Dollar Tree DIY Home Decor Ideas | Mirror Decor Wedding/Party Ideas

[Music]hi everyone welcome back and if you knewyou're welcome don't forget to hit thesubscribe button and turn on thenotification about so be notified everytime I upload a video for today's videoI'm gonna be sharing to home decor DIYsfor this first project you will need 1foam board 15 square mirrors these beatsfrom Hobby Lobby they were 50% off whenI purchased them and I had these from aprevious DIY project I did so definitelymake sure you use a coupon for thesethen you'll need scissors or anythingsharp to cut the foam board then I'mgonna be aligning the mirrors in asquare shape I have the mayor's stickingout of the foam board because this isthe base so I don't want that to showwhen it's all said and done now gettingmy pin I'm gonna align the squaremirrors and make three shapes of theseand cut them out[Music]now that the base is done I'm gonna getmy hot glue gun and glue the mirrors ontop I've been getting a lot of messagesand comments to make more mirror decorfor the home you guys really seem tolike that so I'm making this one and Ican't wait for you all to see thefinished result I did make somethingsimilar a few months ago I did make anoctagontable mirror so I'll leave that linkbelow if you're interested in watchingit[Music]this was the last step to placing themirror on top now this is where theoptional part comes in you guys you caneither add the beads like I'm doing hereor you can just leave it without it'llstill be elegant either way I justwanted that extra glam factor that Ilove so you can also put this on yourwall just add command strips on the backand you have a beautiful wall art piece[Music]for me making projects like these are sorelaxing I am a new mommy so I couldn'tsit through this and just finish thewhole thing like it looks on cameramommy duties kicked in what's somethingthat relaxes you oh I'd love to know inthe comments down below and also if youdo make this where would you style it inyour home[Music]and this is how it turned out you guysthis is how it looks with nothing on topI'm gonna be adding decor so you can seeit styled and I think it just looks soglam you can put this in your entrywaytable in your dining room it is aperfect centerpiece you can put this forparties for weddings you name it so justget creative and have fun with it theycould even be wall decor just addcommand strips on the back and this iswhat it looks like with the candles ontop[Music]you can also use this to add flowerarrangements on top and then add candleson the sides[Music]for this next yeah why you're gonna needthree packs of the floral foams and theycome in little sizes because we're gonnabe building like a pyramid base andeverything here is from the Dollar Treeyou'll need 1 square mirror and 11flower bouquets of your choice[Music]using the floral foam I'm gonna make arectangle shape and then cut out a pieceof the foam board so that can be a basefor the floral foamtaking my hot glue gun I'm going to gluetwo pieces together and repeat thisprocess[Music][Music]this is seriously one of the easiestprojects I've done and it's really quickand simple but the result is reallybeautiful[Music]this was my favorite part about the DIYbecause I'm adding the flowers now andthere's no right or wrong way to add itis however you want to do whateverpattern and colors you want to put sodefinitely have fun with it[Music][Music][Music]here's where the piece of foamboardcomes in and i do regret not making thisfoam board to the floral foam size somake sure you use the floral sizeinstead of this little cutout pieceit'll just be even better if you'regoing to be placing a candle on topbecause it'll just balance it better[Music]just adding some more hot glue for thefinishing touch which is the squaremirror[Music]and here's a finished result you guys Iam so excited with how this turned out Ireally didn't think it'd be thisbeautiful and I did add extra mirrors onthe sides of this floral arrangement soif you want to add the more glam justdefinitely insert them on the sides Ididn't do anything special I just putthem on each side and here it is youguys let me know where you would styleit you can put this for a wedding for abirthday for just a decor in your housein the entryway a beautiful centerpiecefor your dining room table the ideas areendless so this concludes my video thankyou all so much for watching and allyour continued love and support andnever goes unnoticed and I'll talk toyou on my next video have a blessed day[Music]

Dollar Tree DIY Home Decor Ideas | Mirror Decor Wedding/Party Ideas

Thank you for watching! I hope you all have a great weekend! I’m so excited to get this video out because I haven’t been doing DIY’s for a couple of months. If I sound like I’m whispering in the video it’s because my baby was sleeping and I didn’t want to wake her. Thank you for all the support and encouragement. Let me know which DIY was your favorite and what you want to see next🤗💗

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