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EP: 09 | Hammock on a Skoolie + Our Dining Table

so yesterday I came over fro a quicklittle project for our entryway and thisis what I've completed in little cornershelf these are all matched framing nailor not framing now Brad nailed this isone of my favorite things about the busso this table comes off of a little hookit's like a mirror hook the walls Iattached one piece there the other piecehere and then these Wow now the reasonthat we wanted that I'll show ya we werelooking for something that's gonna goperfectly in between these two sofas sowhen we're dining it's perfect diningheight and then we're done with it foldsright back up on the wall so when you'redone all you have to do pinch the legsin and that's thatwe've had quite a few people also askinghow our wardrobes work so we'll give youa little bit more of a view of thesesame with all of these and we finishedthese out so we have some air returnedand then some hot air pushed out anotherreally big thing that I'm excited aboutagain creature comfort not absolutelynecessity we have Hanna cooks thesethings are sturdy this thing's ascomfortable if not more comfortable thanevent so it was something that I hadseen in a video or in a picture actuallyI don't remember where I'd seen it and Isaid you know what with my Ino that isabsolutely something that I'm gonna putin the bus so I word these hammockhanging kits and they're rated at 500pounds each which is pretty awesome andthen I have affixed them into the actualstructure the frame structure of the busthat way they are in there very veryrigid as self-tapping screws all the waythrough each of one of each one of themand there's something extra and thenthis piece it also doubled as have anarmrest we're gonna put something uphere we can and when we have a passengerit's just added security we havesomething if I were to have to hit thebrakes or if marinos days driving chestif the brakes you know we're not gonnago flying through I've got to I got tofinish it in it's not totally completeyet it's like 95 96 percent complete butI got to fix it to the wall fix it tothe floor to the sofa as well and thenwe're gonna be done

What’s new on the bus?

It actually hit me as I was editing this video that we are actually as far along in our build as we are. I looked back to our first video and it’s crazy how in such a short period of time we’ve gone from wide eyed and unsure how this would work to being so close to our first trip.

Here’s a closer look at a few things on our bus. We finished our corner shelf for the bus entry way, show how we store and use the the dining room table, have a bit of a closer look at our wardrobes (they still aren’t finished) and show off our interior hammock system.

➳ https://amzn.to/2xZTDXO

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8 100W Renogy Mono-crystalline Panels
2 Renogy Tracer 40A Charge Controllers
3000W Modified Sinewave Inverter (replacing with PureSine)
4 125ah VMAXXTanks Deepcycle AGM batteries
Saftey shutoffs, all of the cables and connections.

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