveryou want you betchawell obviously the accent might give itaway but I am originally from the UKfrom England I now live in Canada andwhen I lived in the UK I didn't doanything at all like woodworkingnot to the degree that I do it now Isuppose I first got my feet wet when Ileft college I went to work for a chainof retail jewelers in their design anddisplay department for their shopwindows so we did you know all the storefronts and window displays and made allof that and that was super fun and thenfrom there I went on to working for astructural glazing company as anestimator so really from there on Ithat's where I learned to read plans andso and it's actually super funny nowbecause you know when you you know whenyou're at school and you're in your mathclass and you're sitting there and it'slike when am I ever going to usePythagoras theorem when do I ever needto know the area of a circle well let metell you it's when you're about 48 yearsold and you decide that you're gonnastart making furniture learn thesethings like that is really reallyimportant so if there's any childrenwatching you will use this at some stagein the future I kind of got a anall-round basis for the the means behindbuilding things from a you know serveearly on and then sort of fast forwardhowever many years I've been in Canadafor 10 years now and I I really startedmaking about four years ago and I didthe same as most people did you knowit's kind of added from necessity Iwanted to make a picture frame soYouTube is everyone's best friend at theminute hey so I made a picture frame andyou know the story can go on from thereif you want me to I don't know if youwant to interject I can carry on wellbut I do want a something no yeah IIIihave a bone to pick with both you andDoc not one of you told me that it was avisit to grow a bit for coming on thisshow I feel I feel actually kind of leftout an accent as good as yours it's kindof like an implied beard so we're gonnasay actually implied beard yeah I thinkwrite it in the heavens we're gonna gowith thatfrom this place yeah also uh shout outto Pythagoras for first mention of thePythagorean theorem and in the historyof the mad maker show well could youcould you go back to that one momentwhen so you wanted to out of necessity[Music]create what was it a picture frame thatyou were yeah where I live I live inrural Canada with my Canadian husband welive a ways out of ways from anywhereremember in this whole rustic bandwagonjust started running down the tracks andtaken off and everyone was havingbarnwood picture frames and barn oreverything and I wanted one of those andif I'm relatively honest when I wasgrowing up in the UK men built things Imean I was bought off in the city I knowwhat sort of rural girls are veryhands-on and stuff but I was a city girlme men built ins and women didn't youknow and even though my husband is thesuper funniest person in the world I'mlike okay babe can you build me thispicture frame and he didn't have time inyetand I'm so belligerent and it was all ifyou're not gonna build it I'm gonnabuild it myselfthinking that he'd be like oh well noit's okay I'll do it for you and he'slike well go on thenand I'm like hang on him it did you justcall myso you know tonight okay well I actuallyhave no idea what I'm doing I know wehave all the tools and we had a littlegarage at the time so I jumped onYouTube and there was I mean there wasstill a plethora of tutorials even sortof back four or five years ago I'llnever forget using the miter saw for thefirst time hey some are okay I need todo this at a 45 degree angle thirds andwhy to these corners there is no way Iam putting my hand on that piece of woodwhen that blade is going through that Iwas terrified so you know when you screwthe clamp downI remember screwing the count down tohold the wood and just standing backwith it arms legs which is absolutelythe most dangerous thing you can doanyway yeah yeah you know I I made mypost picture frame I had no idea aboutproper joints I know it's actually quiteembarrassing to say I can't even believesomething's still together but I think Iused a hot glue gun and staples to holdit together I had no idea but the thingis when when you're a creative personyou you don't think of the proper waythat things should be done do you knowyou just think of a way to get it doneyesyou know and this thing actually yeahthis the frame is still sticky yeah thensort of fun that's I hang on a minute Idid this I'm I used this big ol mitersaw and I still have every limb that Iwas born with this is awesome now whatelse can I make and then it wasn't Ithink I posted a picture of it online orsomething and a friend of mine messagedme and said hey have you seen and awhite slide and of course to me that waslike it was like the heavens openopening you know when you've always gota creative mind but there was never anoutlet for it now all of a sudden I cansee a girl doing guy stuff which is whatI thought at the time hang on you meanyou mean girls can do this and then weskip forward a few steps and I wasintroduced to the Wood Whisperer ChannelMarc and it's a very first video Iwatched of his was about wood movementand I nearly freaking died because noneof these two-by-four furniture sitesthat show you the basics or know how todo things with pocket holes explainanything about wood movement and eatyour heart sinks you feel sick about youknow the two or three things that youmade before well what's gonna happen tothem so now I've got to spend monthslooking into wood movement and stuff soI think you know it I wish if there wasone thing that any tutorial sites orYouTube video sites could do it would bebefore they give anyone any plans