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Dollroom Vlog #8: Updated Doll Room Tour/Kid’s Playroom!!

hey everyone I just wanted to show youguys a quick update on our doll room Istarted these doll room vlogs I think itwas like back in the spring last yearand I was going to convert my craft roomat the time into a doll room for myselfunfortunately things have changed we gota lot of work done but this is now goingto be my daughter's playroom so I triedto have a doll room for myself but withtwo little girls it was really difficultto keep it clean and organized so I justdecided well we all decided to make itinto a playroom instead so I'm gonnajust give you a quick tour and show youthis is now our daughter's playroom butI do have some of my stuff in here so ifyou guys remember these walls used to bea really dark maroon we were able topaint the room white which brightenedeverything up quite a bit up here Istill have a couple of my boxed Barbiesand I think these are like Jo I onlyhave a few Barbies that are still inboxes I was able to open pretty mucheverything else this is my Grace Kellythat I haven't found a shelf for yet soshe's still in here but they can't reachher so she but these are my daughter'sdolls that's a mixture of American Girlour generation in my lifeand then so these are pumpkin pies myolder daughter and these ones are littlebuttons dolls let me just have a couplefigures down here they're My LittlePonies and some Funko vinyls and thenden there's their bath toys and a coupleof American Girl books this pile I needto bring downstairs this is my stuffthat I'm gonna be organizing this closetused to be filled with ever after Highdolls now it's just filled with the samelike stuff that was in here before wemoved here and then they have theirplay-doh stuff and their costume stuffHalloween so over here the biggestchange you guys haven't seen yet is wedid get these awesome shelves from Ithink Home Depot or Lowe's I can'tremember but the garage style shelvesand a lot of people use these to makeAmerican Girl doll roomsso it didn't quite work out how I wantedit to my husband bless his beautifulheart put the shelves together but hedidn't check with me first so the levelsare off but whatever I'm wasn't gonnasay anything or make him redo it so fornow on the top shelf I have my a coupleof my 17-inch Disney limited editiondolls there and then these are some ofmy classic dolls that I keep up here fornow and then we have a DS bed hereAmerican Girl a DS bed another littlebed with one of pumpkin pies ourgeneration dolls we have the ourgeneration girl kitchen this is just alittle shopkins house with an lol dollin it we have the beautiful briarrainbow unicorn which we found atWalmart she's awesomeor he I should say this is just a littledresser I found at the thrift shopthat's actually a jewelry box but itwhoops but it works really well as alittle dresser and then this is anotherlittle 70's style wicker chair I foundat a garage sale this is Mary Ellen'slittle living room I mean this is justset up as how they were playing with itdown here on this floor we have a mylife desk chair and then another littlebutter well it's not a butterfly chairbut you know what I mean we have littlebuttons my life cutie pie doll and thenwe have the Jojo my life doll which ispump pumpkin pies and then this isAmerican Girl Samantha's bed down herewe just have a little baby car seat andsome games over here is a little wellthis is like a really old vintage ebassinet that one family member gave usand we have a little but little buttonsa little bitty babyher name is bitty baby we have this oldvintage e little ironing board that wealso got from a family member in hereare all of the girls Calico Critters andaccessories some random stuff thiscloset is now where we keep our craftsso you know I'm generally just not themost organized person but that's how itis for now this is gonna be a spot forpaper crafts and things up here I stillhave my limited-edition dollar oopssorryup here I still have my limited editiondolls these are the 12-inch ones thatI've collected and over here by thewindow we have a couple different thingsso this area right here I can't even seewhat I'm filming cuz it's so bad clipbut these are drawers with all of ourAmerican Girl doll clothes this is alittle bin with the girls baby dolls andbaby Alive's and things like that withsome clothes there this little thing hasa bunch of Playmobil stuff and Legos inhere is just random stuff mostlyLITTLEST PET SHOPand then lots of shoppi stuff shoppingshopkins a couple of the you know MyLittle Pony figures and they have DCsuperhero figures just you know randomstuff the bottom drawer also has moreshots and stuff from Disney stuff coupleCare Bearsand here are my daughter's miniDisney animator dolls which she got forChristmas we have some Barbie cars downhere lol dolls they're really reallyintroduced phlogiston there's not reallyany internet they're really into lolstuff here is more Calico Critter stuffthis is a bunch of their dolls which Iput out for them to play with Barbiesand Disney mostly let me have a coupleof different accessories this is aBarbie bathroom set this is on littlebuttons Peppa Pig dollhouse this is alittle kitchen playset bed and a coupleCalico Critter little woodsy playsetsand then these are little buttonsstyling heads up here I have two - orthree of my masks of figures and thenthe rest of my limited edition Disneydolls up there so that's the only placeI can really figure out to put them fornow on this side of the wall we have ourour generation diner set for 18 inchdolls and then we also have our Lorydollhouse for the mini dolls and thisdoor was separating the two rooms butthat has to stay closed for now and thisis just a desk that sometimes aka theolder daughter pumpkin pie this is herdesk so she just kind of does artworkand stuff here so that is the doll roomnow Oh and we're also redoing thewallpaper out here sorry so it looksmessybut yes that is a doll room r.i.p mommydoll room now it's the kid's playroomI'm setting up a different room wellit's not a room it's like a walk-incloset for my doll stuff but mostly mystuff is gonna be staying in bins untilthey're older or we move whicheverhappens first so there you have it thankyou guys for joining me on my doll roomjourney this is pretty much the end ofitunfortunately but it's still a fun placefor them it's really fun for them theyhang out up here a lot so I'm glad thatwe could have this big room for them toplay in and that's it for nowthank you for watching and see you nexttime bye

Here’s a peek at our updated doll room! I apologize ahead of time for the camera work…blechhh, lol.
Thanks for watching!
Looks like my doll room will have to wait a while, but that’s ok, it’s worth it for the girls to have this room for their toys as play time is so important! 🙂
This is what our doll room looked like before we gave it a makeover:

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