hey guys it's story and welcome welcomeso today's video is going to be anotherDollar Tree DIY home decor project andI'm going to making a big glass displaybox so here's your sneak peek and whatyou guys are gonna see and let's just goahead and get started I'm starting outwith five of these large square frameswhen I found these at Dollar Tree theywere upfront with the Mother's Day giftsbut lately I've been seeing them in theframe aisle and four of these metalplant brackets that were upfront in theseasonal section by the gardening itemswith pliers I removed the metal tabs inthe frames then I remove the backing andglass I'm using this rust-oleumspecialty metallic spray paint in silverthat I got at Home Depot for about $4and I applied two coats to each planthanger then I used this glossy wristoleum automotive enamel that I also gotat Home Depot for about six dollars andI applied one coat to seal in the colorand prevent chipping I repeated this forall of my frames as wellnext I applied East 6000 to the insideedges of the frames and placed in theglass then I let them sit to dry I puttwo pieces of painters tape on each sideof one frame and then I flipped itupside down I applied e6000 to one sideof another frame and placed it to oneside of the bottom frame I used a levelas a straight edge to make sureeverything was aligned then I flipped upthe two pieces of painters tape I alsoadded some weights to the other side ofthe frame to hold it in place while Ikeep working for the next frame I addeda six thousand to two sides and attachedit to the other two frames using morepainters tape at the vertical seam Irepeated this until I had four walls offrames connected to the bottom one thenI let this sit to dry with the thicknessof the frames they don't line upperfectly so I was left with this littlegap but I'm just gonna put that sideagainst the wall I remove the painterstape and flip the box upside down next Iuse e6000 to attach a plant bracketdiagonally to each corner of the glassthen I use painters tape to hold them inplace while they dried to go inside thebox I'm using these small glass tealight holders and an assortment ofdifferent sized LED candles all of whichI found in the candle section of DollarTree I flipped one tea light holder overand apply D 6000 to the top of it andthen stacked on another I made a stackof three tea light holders and then astack of two then I let them sit to dryI place the glass tea light holders inthe box upside down and I amup using a total of three packages ofthem next I placed in the variety ofcandles and I put some on top of the tealight holders to make them all differentheightsI used a five of these pillar candlesfour packages of votives and fourpackages of tea lights finally I'm usingthese acrylic gems that I found in thefloral section of Dollar Tree and addingthem to the bottom of the box if you'reworried about dust you could easily adda sixth frame to the top as a removablelid also if you have LED candles thatare on a timer or a moe I think thosewould be more ideal and if you're not asmuch in the candles as I am that'stotally fine this would be cute withplants inside or other small decorpieces you can really do anything you'dlike candles are just what I chose to doand here's one final shot for you guysof how the project turned outwell that's it I really hope you guysenjoyed this video and I will link herenow some of my other DIY home decorprojects so you guys can check those outif you'd like to and as always thanksfor watching I'll see you soon bye bye

It’s another Dollar Tree DIY home decor project! This time I show you how to make a DIY Dollar Tree glass box. I used frames, metal brackets, candle holders, LED candles, and acrylic gems found at Dollar Tree to make this. I also used spray paints that I found at Home Depot. Candles are just what I chose to put in the box but other things would look cute as well. It’s totally up to you and your style. I’ve been looking forward to making this project so I’m glad to have it done. I hope you enjoy!

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