youhave to answer this simple questionnairedo you know what movement is you knowthat that kind of thing do you know whatkickback from table saw is do you knowhow to straight edge aboard do you knowhow to check your lumber for moisturecontent because it would solve so manyproblems and then I think it would stopand III refer to them and I say thembecause I do it you it would stop thetwo-by-four furniture builders get insuch a bad rap because people see thatarea of woodworking a and they theythink that we don't care but if peopledon't know or aren't led to theknowledge to help somebody else progresshow are they going to know so II wish there would be more you know lotof snippets and information in some ofthese tutorials to help people becausethat's all you'll find if you lookonline for a tutorial of how to build adiamine table you're not gonna find atutorial of how to check your boards forsway and how to mill up your boardsyou're just gonna find how to build thisdining table it's gonna say get yourcrepe jig and Craig six planks togetherthere's your table don't do yeah it'snot until it's not until the person thatgot inspired and has that spark withthem within them and they go out and maypurchase all this lumber and they buildthe thing and they accomplished it andthey feel like wow I did this and thenall of a sudden they realize there'sissues then they have then they have togo and investigate those otherdisciplines within the yeah yeah it'strue you know and I'll sign it reallysad because then you know how manypeople I've had that immense feeling ofI made that and then all of a suddenwhen it when it goes sideways how manypeople have decided they're never gonnado that again because they must beuseless you knowisn't it true though um so I'll ask youthis so like playing devil's advocatewith that I don't think anything wouldhave stopped you regardless you know oram i yeah you probably right but thething is by my very nature I like tofind out why if I'm doing something orif I do a tutorial or if I show somebodysomething I won't just say join thesetwo pieces of wood together I will sayI'll say why you know not because itwill fall over but because while we'reusing this joint because it's strongerand the reason we use this joint isbecause you've got more of a buildingspace and that's why it's stronger youknow what's mean if you tell people whythen they can understand so for me Iwouldn't say nothing was stoppingnothing would stop me figuring out whysomething wentbecause but that's just that's just apersonal thing I think if you have aninquisitive nature to learn and stufflike that then then then you'll alwayssucceed so so that people know visuallywhat we're talking about what you createthe wonderful furniture that you createI'm going to go ahead we asbestos priorto the show I'm gonna share screen andmaybe you could talk a little bit andyou can tell me next when you knowthere's nothing applicable that you orthat you can add so we'll do that rightnow and after that bit will do that sofolks can see the awesome and by the wayI love rustic furniture countryfurniture you know just I love that andI love the finishes we'll talk about itas we as we see after that dark you knowany questions out there that folks haveyou can sort of you know keep those inmind so that we can ask Amanda afterpart and also if you want to check outafter you see is on your own all thelinks are below so you can check outrustic duct furniture on Instagram yougot a big following on Instagram yeah sowe're gonna go ahead and and share thescreen can you guys see can you guys seeyeah we're goodI'm not the target market here thoughthere might be somebody in the audiencethat should say that you guys you guysdo you see the the images here Amanda Idoyou want me to explain that one yeah I'mgonna what we'll do is we'll let folksyou know they see they'll enjoy enjoythe furniture and you talk a little bitabout them give us anand then I'll sort of toggle forward andthen you mention the next one so it iswith it so with that one that was like alittle um TV corner unit and I didn'tbuild it but I did teach the girl whocame to my shop and she built it I had acustomer who messaged me who said oh I'dreally love to do what you do but Idon't have the premises you know I don'thave any of the tools I'm like well getyour backside down here girl and we canhave a day together and I will teach youor show you how to make it and that'swhat she made at the end of the day sothat took us both one day to make verycool I'm gonna press the present herebecause yeah there we go okay so let'scontinue on I love the finish I I havesome that's that finish on top there asa YouTube video on which is quite apopular one but it's um for me if I'mgonna do tutorials anything I alwaysthink to try and make it as easy aspossible because the way I look aroundthings is you don't earn any friends bytrying to make yourself look clever bysaying oh look at this this is so hardbut you know I'm gonna show you how I doit but you can't possibly do it do youknow what I mean yeahso if I do a tutorial I always like totry and find the easiest way to showpeople so that they can get an effectand they don't have to be scared peopleare terrified of paint and stain at theend of the day it's paint and stain ifyou did that and it went wrong there'snothing that a 15-dollar can a furniturestripper won't sex well that's rightI love the white and then that thatwashed out gray and on the sides here Idon't know if you can see my cursor Ijustwhat a great what a great side table andpeople don't realize as well that itlike you can see on the tutorial thereto get that gray look you actually don'tuse a gray stain you use you