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hey guys I'm it a glam wall art I madethis art so that it can go with the facethat I had made some time ago and I'mreferring to the vase by the left theface by the left inspired me to createthis glam wall art and I really lovedthe way it turned out the wall art islarge and can also be placed on thetable let's go ahead and get startedwith the project I got this mirror fromthe Dollar Tree and I'm gonna be usingthree of them while we're trying toremove the mirror I got so worried thatI was gonna break itbut then the trick here is to justcarefully push it out because the mirroris so thin and it can break because thathappened to me so the trick is just tohold it carefully and push it out tillyou see the glue coming out of themirror around the edges and then youcarefully remove it now for the designI'm gonna be using a foam board that Idivided into three equal parts then cutthem out and started tracing the mirrorin the middle of all three boardsI'm gonna quickly draw a rough sketch ofwhat I have in mind before I startdrawing it on the boards[Music]the circles in the middle are for themirrors and now I'm gonna start drawingout a pattern on the first board[Music]now moving on to the second board andit's gonna start with the line beingdrawn in the middle and I dip thathalfway I've just completed the patternfor the second board now I took thefirst board and then took the thirdboard place it together so that I canhave the lines looking similar to thatof the first board so this is how thelines on both boards look like whenthey're together now that I have thepattern for all three boards the nextthing will be to take my mirror mistaketiles and cutting them into singularstrips and using it on all of the linesthat I have on the design if you're newto my channel it's so great to have youhere now don't forget to click on thesubscribe button so you don't miss outon any of my latest videos like I saidearlier this is similar to the patternthat I made using on the vase and thelink is going to be in the descriptionbox below I'm adding more strips at thetop to overlap with the other ones atthe bottom to make sure that it coversall the open spaces and now I'm gonna beusing terms that I got from Walmart todecorate in between each and every oneof the line[Music]I used smaller gems to finish off thetop I use the gems that are a little bitsmaller than the bigger ones and thenreally tiny ones I left out the outerspaces to use something else there and amirror is gonna come here I repeated thesame thing on the remaining two boardsthese are card holders and I will usethem to decorate the open spaces I haveused this metal Clips card holders todecorate a wall mirror and the link isgonna be at the top right and also needa description box below I later on usegems in all the middle part of all thecard holders this is what all threedesigns look like and then I turn themto the back and because I didn't want toseparate them I cut out two long stripsfrom a foam board and then glued them atthe top and at the bottom and then usecraft sticks to hold them at the openspaces I also glued hooks at the top twohooks at the top and two hooks at thebottom to give me two different optionsin hanging the wall art and then turn itover and glued onto three mirrors in themiddle these parts here look kind ofrough so I will be covering them up withlarge gems that I got from Michael'scraft store[Music]this is what it looks like when it'smounted on the wall and then I put theface besides it they look so cutetogether I really love how the wall artand the vase besides it complement eachother the length of the face is gonna beat the top right and also in thedescription box below the wall art canalso be placed on the table I hope youguys enjoyed this video and remember tolike and share thank you so much forwatching I have other videos linked inthe description box below to check themout and don't forget to click on thesubscribe button

This is a Diy Video on How I made a Bling Wall Art Using inexpensive materials. It is a Quick and Easy Way to Create a Statement Piece for the Home on a Budget. I used Foam Board and Gems of different sizes to Create this Gorgeous piece.

It is an Inexpensive yet suffisticated Diy that Shows Style and Elegance that is personalized on a Budget.

The key words”Cheap, Quick and Easy are words I keep in mind when Creating a Decor piece for the home.

Bling Vase from scratch:

Card Holder Mirror:

Here are the items used:
3 mirrors from the Dollar Tree
Large gems from Michaels craft store
Mirror Mosaic Tiles:

Card Holders:

Foam board
Gems of different sizes

Glue gun and glue sticks(I already had them at home)

This video shows hidden potentials little items can have and how to use them for decorating.

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