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hey guys I made a large blinged-outfloor vase I'm so in love with the waythis floor vase turned out and I'm superexcited to share with you how I made itnow let's go ahead and get started I'musing a trifle board but you can use anyother card board of your choice and thenI started tracing out the shape of how Iwant my vase to be going now to thebottom because it has to be straight Iuse the ruler I'm making a high floorvase and so I used this hard roll thatcame with a marbled contact paper sothis is really really hard and then it'slong enough for the high floor vase thatI want to make[Music]so whichever role you want to use itshould be your guide to the height ofthe vase you wanna make before drawingout your pattern I've replicated thedesign all over the trifle board andthen started cutting them out I alreadystarted gluing them to the hard roll andthen a full detailed tutorial on thistechnique is in the description boxbelow[Music]if you're new to my channel it's sogreat to have you here I don't forget toclick on the subscribe button so youdon't miss out on any of my latestvideos[Music]this is what it looks like and then I'mgonna be covering the whole thing wastaped and then using the plaster ofParis all over itnow this is another video that I didusing the same technique and a link isgonna be in the description box belowand it's also gonna be at the top rightit's what the face should look likeafter it's been covered with pace andthen after it's dry you cover it up withMod Podge this is what the taller facelooks like all wrapped up with tape andthen I use the same procedure like theother vase and then I spray-painted theSwan black if you notice I left the topbecause I'm gonna be doing somethingdifferent to it after I'm donedecorating the whole vase I'm gonna bestarting off with my mer mosaic tilescutting them into singular strips andthen making a design on the vasethey are self-adhesive and they're supereasy to useto make circles with a mirror mosaictiles that has been caught into singularstrips will be easy if you just put iton first to the shape that you want andthen adjusting it to make sure it lookslike a perfect circle using your fingersto just push it in to make sure that youget the exact design that you want andthis is what it looks like and I'm gonnabe adding more lines in case you're allwondering I am following a pattern thatI drew on paperexcuse the tiny piece of paper butthat's the pattern that I'm followingand at the top you can see that it'ssupposed to be something circular so Iused gems for that and then I'm usingthe self-adhesive gems that I got fromWalmart and I'm gonna be using the samegems to go in between all of the linesI'm gonna be using two different sizesof gems for this but then I'm startingoff with the larger gemsI'm done using the larger gems and notto fill in the spaces here here herebasically all of the remaining spacesI'm gonna be using smaller self-adhesivegems that I got from Walmart keep inmind that some of the gems don't adhereproperly so my advice will be to use hotglue when you're applying this nowbecause I love to design so much I madean extra line all over the whole designthat's why it looks a little bit largerhere and now for the top that was openI took a trifle board and then I cut acircle for it and I didn't really likeit so I later on took a foam board ablack foam board and cut it to shape andglued it at the top and then had thegems glued around it and then I made apattern to match the one that's at thebottom[Applause][Music]I'm gonna be using these gems to coverup the holes that were formed fromcircles in my design I even put itside-by-side with another large floorface that I've had for a while now soyou guys can see that it's actuallylarge enough to pass a 400 floor vase[Music]I made the golden floral that's insidethe vase in one of my videos on the linkis gonna be at the top right I like toknow what you guys think about Saudi inthe comment section below and rememberto like and share this video thank youso much for watching I have other videoslinked to the description box below tocheck them out and don't forget to clickon the subscribe button[Music]

This is a 26” High Floor Vase Diy made out of Trash Roll! It is an Inexpensive Diy that is Easy to Recreate. It is full of Glam and it is a Unique piece that makes a statement in the Home.

This is a fun way to personalize the Decor in your Home to suit your taste.

The key words”Cheap, Quick and Easy are words I keep in mind when Creating a Decor Piece for the Home.

Detailed Vase Tutorial:

Here are the items used:
Long Hard Roll (26inches high)
2 Large Trifold Boards
Plaster of Paris
Masking tape
Mod podge
Black paint
2 sheets of large gems
1 sheet of smaller gems

Mosaic Mirror tiles

Glue gun and glue sticks(I already had them at home)

This video shows hidden potentials little items can have and how to use them for decorating.

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