know Icould dark walnut or a Kona and thenwhen you drive wash over the top becauseof the tones in the kona when you addthe white it turns it's a great ohthat's an excellent tip what is this isthat like a whole entertainment centerno that's a bed base oh I see that wasthe bed base I don't you can't you can'tsee those three drawers it was some thatthe guys house was really reallybeautiful and super super minimalist sohe wanted a super minimalist platformbed and these drawers from the pushcloses so that you there was no hardwareon it or anything like that so that wasjust when the the bed was in process allyou did was literally press your fingerand the drawer would come out and stuffyeah he really loves that blessin buildavailability and inquiries look at thatI was way back when oh that's me goingoff direction though you're back in 2015yeah yeah you kind of go in am I goingin the wrong direction which directionam i doing let's just go up okaymeanwhile back at the Hall of Justiceyeah hours ago yeah it's um you know thedownside of being a maker is that youcan make anything you want when you knowhow so I will make myself things for thehouse and then in six months to a yearI'll get tired of themand sell them on so yeah I'm just Leecan some of my signs in the house forroom for new wallet is that threaded rodso that's beautiful and even the table Imean you literally are rounded by yourcreations right yeahthe the table actually no it's not it'sjust literally decorative bolts so Itook you tricked usoh what's that you tricked us they wererunning there are there's not some boltsin there but they it doesn't go all theway through it's only like they're aboutan inch in half into the table it sayslook literally just decorative yeah Iget itvery nice yeah thank you and the baselook at that that was just me playingone night I think I I had this old tabletop in excuse me in the shop fromanother project and so I cut it down andthen you know you guys know yourselfwhen you're in the shop and you justthink oh I'm just gonna play so I madethe base Italy but I wanted to see if Icould do something with a jigsaw andalso to practice because my next toolpurchase is going to be a bandsaw and Ireally need one of those nice notanother one yeah that's going or you isthis is this acrylic paint and you'redoing that drip or no that's epoxy ohyeah the the story behind this is Ithink if you skip forward you might beable to see some of the pictures oh yeahI went to UM yeah and I made a walnutpie out of it I went toI went to an epoxy demonstration theireco epoxy guys and I was so inspired soI bought a kit of it and it was about8:30 at night this wasn't too long agonot like I have to play it I do vaguelyknow how to do marble veining and stufflike that so literally those picturesfrom before or on my kitchen table overa three quarter inch sheet of ply so Imixed some epoxy added a white pigmentto it and then in three smaller cups Imixed some acrylic black paint acrylicgold and acrylic gray in with some epoxypoured the whole white thing over thesheets of ply and then just with afeather and a couple of other tools didthe veins and it turned out really wellso I made it into a tray and that's justa picture I liked oh I loved that one Iwas for a friend of mine she just wanteda really skinny cabinet and I have someamazing friends because they'll just sayokay I have this space can you build mesomething to fit it and they a lot ofthem just give me complete free reign todo what I want to do and that's what Icame up with Sarah this is a goodexampleI mean holders although there's manygreat examples in your in your photosand your work of what I just love thisbecause to me the the so this piece forinstance if you walk into a house andyou see this piece in the house it's notit's a it's a totally different universeapart from walking into a place whereandno you know no no disrespect to that butlike just a plain old whatever rightyou walk if you see this and it's sortof like it's telling it's telling youI've got a story to tell youit's got depth to it and I love thatokay oh yeah it's it's it's look at thatand by the way I you you you so we're onFacebook this is your rustic thatfurniture on Facebook but you mostlyeverything you do you post posted toInstagram right yeah because you knowthe algorithms when you've got afacebook business page it chance to evenless people then then the Instagram onedoes oh yeah you can see the base of thetumor no so your Instagram is rusticfurniture yeah yeah you betcha look atthat this was a hugely favorite build ofmine which one this this yeah it's thesame as the net this is the basepedestal to the next picture and if youclick across yeah it's um okay I I had afriend or I have some friends who werevery fortunate when playing the lotterywe'll just leave it there so he wheneverhe decides he wants something he willjust message me and say I want you tobuild me a games table and I want needto do it like the cow with the CalgaryFlames logo on it and again they give mecomplete free reign to do whatever so Iresearch some of the old crib and chesstables and came up with that design andso that's all hand-painted on the bottomand the top is rough cut lumber andthe actual chessboard is maple andzygous Appel all the Duke I believe it'sisn't called s'appelle is that how youpronounce it it's appealing it'sappealing whatever I always think it'sreally nice chess in clipboard oh wowtell us this will be that we'll talk alittle bit about this when we'll runthrough a few so they can see and thenwe'll go to questions because I'm surethat there's folks asking questions thisis this is mind blowing this is actuallyI have a customer she lives out or