DIY small bathroom remodel: budget bathroom ideas

hi everyone today I'm helping a friendof mine update a small bathroom withjust a few simple DIY projects thatwon't break the bank this project isbrought to you by smart tile tiling madesimple after renovating a lot of hiscondo my friend only had two hundreddollars left to update this small halfbath on his wish list was changing thelight fixture adding more storage andgiving the bathroom an overall relaxedelegant look so the first thing I did toadd that touch of elegance was to put ina backsplash above the vanity I chose touse smart tiles mosaic tile in a Capritaupe color scheme it has a beautifuldual finish with some stone like tilesand some shiny tiles that reflect thelight from different angles justbeautiful because it's a peel-and-sticktile there's no need for grouting soinstalling is really quick mess free andit doesn't require any special toolsfirst I prep the surface by cleaning itwith degreaser like TSP and I debatedwhether to make the backsplash the fullheight of the tile which is about 10inches or to make it a bit shorter andin the end I decided to go with ashorter backsplash of about 7 incheshighI cut the tile with the help of a rulerand a utility knife I like using a rulerwith cork on the back because itprevents the ruler from sliding aroundwhile I'm cutting the tile for the firsttile I also cut off the ends to have astraight edge then I marked the top ofthe tile on the wall and you might haveto remove some of the existing caulkingfor the tile to sit flush at the bottomthen I use a level to trace a lineacross this line is really helpfulbecause it acts as a guy to line up thetiles so that you get perfect joints toinstall the tile I peeled off a coupleinches of the backing and I used theline as a guide to make sure that it'sstraight I lightly press on the endfirst and then I remove the rest of thebacking and then press on the tile tomake sure that it sticks to the wallproperly I repeated the process with thenext tile again lining up the top of thetile with the line and adjusting ituntil the joint was seamless the lasttile in the corner at the wall here wasa bittricky because of the awkward angle soinstead of trying to use a tape measurerto get exact measurements i used a sheetof paper to make a template i lined upthe piece of paper to where the nextstyle started I made a crease at thecorner and then place the template onthe back of the tile and cut it at thecrease this trick worked like a charmthe last step was to add smart edges tothe side and the top for a nice cleancorner I cut the ends at a 45 degreeangle to get a perfect 45-degree cut Iuse a speed square to first draw astraight line on my piece of scrap woodand then I use the 45-degree side of thespeed square to make the cut this willgive you a perfect joint every time thisbacksplash took less than an hour toinstall and it's amazing how such asmall change instantly added an upscalefeeling to the bathroom next I got totackle the lighting fixture now to saythat it's dated is a bit of anunderstatement not only is it dated butit's also not centered across the vanitywhich is really annoying now I didn'thave enough budget to actually replacethe entire fixture so instead I simplycovered it up with a shade that I madewith wood and inexpensive Plexiglas thatI covered in cloth the whole thing isvery light so I was able to hang itusing just 3m command strips to avoidmaking holes in the wall and by cheatingit to one side the fixture actuallylooks centered even though the originallight was not not bad for less than $15my friend also wanted more storage inthe bathroom so I opted to go with astorage cabinet that goes over thetoilet much like the one that I made inmy bathroom I made the structure usinginexpensive furring strips and one bytwo pine boards and I use plywood andsome more furring strips to make theshelves and the whole thing was easy toput together with just a few screws anda drillI finished the cabinet to match thelighting fixture I use chalk paint andsome wood tint that I then protectedwith white wax since this is a very talland narrow cabinet I secured it to thewall with a wall anchor kit that I gotat a Kia I attached the strap to thewall and then to the cabinet you can getthese kits for free at any IKEA storeall that was left to do to complete themakeoverwas to add the finishing touches tobring everything together the bathroommost definitely looks more current andupscale and the best part is the entiremakeover only cost one hundred andeighty nine dollars eleven dollars underbudget look in the video descriptionbelow for more info on the smart tilesthat I use and also all the othermaterials and products that I used inthe makeover I'll also have links to thevideos on how to make the LEM projectand how to build a bathroom storagecabinet now don't forget to subscribe tomy youtube channel so you don't miss anyof my upcoming videos and if you want tofind out what I'm up to day-to-dayfollow me on Instagram thanks forwatching and I'll see you next time[Music]

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