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[Music]hey everybody welcome to my living roomtour if you are new to my channel pleasedo me a favor and hit that subscribebutton I'd love for you to stick aroundand check out some of my other videos Ireceived so many comments during myChristmas video saying show me yourhouse and I find it to be super awkwardto do that but why not so I hope mydesign inspires you but just for therecord I am NOT a designer I just dowhat comes natural to me and what I feelso hopefully what I've done inspires youbut let's get started let's start withthis back wall the first thing I did wasI hung a valance is it a balance no Ihung a Roman shade I think it's a Romanshade and I ordered it from this companyI think it was blinds calm or somethinglike that and they sent me an ivory oneeven though it was supposed to be whitesome people think that white and ivoryare the same colors or guess whatthey're so not they're not have you guysever had this happen but I did my bestto make it work anyway I think it cameout cute and I also added the crownmolding on top of that but I think I'mgonna buy some different fabric andswitch it up let's swing over to theother part of the wall this wall wasmade of plaster so it was really hard tohang a flat-screen TV on it so I came upwith a really cool idea to build a wallon a wall yeah mm-hmm I got those skillsfrom my mom my mom was a former generalcontractor and she taught me how tobuild things and use tools and thingslike that so love you thanks mom Ibought this fireplace to go into thiswall as well as be able to hang myflat-screen TV with the cords notshowing because it just looks so muchbetter without the cords showing andit's so much cleaner and I dropped allthe cords down to the left bottom of thewall so they all come out of one holeand then I added a light to the top ofthis wall as well as the crown moldingso yeah I added two brass candleson the sides of the TV along with thisamazingly fabulous looking white vasehow gorgeous is that it's tall and ithas all these beautiful curves just likeme okay I'm just laying but I added thistropical plant I got from Lowe'sthe vase I got from the flower marketdowntown LA so they were like are yougonna put this at us you know event orsomething I'm like no I'm gonna put itin my house they kind of looked at melike I was crazy but I think it's such abeautiful pot very beautiful and thesewood floors I have those installed aswell when I moved incheck out this rug I got from overstockit is so cute right I originally boughtit for my bedroom but then I just triedit out in the living room and I liked itand I actually just got it yesterday soit hasn't really acclimated to my houseyet because it's kind of flipping up asyou can see but I think I might justkeep the sheepskin rug on the right inhere instead I don't know we'll see it'skind of a shimmery silver it's so cuteand it's not really great it's not adark gray like it looks on camera it'sactually a shimmery silver as far as theseating goes I wanted something durableso I purchased these two wingback chairsas well as my sofa that's got that easyto wipe off material so that it doesn'tget dirty Mary I always add a throw tomy chairs so that no matter what ifsomeone sits on the throw you can alwayswash the throw and the sofa is easilycleaned with alcohol and a clean whitecloth and this table I got from ZGallerie so cute I got it on sale but umthe sofa I got from Macy's and the twowingback chairs I got from homedecorators calmso yeah and those I see the white burroI actually leave those on the sofa forpeople to come over put their feet inand just wash the grow and it's no bigdeal and it stays white the white bro aswell as the crochet blanket I got fromAmazon and it's so soft you guys it's sosoft but I don't think you can watchthat one those gray pillows that you'reseeing throughout my house and othervideos and stuff but the littlerhinestone in the middle I actually hadthose made at a furniture store here inLA I got these other pillows on thecouch from home goods and they are whitewith like this you know silvery patternon them but kind of ties in the rug I amso sorry about the lighting you guys theSun keeps coming out and then going outand then it's cloudy and then it's darkand then I have to keep switchingcameras so it's just thrown off I'm sosorry I really knew what this is myseventh video so far on YouTube so hangin there with me I'm learning now I gotthese curtains from overstock as well asthese curtain tiebacks super cute Iordered the curtains and white and theycame in ivory you know how I feel aboutthat but they were a hundred and nineinches long I really really like longthick silk curtains they really makeyour living room or any room look superclassy and next to each window I decidedto add two mirrors one on each side andI got these from lamps plus[Music]a chair like this takes my center stageand I love love love this chair I cannotwait to take pictures and Instagram itoh my gosh you guys I'm gonna love itspeaking of Instagram please follow meon instagram at alman summers I cannotwait to shoot in this chair it's sobeautiful I got it from Amazon I willleave a link down in the descriptionarea underneath this video for you guysthe rug I also got from Amazon so yeahand the mirrors on the wall those Ibought from Z Gallerie and they they'revery unique and they're very expensiveand they are very hard to clean so keepthat in mind it's styled it with the redflowers and this cute little ceramicvase on top of these cube floatingshelves I think I killed it on that onekind of cute right now you didn't thinkI was gonna forget the accessories thatno living room is complete withouthaving some fun accessories I found thisbeautiful white and gold octopus at homegood along with the box to keep myremote controls in from sea gallery Ididn't know they had it at home goods atthe time probably way cheaper I've beenthe candle guys if you have not smelleddipti candles you must try them theysmell so goodI got those videos to the left fromliving spaces and then this beautifulsilhouette looking lamp from home goodsthey have some really amazing lamps theyreally do I'm not gonna lie like I couldjust go crazy in that store and in thecar that's on the table I got that onefrom home goods as well as the twocandles dance the gold ones and then thewhite earth as for my coffee table andmy end table I actually wanted somethingsimple with clean legslines I didn't want anything too bigespecially because of a busy rug oranything like that I like the simplicityof coffee tables so I went with a glasscoffee table and a glass end table thatI got from and yeah theyreally really add you know to my spacenow in my living room I always like tokeep some type of edible be it candyfruit or something for my guests whenthey come over because that's the kindof girl I ambut I just think that everybody my morespace that you invite people over shouldhave you should have something for themno matter what but that's it you guys Idon't have to do a bar tour in anothervideo but I thank you so much forwatching this video I hope you guysenjoyed my living room tour my livingroom is always as well as my house awork in progressit is never finished but I do hope Ihave entertained you and with my tourand inspired you so thanks so much forwatching be sure to rate this video giveit a thumbs up and subscribe to mychannel I will see you guys in my nextvideo thanks bye

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