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Does Staging a Home REALLY Help Sell It?! Watch and See!!

Hey guys! Curtis here. I'm in one of my listings in Scottsdale that's just about toclose..and I wanted to give you a look on what staging does to a property.When we first listed this house, it had all the furniture in it, the sellers we'restill living here. But they moved out a couple months into the list period andthe house just sat kind of stagnant..This is the before footage before it gotstaged and the house shows okay. It's not great but definitely doesn't show bad..and as we walk through it, it just doesn't really give you that "homeyfeeling." One of the biggest things about houses is how do you feel when you walkin the front door? And there's no furniture, there's no color, you don'treally get that warm feeling that, you know, "This is the home I want to buy." Itjust shows a little plain, bare, kind of boring, although there are some niceupgrades, you still don't get that feeling as you walk in the front door. Soyou get an idea of what the house looks like when you walk through it but I'mgoing to show you some still photos, before and after as well. I think you'regonna be amazed how different the house looks with furniture in there. So wedecided to get it staged and it's crazy.. within a couple of weeks, they went undercontract. From a vacant house to all this staging..So what we did was - we staged it,got new photos, and the house sold almost instantly. It was crazy! And the showings,the feedback got so much better just from having a little bit of furnitureand a little bit of color. Staging isn't cheap but it's totallyworth it. Especially, if you have a house that's been sitting on the market, vacant..a little bit of staging will certainly help get some people in the door..newphotos, add some color to it.You can plan on spending $1,500 or more to get it staged depending on how manyrooms you want to get done. But the houses show so much better when it staged.Even in the kitchen, just adding a little pop of color makes a big difference.Comment below if you have any questions about "if I should, shouldn't stage"anything real estate-related, let me know and let's keep making this year the bestyear yet! Alright, take care guys. Thanks!

Before and after of a listing in Scottsdale that got beautifully staged. The results are incredible!

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