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For every active, creative child, there's an active, creative room.But how you organize that space is up to you.So why not pull everything together with a stacked tote tower?It's easy to make and looks great in any kid's room.And it should only take about 60 minutes and cost around $40.Here are the materials and tools you're going to need.You can find all of them at The Home Depot.For materials, you'll need five 2-inch by 4-inch by 8-foot studs,two 64-quart latching storage totes, and one pack of number 9 2-and-1/2-inchdrywall screws.Now for the tools, you're going to need a circular saw, drill, an 1/8 inchdrill bit, measuring tape or a carpenter's square,clamps, pencil, sanding block, and of course, safety goggles.For optional materials, you'll need paint or stain, a paint brush,and some latex gloves.So let's get started.Using your measuring tape, measure and mark the piecesyou'll need from the 8-foot 2-by-4s.You will need to measure and mark three 30-inch sectionsfrom three of your 2-by-4s, giving you nine different pieces.Using your fourth 2-by-4, measure and mark two 17-and-1/2-inch sections and 316-inch sections.Using your final 2-by-4, measure and mark one 16-inch section and three23-and-3/4-inch sections.Next, use the circular saw to make straight cuts on your marks.If you're planning to paint or stain your project,give all the pieces a good sanding and then paintor stain them before you assemble.First, lay down two of the 30-inch pieces vertically on the table.Place one of the 17-and-1/2-inch pieces on top of the boards so that it's flushto the outsides and top.Pre-drill, then attach using your drill and screws.Flip your assembled piece over and grab two of your 16-inch pieces.Attach one 2 and 1/2 inches from the top and the other one10 inches up from the bottom.The 16-inch piece should be flush on one side so that on the other side,it will be offset by about 1 and 1/2 inches.Now do it all again.Follow the same steps to build a mirror image of itfor the other side of your project.Stand up both of your two new sections on their long sides.Attach two of the 23-and-3/4-inch pieces to be flush with the 16-inch crossboards where you had previously left the 1-and-1/2-inch offset.These will create the stops for your bins.Stand up your piece and attach your final 23-and-3/4-inch piece in betweenthe two front legs.This will be for added support.Take the remaining five 30-inch pieces and screw them onto the top.Insert your bins, and that's it.You're done.Fill them with books, toys, whatever's goingto help build your child's imagination.By your own example, you've just shown themanything is possible with some help and a little doing.For even more hands-on help and projects,go to and sign up for an in-store workshop near you.See you next time.

This DIY toy storage stacking unit will keep up your playroom. Kids room organization will be a breeze once you have this stacked tote system in place. View our organizing playlist for storage solutions and tips:

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Follow the steps below to learn how to build this kids storage:
0:25 Materials you’ll need
0:41 Tools you’ll need
0:57 Optional materials you may need
1:05 Measure and mark
1:39 Make cuts
1:44 Paint or stain (optional)
1:59 Assemble sides
2:47 Attach sides
3:17 Create top
3:28 Insert bins

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