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Easy DIY Feather Room Decor | How to Make a Room Mobile | Kids Craft

[Music]hey guys welcome back to kids grass bythree sisters and today we are soexcited because we are finally back onYouTube because we had some family intown while shopping with them we sawthese beautiful feather room decors sotoday we're going to make them ourselvesand the best thing about this craft isall you need are some branches fromoutside some string and some feathers solet's get started and before we show youhow to make this room decor make sure tohit the red subscribe and the thumbs uplet's get started and the things you'llbe eating for this craft are branchesfeathers in the in the colors of yourroom yarn and whatever colors you likeand one pair of scissors so let's getstarted first up in this project is totake your twigs and put them in a crossbut since ours are shorter we need totake two of them like this and then wrapwith wine string room to make it longertake whatever color string you like andthen just cut a piece and then justplace the two twigs together and tie thestring in a knot and then wrap it aroundyour twigs[Music]now I'm going to tie them into knots tomake sure they're secure and they won'tcome out[Music]duplicate that process one more time bymaking sure your twigs are the samelength as your other twigs wrap itaround tie it in a knot and and thencrisscross them to make an X shape[Music]this is the framework that will hold thefeathersyou can tell it's secure now we're justgoing to show you how how to put on thefeathers thanks Riley now that we've gotour framework done we can use use ourstraining our feathers I think it's atouching moment this is probably themost important step because you want toselect your colors and straight thatmatch the colors of your work you wantto select four white feathers and you'regoing to attach one I'd each breast soyou're going to take some string and Ineed some scissors please give me somescissors I need to mix them all the samelike so these scissors won't cut okaynow I'm going to cut three white streaksthe same length as this oneso you want to think about where youwant to put your feathers because earnthis one it's long on the ends if it'sshort in the middle and that's what I'mgoing I'm going to take one string andI'm going to type on me and domestic[Music]they're pink around the edge but we'regoing to do[Music]and that first feather is on now you canrepeat that process three times but youcan use different feathers but I'm usingall what[Music]so now I'm going to use my cheekfeathers or my Peaks drink and do thesame thing now this is how it looks sofar and Ron's going to show you how todo the blue and the gray so by now I'mgoing to tie the string onto the bluefeather[Music]now I'm going to attach the blue featherto the stick[Music]and when you're done it will looksomething like that now I'm going to dothe last step which is the brownfeathers or the final step I'm going toput one round feather right down thecenter[Music]all you have to do from here is tie astring at the top so it can connect tearcm and tape it on and this is the finalresult if you like this cracked a lotmake sure to share with your friendslike comment and subscribe see you nextweek bye see you next week

We LOVE room decorations! In fact, every time we enter a store we beg mom to take us to the room decor aisle. So, this week we take inspiration from in-store hanging room decor and made our own DIY Feather Room Mobile. The results were beautiful. What makes it more special is that we were able to bring nature into our room decor craft by using sticks from outside and feathers & yarn the colors of our room. It was relatively inexpensive too. About $5 for the feathers. We already had the yarn.

• Sticks
• Feathers
• Yarn
• Scissors

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See you next week.
-Riley, Reese & Grace

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