she'sgot a cottage out in British Columbiaand I've built all of her kitchencabinets for that cottage so every timeshe's doing a piece and she comes overto Alberta she'll ask me for anothercabinet and she'll take it back with herand this was the final piece this wasthe island and she just wanted therustic barn door sliding barn door butthe doors on this island that arehanging in there the same profile as allthe other doors on her cabinets in thekitchen that I built for her and she'sput a concrete top on there now Ibelieve oh wowwell that's just that's just a stunningpiece I love it we're gonna run througha few here but we're gonna get back todock sleek and Wow look at that mygoodnessI'm telling look this is I love that oneI love that one yeah let's not runthrough we let stop and talk tell us alittle bit about this because that'sjust how you're awesomeI'm sorry embarrassing it's just look atthat I mean to me to me this I don'tknow why it speaks to meI just love you doesn't see my customeragain she thought I'm so lucky becausethe people that I have been fortunateenough to meet through doing this mycustomers or the mostamazing people in the world and the thelady that had this she sent me messagesshe said you know I kind of need a bus ahutch if my deuce and do a rough sketchcan you make it for me and I'm like ohI'll see and so she did a rough sketchand she came up with the the cup wellshe said she had a lot of coral accentsand she wanted that somewhere on thepiece and she liked great so this iswhat I came up with oh it's stunning thecolor like I mean just the woodwork youknow the look and then the fact the wayyou you finished it inside that way andthe outside to me I mean there's there'sno argument here this is bad to the boneto the maxand a story to an endoh wow look at this yeah guys we'regonna go to your questions now a whilebut go and just follow her on on onInstagram because that's where you postmost yeah yeah okay let's go back startpresenting and I think that's and stopsharing all right that was cool allright thank you show and tell time isover for now that was uh that was greatif I could interject my opinion first alot of what I see as far as rustic stuffit looks really forced to me and yourstuff always looks like you knew justwhen to stop like here I mean thedistress stuff it's like if you hit itone more time with a brush or you knowwhat I mean and I think that that speaksthat speaks more than anything you knowwhat I mean knowing when to back off andyou know it's about is such a big tipfor someone who's doing that because Isee I mean I know distressing is abuzzword I'm teaching is a buzzword andglaze in a song but ifyou know if it's in and customers wantit then and you get us to do it then youhave to do it and I don't mind because Ilove it but you know sometimes I see alot of pieces where you're right doc itlooks force you've got some ones goinglike this there and then this there andso and you've got five or six straightlines on a slap panel and you know whenyou like all that would never happen atall so a good tip for me is all the timeevery step of the process when I'mbuilding something I'll take a pictureof it and then I'll come into the houseand then I'll look at the picture on myphone because it makes you look at itthrough a different person's eyes it'salmost as though you're you're seeing itonline do you know what's mean and whenyou do that you can kind of becomecritical you can say oh I don't likethat that bit doesn't look right andthen I can go back into the shop and doany touch-ups or not that I need tobecause I've removed myself from it doesthat make sense no completely you knowlike like like hitting it from adifferent direction I'm changing yourperspective as always alwaysadvantageous I'm gonna run through acouple of questions from the chat foryou right now first question was fromjavi how's it going javihe wanted to know what was your favoritemedium my favorite what medium medium asin to paint furniture with or to draw awhiz or yeah whatever you're making itcould be anything I would say it has tobe paint I mean I love staining but ithas to be latex paint and primarilybecause and this is probably what Eliwants to get into a bit later I was aninterior painter and for me just theinstant nurse of paint to changeanything just gets me I'm very impatientyeah latex paint all day long I'm alatex girl I shouldn't say that thatsounds wrong I'm not a latex don'tGoogle that okay kids in the jet yeahyeah totally paint will change a room Imean it's been said right but it'llchange anything okay put one on the bigboard for latex paint so your favoritediscipline would probably be paintingtoo then Ohwithout a doubt do you know what andit's funny because I even do it now I'vegot all these spray equipment in theworld but there is nothing morecathartic and relaxing to me thanbrushing on a finish I love it and justsilly things like if I'm hand paintingsomething with a two-inch angled sashbrush I will not mask anything offbecause I still like to keep my skillsas a as a painter and to cut a nicesharp line I really enjoy doing thatit's my thing I'm sad oh it sounds likeyou have a fulfill you know what youlike most people do and his workshopwanted to know what was your favoriteproject piece of furniture to date ohgosh that's a tough one yeah whicheverone we were just looking at right no nobecause every single project I reallywant to answer this because I don't wantto be one of those generic people thatsay oh I lost them all all right wellthen I'm gonna grill ya come on it'slike I know what it was it was one thatwhen I was first started the two-by-fourfurniture I was doing it I was buildingfrom plans from Anna