Dollar Tree DIY Christmas Gifts Ideas Home Decor Creating Elegance For Less With Faithlyn 2018

hi guys good morning this is faithlynwith elegans for less thank you so muchfor joining me this morning I am goingto do DIYs for you I figured Christmasis right around the corner and everyoneis gearing up to decorate for theirserving table for Christmas so I want toshare some ideas with you you will needfor the first project two of the DollarTree cake trayyou'll also need one of the path of theDollar Tree napkin rings you'll needsome form of Stan now I'm going with thecake stand you can go with the DollarTree candle holder but I hold the cakestand from jo-ann's fabric and I used a50 percent coupon on it and I want tosay it was around $6.99 you'll need someform of decorative item you can usethat's gem that I'm going to use whichis from Hobby Lobby it's $5.99 and 50%off or you can use your Diamond wrapyou'll need scissors you'll need yourglue gun and your glue sticks if this isyour first time to my channel thank youso much for watching hope you'll likethis video and decide to become asubscriber so let's jump right in andget started on this first DIY so what Iwant to do is use my napkin ring as legsso I'm going to situate my legs on hereonce you put them in place just add yourglue generous amountall for life[Music][Music][Music]okay guys so this is how it turned out Iwent ahead and add my gems then I addsome diamond wrap to the base as well Iloved the way did that turned out I alsoadd some of the Walmart gems to the topwanted to just give a little interest tothe tray and I hope that you guys likedthe way that that turned out let's jumpinto our next DIY our second DIY isgoing to be a Christmas charger so Iknow I've done quite a bit of chargerthe here but I'm loving the Chargers andI thought would do something special forthe Christmas dinner so I call thesedollar tree Christmas snowflakes and Igot two of them assuming that that wouldbe enough so we'll make that work you'llneed a Dollar Tree charger you'll needyour glue gun glue stick and you'll needyour scissors I'm thinking we may addsome gems to this because I want to addgems to these little holes here in thecenter of the snowflake so let's getstarted with this by arranging itgetting an idea of how we want to havethese snowflakes lay on the charger nowthat we've got snowflakes where we wantthem to be I'm going to add the largegems to the center put a generous amountof glue down into the holeit will serve as the glue to hold thesnowflakes together as well[Music]okay so this is how it looks I thinkit's beautiful now on the inside of seethe little bowls those are the bowlswhere you would hang the ornaments onthe tree so I want to go ahead anddisguise those I don't want to havelittle holes there so I'm going to laysome glue down take my small Walmartgems well you can use the Dollar Treegem and I want to add my small gem righton top of that so I'm going to go aheadand dot for all of them and then I'llcome back and show youso guys I'm finished and I went aheadand add some of the gems all the wayaround let's see if I can share all theway around and I went ahead because Ihad to the bottom I also wanted to justmake it three and add it to the topabsolutely love the way that I turnedout going to place a plate and let youget to see what that Christmas chargerlooks like thanks again for watchingshare with your family and friends giveme a thumbs up and I'll see you on mynext DIY

Dollar Tree DIY Christmas Gifts Ideas Home Decor Creating Elegance For Less With Faithlyn McKenzie 2018
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