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DIY Home Staging Tips, From A Staging Expert

hey what's up guides Calvin your socialrealtor here are some quick tips fordo-it-yourself staging we're talkingtoday about staging to get these peoplestarted you know what are some thingsthat they can possibly do on their ownyeah so there are a few things that youcan do on your own to make your placelook better and I would start withfurniture placement you really need toensure that you don't have as muchfurniture that is cluttering the spaceyou want to be able to create more of aflow so if you have additional furniturepieces that are making the room a littlebit too compact you want to remove someof those just stick with the threeseater and a couple of armchairs andthat's all you need that gives it thatflow today people understand the spaceenough yeah the second thing that I'mgoing to mention which is an easydo-it-yourself for staging isdecluttering less is more always keepthat in mind make sure that yourcountertops are clear you make sure yourtabletops are clear you want to be ableto declutter your fridge the magnets offof it declutter declutter declutter Icannot stress that enoughone thing that I do now is I organizeclosets because everyone looks ateverything well then when a buyer comesthrough and if they open a closet andthey seem like nice organizers I findthe reaction from buyers is sointeresting then they they're moreinclined to be drawn to the house quicktip baskets are really really good fororganizing as well baskets that's thelatest good okay so a thirddo-it-yourself way to stage on your ownis bring in color color is a realemotional trigger to everybody so whenyou bring in color to the room thatreally really helps visually have yourplace look its best and also for yourpictures you definitely want them to popa good contrast of color against a whiteor green wall and then you bring in thatsame color and your pillows and thenyour throws and in any of your tabledecoryou know what there's so much thestaging these are quick tips for you ifyou want more informationplease contact Tamara the details willbe in the description in the lowerattached this video

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