White plans and afriend of mine had sent me or I'd saidactually I need a bar building for mybasement but we've only got a tiny spaceumand also can you incorporate a Chevrolettailgate in there and I think there's apicture of it somewhere on Facebook Eliand I'm a firm believer in that richardbranson quote if you can't do somethingso you can I'm figuring out as you goalong so I said yeah absolutely I'll dothat and so that was the first timeworking with proper reclaimed wood timeto fit you know this big metal tailgatein and trying to figure out hinges andtrying to figure out you know where itwas it was the first project where Ireally had to think for myself how tomake it work and it turned out awesome Iloved itthat's a Chevrolet tailgate bar with myfavorite okay thank you that soundsawesomeall right what's your favorite go-tofinishes I think you give the answeralready but bales wanted to know go tofinish actually go to finish is it wouldbe the latex of stained finished upbecause yeah because depending on whatcolor stain you use underneath dependingthe method of application of your latexon top you can get so many differenteffects that it's you know it'sincredible you can use you can scrapeyou can you can dry brush you can whitewash you can black wash you you knowit's it so to me the combination of bothwould be my favorite finish even thoughmy favorite medium would be latex okaydoc I'm sorry just ask us now I'mcurious in that little moment here youusually do matte as opposed to a callousor or no it depends um do you know whatit really I would stay away from a glossand I would stay away from a matte butyou can go from anywhere any of theSheen satin semi-gloss whatever becausethat doesn't matter what matters is theclear coat that's gonna give you yourSheen so if you if you've got some oldinterior eggshell do you want to use asa whitewash how about a that's gonnawork because and when people say youcall you got paint on top of scene yesyou can you can do it in so much as thefact that you're notyou've not got this big-ass expanse ofstain that you're gonna put five coatsof latex on top because that ain't gonnastake properly because you mean surfaceisn't prepped but when you're drybrushing or whitewashing you are leavingbehind residueyou're not leaving behind the full thingand it's the same as putting stain ontop of paint to use that as a glazeyou're do you know what I mean it's theway you project there's always thingsthat you can do the people tell you youcan't and I think you know I thinkthat's probably what makes me me ifsomeone says you can't do it I'm gonnafind a way to try and prove you wrong Iam so like that thank you Anna concretefor the super chat thank you so much forthe love gone doc a lot of makers arelike that we wit with so if I do thisthen this happens what if I do this buthang on a minute this does that you knowwe sit there in our brains race andbefore I even knew there was a makercommunity you know and when I startedbuilding I'd set up in bed it'd be twoo'clock in the morning I'll be thinkingmy mind wouldn't stop and I just saw amight what's wrong with me and then allof a sudden you you you get online andyou get onto Instagram and Facebook andyou there's this huge community ofpeople that are just like you and youcan share all these amazing ideas theone I absolutely adore more than anyone else in the world is Izzy swan-likeare you kidding me I want to go insidehis brain it's a five minutes just tosee what's going on inside there becausehe's insane I'm gonna speak on hisbehalf and say that's somewhere you donot want to go I think I know him wellenough to know that he would say that'sthat's not a good idea but yeah I getwhere you're coming from on that one forsure if you don't mind I'm gonna go backto the questions now oh sorry I just ohit's quite all rightyou know I I just wanted to make sureyou didn't have anything to add allright Tracy Keaton in the chat and thisis a good question what's the best wayto stretch latex paint the best way tostretch latex paint yes as in you wantto make it go further either go furtherlast longer in the can maybe is anythingwrong yeah she probably meant thatbecause I don't I can't foresee Tracythe day if you want to make a paint lesslonger there is I don't watch me I meanyou can you can add to its giant I'm youthere's a there's a product called floatroll so if you add float roll to latexpaint that extends it's you know it'sopen time so it'll stay wet wet hairlonger wasn't there I'm not sure whetherthis was just the stains or not becauseI haven't tried out I sure I'm sure Isaw mark with the Wood Whisperer had aproduct that you either sprayed or youpoured on in the top of your you stainand then when you put the lid on yeaham i imagining this can you rememberthat I don't know that one but I knowthat if you feel like you have a welderin your shop or gas flow there and youhave argon if you have argon shieldinggas I've seen guys shoot a little bit ofargon and thetop of can of paint because our God isheavier than the air inside forces outall the air before they put the lid onexplosive I don't know I don't know thatto be true but I've seen that before Isee you in a real time or do thathe asked old latex paint so I guess thatit's drying out and you want to reviveit maybe okay I mean you can do itreally I would just say I mean there isgonna be a point where you can't use ityou know it's got too many lumps but youcan just add water mix it up and thenthe best tip ever is get an empty paintcan get an old pair of panty hosestretch it over the top of the paint canand then when you dump your paintsthrough it the panty hose X is like anamazing strainer well-well bottom willboxers