DIY Furniture Refinishing | Dining Room Chairs Part 1

hey guys it's Tara here and today I'mgonna be working on a DIY projectredoing these dining room chairs I'mgonna show you guys start to finish allthe steps that I take to work on thesechairs to get them to match the diningroom table I just finished I'll show youguys enough clothes of that one and I'llshow you the before and after of thechairs we're gonna go step by step andI'll show you all the products I use solet's get started these are the productsI'm gonna be using today sanding blockssandpaper paint brushes my sander and ofcourse I'll be using my auntie slimchalk paint and I'm gonna be using somemini wax stain and polyurethane ND satinthe clear side so here is the table thefinished product I steamed it a darkmahogany on top and I applied thatpolyurethane satin clear coat on thereand I'm gonna try and get these twodining room chairs to match as well whatI'm gonna do and they look I'm going foris hopefully stain the seat here whilepainting the rest of it the sameoff-white color in the ante white stonechalk paint are the Annie Sloan chalkfate a common misconception is that youdon't have to cut furniture at allbefore you apply chalk paint but that'susually not the case so on this chairfor instance you can see where it'sscraped up sign so I'm definitely gonnahave to sand that down it's also alittle shiny for me so I'm going to sandit down and just open the grain for thatpaint um it won't take too much sandingbut I will have to do a little bit ofwork and you know just make sure that Ismooth all of this out and the same goesfor the other chairI'll be using one of my sanding blocks Ireally like these because I just thinkthey're easier to use I'm smaller androundareas like this so here I've got mineput 80 grit my superfine or my superfineand then an in-between I bought these ina three pack so I'm going to use my midgrain but you are trying to get thatshininess off and kind of just even outthe would make sure you're opening upthe grain[Music][Music]so this area right here is a greatexample of why you want to sand beforeyou can see how it's a little rough Ican feel how some of the wood is justnot smooth so I'm take that block andjust smooth it out as much as I can soit'll all be even and when I paint itit'll go on smoother and just that partof the chair will look a lot nicer andnow I can feel it and I can feel howit's smoothing out in the woods becomingmore even and I'll just keep doing thatbut that's a good reason why you want tostand before you paint[Music]this is another good example of why youwant to sand even see how there's somechips just some you know the usual wearand tear that you get when you use thechair or any piece of furniture for awhile so I'm gonna stand that with theblock as well and make sure that therest of the chair is even with that chipthe bars on the back of the chairespecially this chair were really worndown some of the wood was definitelyraised and chippedso I smooth those out quite a bit finishsanding the legs and back of this chairand I just wanna show you guys how itcompares to the chair i havent santakyou can see it's a lot shinier and thischair of course still has its flaws itwasn't as beat up as this one was but Itook a lot of the only a minute offwhich was my goal I'm so I'm about toget started sanding this one and thenI'll work on the actual seat part sothere's a good example of like somescratches and I just want to make surethat I'm getting all of this I'm surethat I'm getting like all the scratchesto smooth down they're still gonna go upthere I want to make sure that they'reeven with the rest of the wood that thiswhole area is just smooth out this arearight here is a great example of why Ilike using the blocks they are just workreally well around those rounded areasand can get in the corners and then thecrevices and that's why I think theblocks do a great job of sanding andchairs like this and other pieces offurniture and an around me here that wayI don't breathe in too much of the dustwhich has happened before and it stoppedum so I'll just get started on this I'musing a 120 grit sandpaper on my chairhere and I'll be pushing down applyingquite a bit of pressure so that I cancompleteremove this top coat of paint andlaminate on this chair so that it'll bea smooth excellent surface to apply thestain[Music]and just start standing in between thebars here so my block has about had itI've used it on quite a few pieces offurniture so I decided that that is notgonna work for him between here soinstead I'm gonna tear off some p100 anddoes grit sandpaper and then just startworking in between here[Music]thank you you're doing such a good jobwith a cookie in one hand sandpaper inthe other my kind of girl sanding I'mnot too worried about a few dark spotson the bottom seat there because I'mgonna be standing in a dark mahoganycolor and that usually actually I'mstaining it an espresso color that'swhat I used on the table so that willcover up any dark spots and gloss but Igot them but all the laminate off andmost of the paint off and for me this isperfecthey babe what you doing alright so nowthat I have finished the whole sandingprocess I need to get the chairs cleanso what I'm gonna do first is just wipethem down with a plain paper cloth tokind of try and just get all the dustoff and then the next thing I'll do isjust take a washcloth with some soap andwater and wipe it down again and thenlet it dry before I start painting[Music]and those areas and then wiping downagain you want your work to be qualityso now it's time for my favorite part ofthe process which is painting with chalkpaint I'm using a nice loan paint andcolor old white obviously use this canbefore it but I'm gonna go ahead and getstarted just using a 2 inch paintbrushhere so I'm not too worried about mybrushstrokes on this first coat andbecause the second coat covers up thosepretty well also it's really great aboutchalk paint is that it dries so quicklyso by the time I'm finished with thiscoat on the next year this first coatwill already be finished[Music]this chair painted the first coat nottoo worried about paint strokes on thismineI bet on the second coat I'll pay a lotmore attention to that my goal was justto kind of get it mostly covered I'm sothat second car go on smoother okay heybabyshe's doing so now I'm gonna get startedon this top part and it shouldn't be toodifficult[Music]I am so tired so first thing tomorrowI'll be back and I'm going to recordsecond coat and then the stainingprocess for on these chairs here on thesecond coat I'm gonna be paying a lotmore attention to detail and thosestroke I'm just making sure I'm makingpretty strokes so it gives it a moreuniform look and just you know higherquality product so that's good start[Music]I'm gonna be distressing it I'll showyou some close-ups of that and this islike the shortest thing this doesn'ttake very much time[Music]so I'm gonna dust these off I'm gonnasand the chalk paint off of the base youready to stain tomorrow and then I'mgonna apply the wax[Music][Music]

Refinishing dining room chairs, sanding and painting with chalk paint, distressing, and preparing for wax and stain

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