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hey guys so today I'm doing four moreDIYs super simple and easy and I'm alsoonly using things that I already have athome so the first DIY is a super easycement tray I'm actually gonna be usingthis trait was a DIY project fromanother video so I didn't have anycement but I did have this filler whichI'm going to use so I'm gonna mix thepowder together with water until itcreates a thick paste and as you can seethe powder is white so I'm going to addsome black paint to that to make it grayso once that's all mixed together I thencan pour it onto my tray spread that outand you might want to lift the tray uplike this to help it get into thecorners I'm also gonna add a bit more ofthe black paint to kind of a slightmarbled effect but it actually didn'treally do much and tapping out on thetable is gonna even that out and alsoreduce any air bubbles I then decided totake these cement up on the corner soI'm just tilting the tray so it rises uplike this but I do regret this step Ithink it would have looked a lot betterif I didn't do this and to clean up theedges I'm just using a q-tip and oncethat was dry I decided to use this formy sunglasses so I'm just placing fourpairs on there and that is the cementtray the filler actually worked kindaokay for thisand on to the next DIY is this wall railorganizer so taking this wooden dowelwhich I happen to find run house and I'mjust gonna cut that down a bit I found abunch of these plastic curtain ringswhich I'm going to use I'm just gonnacut them so there's slightly more openso six in total now I'm just gonna goahead and spray paint the wooden dowelwhite and to hang that on the wall I'musing self-adhesive hooks so I'm goingto use two of those and attach the hooksand simply from those hooks I can add myitems and that is a rail organizerI'm sure you'll see me do another one ofthese Rea soon next is a desk organizerwhich I've kind of done something reallysimilar to this before but I didn'tintend it to look like this so takingthree cans different sizes I'm gonna goahead and spray paint those white andonce they're dry and then taking a beltwhich I'm simply just gonna wrap aroundall three of them and then hot glue thatin place at the back and then cut awaythe excess belt so there's two ways thiscould be placed like this or outrightwhich is the way I was gonna have it butI thought it'd look better on the sideand all I did was add a few of my itemsand place that on my desk and then on tothe final DIY we have this plan to standfor this I'm going to be using this typeof glass and an old plate with the glassupside down and apply some hot glue andthen place the plate on top and againwith white spray paint I'm gonna gooutside and spray that once it was drythis is what it looks like so what'sgonna add this plant but I need torespray the plant pot and I run out ofwhite spray paint so instead I decidedto add a bowl of moss I'm looking atthis now I'm not sure how I feel aboutit I'm definitely gonna get rid of thatand add the plant and that is also itfor this video hope you enjoyed thosejello eyes and I'll see you in my nextone bye guys[Music]

4 simple and minimal room decor days, budget friendly and only using items I already had at home !

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