do the same no unless you havereally stretchy boxes I mean to bescared I mean yeah I mean use yourcommon sense I mean I I haven't had anypaints for so long that I've had to goback to the my I typically well you knowwhat's that everything you have movesfast now you have fast movers you'relike a quarter of a can of somethingthat's getting old then I'll just makesomething and use it abide things beingsat around and not used it's wastefulnext question coming up in the futurewhat what's something that you you'relooking forward to tackling andsomething down the road that you wouldreally like to tackle something I amlooking forward to tackling oh I have Ihave let me see three or four cornerLocker builds coming up they're big onesthey're a double-edged swordI love them when they're done you knowwhen you before you start a reallyprojects you know you've got that thatcloud of you the song oh my god this ishuge it's gonna take forever and thenwhen it's done it so oh my god thislooks awesome but one of those four isit's for a changing room in so so I havefriends that have got this massivewalkout basement and there's a changingroom for their hot tub area so this bigmassive full-length locker system withtin inserts and an angled tin roofcoming off it that's gonna be wicked Idon't know how I'm gonna move it whenI've built it but it's gonna be wickedwhat else am I looking forward to allright I'm going to oh we come with woodnext week in Des Moines okay yes I saw alink for that on the magazine I am superexcited for that because yeah it's gonnabe nice to connect with the other makersand the other influences there becauseat the minute most of my projects arecustom orders and anybody who doescustom orders knows that what we see astrend in you know for the next big buildyour customer doesn't start ordering itfirst six months and then all of asudden that's all you ever build for thenext year so I'm trying to slow down oncustom orders which is very toughbecause that's what pays the bills but II have to expect all my creativity withregards to just making cool do youknow what I mean yeah and I'm not sayingthe customers don't order cool stuff butthey order the stuff that they've seenon Pinterest rightit's at least something that I've builtbefore or a variation there are and andif you if you don't stretch yourself andbuild something new then you're gonnadie you're gonna get stale so I want toyou know I I have to wrap up thesecustom orders I'd like to be done byChristmasbut but to be fair I said this last yearI want to be done by Christmas and thenlook here I am still on hot for an issueit because some orders so what do you sohow does what does the process look likeas far as you know you have this muchwaiting time you know you tell thecustomer listen yeah you want this piecebut like how does that look like and yougive us a little bit of that sotypically what happens is I will get amessage I don't really advertiseanywhere and most of my work is eitherword of mouthor it comes through Facebook sotypically they all get a message fromsomebody who's seen a post of minesomewhere and say hey um could you tellme how much you charge to build thisdresser for example so I'll say yeahsure absolutely something like that withrough dimensions would cost X Y Zed andthen I say I am if it was an inquirytoday I would say I am booked up untilthe beginning of Octoberhowever if that's something you'reprepared to wait for then I require a Xamount deposit against what you want toorder and I will book you in and we'llbuild your pieces as and when you needit and then obviously between a bookingin date and when the piece is built weconverse we talk about colors sizesHardware what you want that's generallyyou want that deposit in your hand likethe moment that they agree to it you'relike okay let's I mean that's thenobody goes in the wiry nobody's bookedin until I have a deposit and it soundsas though I'm being ruthless but I'm notbecause how many people do you know thatwhat messages say oh yeah book me in andthen if you didn't take a deposit sixmonths down the line it's all what Ican't afford it no money were youlistening I've been getting that I'vebeen getting that situation for the pastmonth and I they I was gonna becommissioned to do a it's weird but it'slike a staff with a new head and thedude was you know and this this is andthen BOOM you know the what happenedokay comic book chests the same thingthe American flag thing I get I get themessages on my facebook all the time andand most drop out some don't but there'salways that so having that deposit downis like the thing right the deposit paysfor materials and my time to go and getthe materials so what I take is thedeposit pays pretty much all straightaway for their material so woods gottime to sit and acclimatize and and allthat kind of stuffand then if anything happens like I meanit's never happened but if anything youknow did happen it's a well I don't wanta blog can't afford it then I could sellit on you know and make my money backthat way I've had customers that youknow fall on hard times you know contheir build date so it's a case of wellyou know if you hang on I'll completethe build and if I sell it then I canalways find you someone I'm not a hotlet's cow you know I appreciate we allhave your operations there right but youcan't be railroad you can't you know berun over you know again and again therehas to be oh no don't get me well that'sprobably only happened a couple of timesover the last18 months and I get it because the waythat the Alberta economy is at theminute I mean I don't know if she'sfamiliar with our bursa but our birthsis very much like Texas it you know it'sprime output