Living Room 

Doing parkour in the living room

oh yeahall right once I see my tricky I havebeen doing just me for a long time I'mgonna do my tricking you know what trickis wait do it again to the game cuz itwasn't singleOhare you good bro oh I need me some iceoh I need some ice homie we ready guysthree Oh Godoh gosh oh that's painful beautiful nowthat must hurt your hip excuse me I haveto go I have to go away exactly you haveto go toohey Ian has ability Cayenne has to gosome people you say my name wrong sorrysome people they say my name wrong theysay hi in our team they call me Kimsometimes that's my nickname Kim outfitand my middle names[Music][Applause][Music]okay no brothers do it no welloh sorry about that now pretty goodactually we do not thatlegitness not that bad like/subscribeokay yeah yeah okay this is well somepeople like to say their their game insome video yeah they're a PR what's upwhat like they don't get copywriter andyou see my normal things will getcopyrighted but they don't like it callboyboy get up they're not dead it's notbreathingblanket subscribe I know

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