hi everyone Vitelli bliss here welcomeback to my channel I'm coming on todayto share with you guys another DIY I'llbe making a flower mirror wall decortoday I like how they have the flowerwalls I've been seeing I like that ideaso I said I'm gonna make one for myselfbut I'm adding mirrors to mine yeahso I'm doing this for my sister like Itold you I'm doing a few items for mysister have you been paying attentionwith me and my other videos you'll knowwhat I'm talking aboutand she likes gold so I'm gonnaincorporate gold and we're looking thatI try to make for her alright let'sknead what we're using today okay wehave these small mirrors here from theDollar Tree and we also have the largestmirrors from the Dollar Tree also and Ihave these flowers from Dollar Tree andI have these rhinestones which they havedifferent sizes that you can get fromWalmart I got mine from Dollarama and wehave some gold glitter and we have somespray paint here you can also get fromWalmart and we have the gold spray paintalso you get from Walmart and we haveour black foam board and we have ourtools and our East 6000 and our glue gunyou guys alright everyone let's getstarted alright everyone we're takingour white spray paint I will bespray-painting these flowers I don'twant them in the orange color no yellowyellowish orange Bowdoinso we're spray painting the white andlet's see how they turn out[Music]well it doesn't look too bad you guyswhat do you think I think it's startingto look very nice I like it like thecolor is turning out into and we areoutside in a well-ventilated area ouroutside to do the three feet and I tookone of the floral foams and just stickthe flowers in there as I spray-paintedthem because they're hard to lie themdown to dry once they have the spraypaint on them so just use any kind ofpiece of foam and I have another pieceover there from I had gotten when I gotsomething delivered to me and just stickit in and let them tryvery neat idea all right now we're gonnalay down our mirror onto our foam boardand get the pattern which we're gonnaglue them down and we using our East6000 and our glue gun[Music][Music]and now we're going to be laying downthe smaller mirrors going across acrossthe center of our pattern you guys andagain we'll be using the e6000 and ourglue gun[Music][Music]and now we're gonna take our flowers andthe stem at the bottom just going to usea clipper and clip them off and nowwe're just gonna place the glue at thebottom of the flower and then just pressthem down onto the mirror just like youknow press it for a few minutes so justmake sure it's there secure it down[Music]you know them seven just without me andyou knowas you can see once I glue the flowersdown I go back under the flowers onceit's on the mirror and add some moreglue just to make it be a little bitmore flat onto the mirror[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]and now I'm gonna go in and add the goldleaves and I spray-painted I just addthem in different places going aroundthe mirror you guys I have to add anextra touch of gold cuz my sister lovesthe gold color like I told you oh and Idid put some glitter on the flowers toogold glitter I forgot to mention thatearlier when I spray-painted the flowersI added the glitter also and here's ourfinished look you guys OMG I'm lovingthis I'm really loving it I like how itturned out I think it looks very nicewith the flowers and the gold and theflowers look much better spray-paintedno orangish yellowish flowers they lookmuch better spray-painted with the whiteand I spray-painted the LEAs gold and atouch of gold glitter in them also Ithink it turned out very nice I know mysister's going to love this so I justplaced it here to show you guys this isnot where I'm keeping it like I told youit's for my sister and she'll be placingit above her bed yeah yeah and this iswhat I used to hang them up you guys Iuse command strips I always use commandstrips to hang up my majority of my umwall decor yeah let me just show you thesizes okay they have the large size andthen they have a medium size now forthese mirrors that I use I use the largesizes not the small ones I use the largeand I use like four one in each cornerof the large strip and then one largestrip in the middle that's how I hangthem upjust wanted to share that with you guysand I get them from Walmart all rightyou guys I think it looks very nice andI hope I've inspired you once again withanother lovely to home decor for yourhome and don't forget to Like commentand subscribe if you haven't already soyou can come back and see more the DIYand I'm coming up to give to my sisterand like I told you guys before she doesvlogs not DIYs on her channel I'm gonnathe journey family and she also doesjust two channels I'm gonna leave a linkdown below to both her channel and youknow sometimes I'm over there doingvideos with her also so he wanted to seea more personal side of me you can watchsome of her vlogs because I'm in themalso sometimes all right you guysremember as always stay blessed fromtetanus bye-bye everyone[Music]Oh

Hi Everyone!!!
Welcome back for another Dollar Tree DIY Decor Idea πŸ’Ž


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➀ What I Used For The Project:
+ 6 Large Square mirror (From Dollar Tree)
+ 6 Small Square mirror(From Dollar Tree)
+ Flowers (From Dollar Tree)
+ Gold Glitter
+ Adhesive Gemstones (From Dollarama or Walmart)
+ E6000 Glue
+ Hot Glue Gun & Sticks
+ White and Gold Spray Paint (Walmart)

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