is oil and when the oilpatch is good the money's good and aboutto be was it three or four years ago youknow actually um was just coming into itthe orders were just flowing in it wasinsane and actually I got really illfrom why I came like constantly but forthe last 18 months whilst I'm still busyit it's not as it's not as insane as ithas been so um I get that you know I getthat the economy's gone down the tubesand yeah i'm i don't get railroaded butI'm not heartless well lets people knowthat you're serious and that I think thecommitment to get in the book more thanoh I really want one because it's niceto say that you want one but you know atthe same time if I'm going to put mytime aside you need to put your moneyaside yeah actually yeah yeah if youwant me to put yeah write it downbye makers dot slash yeah merge story Igotta say one thing I'm done with thequestions for now but you're very humblein the fact that you make it seem thatthose finishes just happened to flow outbut that's another thing like for everyyard sale that you've ever gone to andyou've seen someone attempt to redo apiece of furniture with that finish itjust doesn't happenso obviously you know that takes sometime and some skill to work out but itis very nice and yours is some of thenicest work in genre that I foundbecause he's some of the really hardrustic kind of gets to me but here's hisbeautifulso they I really appreciate that don'tthank you that means a lot now yourquery welcome all right so your shoptell us a little bit about your workarea and some of the go to tools give usa little bit of shop info because we'realso fanboys of shop tools and all sortsof stuff although some might not want toadmit it but you know so it is with alittle bit of the tools your shop youknow and all that okay so I'll startwhen I met my husband way back when hewas before he works in the oil patch heworked with his uncle and was a framingcarpenter so he bought toss and he wasalways the the kind of person that'slike you know buy the best you canafford um back when I'm looking at histools all I could see were these blackand yellow things I had no idea to befair what they were but he was stockedup on do all so he always had a nicearray of tools to use but we live out onan acreage and we had we just had likean old shed before we were doingrenovations and then I think it was yeahor when I just started building myhusband had decided he wanted to build ashop to kind of feel really bad becauseit isn't his shop anymorebut to put all his boy toys in you knowthe holiday trailer the boat the quadsthe sled the ride-on lawn mowerswhatever this this is his thing it's 40by 48 two floors and he built me insidethat shop a 12 by 12 refinishing roombecause at that time before I juststarted buildingI was refinishing furniture because Iyou know I was a painter so I neededsomeone to do it and subsequentlyhe doesn't have anything in the shop andhe had to build another building in theyard temporarily to house all the toyswhilst his wife made a complete mess ofthe shop so it's a 40 by 48 I have andI'm gonna sound as though I'm completelyclueless but it's only because to adegree it doesn't interest me so much Idon't care what what the model number ofa tool is oh don't what no I don't thatI know I I'm sorry I don't care do youknow yeah everybody please the earearphones ya know if someone says youknow what oh what size air compressor doyou have eyes no idea it all I know isit's bigger than me and it works I Idon't care I know I have a an old Makitajoins her planer you know one of the oldbeasts gosh that scene weighed a ton Ipaid 500 bucks online secondhand for itit's a 12 inch planer 6 inch jointer andit's not moving because you cannot movethat thingit's heavy so that's there I can't evenI think I have is it called King Kingyeah that's in Canada I think it's oneof theirs it rings a bell every time Ilook at the table so I look at it todayI must remember what brand you are Inever do but that again that was 500bucks secondhand you know it's a decentsize I think it's got a 48 inch visita single table yes I do know I have doall 12 inch double bevel compound mitersaw that I built a mitre station for allmy it's laws the skill sort of to knowdo all what else do I use little rigidtrim router ah-choo I don't know whatthe brand name is of that but that'spretty nice Oh actually know one of myfavorite tools isn't I do oh it's uhokayname me the red ones Milwaukee noCanadian really would be guest froidrail to remount a table I like thatbecause I like making my own profilesand moldings I love doing that becauseyou can jazz up any piece of furniturewith that I do want to get a bandsawyou're walking into more so of the lastmonth I suppose the only downside isbecause there's just me here the onlyplace I get to learn stuff like this isis YouTube and sometimes there's nothingbetter than you know then actuallytalking to someone or using one or youknow try one out so you know I'm lookingforward to this weekend with wood nextweek because I'm gonna get a lot fromthat because the bandsaw it's gonna bemy next purchase yeah I don't know whatbrand as long as it works right I feellike has offended you tool guy ohabsolutely not you're you're proving thepoint that you and I were talking aboutthis the other night as a matter of factabout like we make such a big deal outof that sometimes and I bet you could goand just get the cheapest of whateveryou needed and pretty much do the samework you needed to get done and itwouldn't even matterit's not so much the cheapest thing if Ifor me because I typically don't care Iwill just normally walk into Home Depotand say dude you won't do they'll youknow make a thing that I