Dollar Tree DIY Centerpieces Inexpensive Home Decor Ideas Creating Elegance For Less With Faithlyn

hi guys this is faithlyn with elegantceleste thank you so much for joining metoday I have a quick DIY for you and Imean quick it's so simple so easy butyet beautiful at least that's what I'mthinkingif this is your first time to my channelwelcome and thank you so much forjoining me I hope that you will likethis video and if you do I ask thatyou'll give me a thumbs up and sharewith your family and friendshopefully you'll decide to become asubscriber okay guys so everything we'reworking with here is really inexpensivewe're working with two of the DollarTree flowers and a vegetable can I justspray painted it so I don't want totouch it and that's just a Walmartpurple spray paint that's the dark oneoh that was three dollars and 89 centswe also have the Dollar Tree ribbonwhich is awesome because I've seen themin Walmart in they're like three buckswe are going to also work with thediamond wrap from the Dollar Tree youwill need your glue gun and glue sticksguys you can use a floral tape I alwayssay this but you don't have to you canuse whatever you have I have lots ofyarn so I'm gonna use my yarn to tie myflowers up and I'm basically trying toarrange these to where it becomes acircle like I always say with floralarrangements it's all about keepingeverything tight that's that's the keymaking sure everything is in place andtight and it will give you that nicebeautiful circular look even thoughthese are the Dollar Tree flowers and ittakes a lot to make them full if you canget them tight it will be gorgeousI also want to add some of the the toolin it but we'll see as we go a lot offun right there one of my flowers felloff and if they are not staying just adda little bit of glue onto the flower andjust to keep it tight close now I turndown my flowers to wear eyes believe Iwant it to fit I did go ahead and put alittle bit let's see of the foam on theinside now I'm going to lay my ropeclose to the top and just wrap it I alsoadd a little bit of glue just to keepeverything tight and in place I willshow you just a bit so this is where Iam and I just like to wrap it keep ittight and wrap it and you don't need awhole bunch just enough to where youfeel your flowers is secure that's justwhat I like to do when it comes to theflowers you can use tape it that's thevery same thing it's holding everythingtogether lay some more glue down and getyourclimb in place just like that okay sonow before I do anything I want to goahead and dress my pan because the keyis not to have this look like a can Ilove this ribbon because it's got wirein it and it's absolutely perfectgo ahead and measure where you want itto be and cut it[Music]lay some glue down put your ribbononce we've got your glue down risen makesure you've got this evenly lined upwith each other okay guys so I got it onI'm very happy with that so it looksgreatnow I want to add some diamond laughs soI'm going to lay my clay down start fromthe back they might go down and a longstripI want it to be close to the ribbon sonow flip it over and add somewhereshe's gonemake sure it's lined up with the otherthat's the backokay I'm gonna do the same for theBoston and I'll be right back okay soI've got my diamond left on and I'mloving itI think it's turned out pretty good sonow I want to add a few of my thoughtstoil toil I don't know if I'm sayingthat correctly quill and so I'm going toadd a little blue at the tip and thenI've shown you guys how I've createdthis before it's the flower with thetwill basically I just um do a fan fanfor losing the bottom together so putsome glue down onto the flower and justput the tuile bearpull it in place until it's dry it's alittle touchjust to add interest and get back to itokayI'm just looking for a place to balanceit out to make sure it's balanced thisball right place spot-on placing atthis I may want to have one inning toplet's go ahead and put one in the topokay now I'm going to let that sit dryand have a little piece of ribbon and Iwant to add this ribbon my Iaccidentally burned my my diamond laughsso you can burn your done here at so becareful with that if you put your gluedown and it's really hot it will melt upthis overand just measuring that first make surethat I want it there and then I'll hotglue it on put all the glue doesn't haveto be saturated a little bit highnow let's skip this one hereoh gosh this is the way it turned out Ilike it I hope you did too okay guys sothis is how it turned out of the littleburnt was driving me crazy so I decidedto add some pink little gems to that todisguise the firm but also to bring apop of pink in so if you decide you wantto use this as a Mother's Day gift oreven for spring it would just go reallywell with the colors okay if you do likethis give me a thumbs up share with yourfamily and friends let me know what yourthoughts are if you liked this if thisis something you'd recreate veryinexpensive but yet beautiful alrightguys thank you so much I will see you onmy next DIY

Dollar Tree DIY Centerpieces Inexpensive Home Decor Ideas Creating Elegance For Less With Faithlyn McKenzie 2018

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