need if Ineeded a new you know cordless snelladude you won't make one yes they do I'llhave that one I you know it's gonna workit's exactly the same as arguing withthe boys about their trucks is Fordbetter is Dodge better is chef betterthey're all trucks they're all gonnawork a lot of it is just down topreference I mean obviously you've gotyour Lamborghinis in the same respect asyou've got your fest or and obviouslyyou've got your dip your little carsthat don't work very well in the samerespect as you've got your harborfreight tools but to a degree everythingin the middle is gonna do its joband I don't care what anyone else saysso they're right I agreeno I don't think soyou just did it out proving a point it'sa very good one I didn't knowso Amanda mm-hmm comes up to you someonecomes up to you and they say oh I've itcould be oh I've seen your work and theycome up to you personally in shameI'm so inspired I'd like to to do thistoo what but what tips you know couldyou give me I don't know maybe Ishouldn't do it because I've never donethis before I don't know I've had someexperience without what in words ofwisdom inspiration or what would youtell that that's someone about you knowgoing in and and attempting you knowthis adventure for lack of a better wordheyfirst thing now I would say is devilalready cost hassles the bridge becausethey want to do it you have to want todo itso really all all my job would be thenis to bolster that person and point themin the direction of the resources thatthey need so it was funny actuallybecause I had a message what was thatabout a month ago from a lady who prettymuch all asked me that very samequestion she'd taken one to bed buildsand was now absolutely terrified shewasn't sure whether she was going to getthem done on time how she was gonna doit what did she earn oh my god help helpwell you know just like a real panicthing some like okay stop I'm gonnawrite you out a schedule and you aregoing to have these beds built in twoweeks and each day follow this scheduleand I'm not gonna make it so it's so youknow like you're up at 6:00 and going tobed at 2 you know this is a manageablething for you to do everyday but you'llstill get this completed you'll see youwon't feel tired but every day you willhave something that you can stand backat the end of the day and say I did thatand that gives you the impetus to goforward the next day so I did that forher and I think she went over theschedule by about 2 days and she wroteme the most wonderful email after but Iwould say time management you know ifI'm not gonna write somebody out ofschedule if it was just her the generalpublic how would I go about it find whatyou want to build look online see ifthere's some plans do you have the toolsand equipment if not can you borrow themdo you know someone that you can ask andif not join the maker community joinInstagram because there's aa lot of us on Instagram announced theFacebook that will give you any help inthe world you want there's nothing amake them likes more than to encourageanother makeup know that they're gonnaget that same spark that you get frommaking something so you know what advicewould I give ask we will help you thatwas awesome I I love that that's that'sreally that was a Amanda fest oh yeahsee myself out thank you very much youknow it boils down to the fact that theself belief and the confidence I've gotfrom doing what I do and knowing thatpeople like it if I could bottle thatand give it away I wouldn't sell it if Icould give people that self belief thatI've gotten from doing this I would giveit away till I had no more because it'sphenomenal because you feel good and whowouldn't want everybody to feel goodamazing so well thank you for forsharing that so let me ask let me askyou a question did you enjoy the showI'm not the show thank you for listeningto my name waffle sir however long it'sbeen well will you come back and see usagain in the future I would love to youguys are awesome and I might even Imight even knit myself a bit I don'tknit I'll get someone to knit me aminute so are there any last wordsshoutouts where we've mentioned itbefore but where you'd like folks to goand learn more about what you do allthat good stuff if I want to say thankyou to everyone who who may or may nothave tuned in and we all appreciate itthank you veryand if you want to see any more of mywork you can follow me over on InstagramI am rustic duck's furniture I also havea YouTube channel of the same name andthat's giving some tutorials and finallyif anyone's gonna be at weekend withwood next weekgive me a shout we can we can stop wecan have a drink and we can have a chatand lots of my dears there yeah that'sit thank you guys I've enjoyed itawesome it's it's been a pleasure andyeah so like I said I your furnitureyour feces it's like right on point youknow thank doc any final words it was ablast it was nice keeping the seat warmfor JP lots fun Amanda it was again itwas an absolute pleasure thank you yeahyeah boy thanks for letting me playalong everyone in the chat I hope I didI hope I did JP justice alright so I dowant to thank the both of you for comingon and and visiting with us thank youdoctor for filling in with JP Amanda youwere great incidentally all the linksare below in the description so that youcould follow all of us here and JP aswell he's playing with some tiny toysand it's his birthday and stuff so heeven wanted to go off and do that butwe'll see him hopefully next week andyou guys out there thank you so muchthank you for the questions we'll beback on Tuesday next week 8 p.m. Easternwith a special guest so see you nexttime guys

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