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it's danger every bunch of decor ideasand we have some good ones for you butbefore we get started don't forget toLike subscribe and Malibu location bowso you know when we upload new videosall right guys let's begin I'd like toshow you two boho chic crafts if youguys like natural stuff in your bedroomthen these are the crafts for you so Igot three different colors of feathershere they're really soft and then I alsogot some twine and then you also need abrand should I just cut this one off ofmy tree so yeah and then you also needsome wire and a hot glue gunso basically what we're going to bedoing first is making this branch into acircle so let's cut off these extraparts now that we got all the extralimbs off I'm going to make a circlewith it just like this and then use ourwire and wrap it in place I think itseeds all right together this will bethe base of our feather craft next upwe'll be attaching in love feathers Iput three on each strip cut piece of 12inch twine we will be attaching afeather to the very end of the twineusing hot glue we're going to attachanother feather about three inches abovethe first onenow we will be wrapping the part wherewe hot glued with the gold line and thisis what it will end up looking like itgives it like a more fancier Nature feelso we need to make ten of these totalsthey're so cute and the gold adds theperfect touch to it now we will beattaching them to our circle stick byjust tying a simple double knot and thisis what it looks like when you're alldone[Music]it's so cute it's like that fancy naturevibe it's like it's so cute I love it somuch I think you can see I had it onsome string on the top so we can put iton my ceiling why don't you guys thinkcomment down below the colors that youwould use before we hang this uplet's make crafts number two for thiscraft you also need another stick thisone is about a foot longyou also need some cotton rope withthese supplies will be making macramewall decor pay your cord into severalpieces that are two and a half feet longwhat you're gonna do is take each cordfold it in halfset it down with the loop side towardyourself now let your stick over the toptake your ends and pull it through theloop now we got to make some smalladjustments and make sure that thesestrings stay together we're going to dothis all the way across the stick thisis what it looks like when all the cordsare attached[Music]sup broso now comes the really fun part we'regoing to dye it[Music]thank you guys so much for watching ourboho chic bedroom decor ideas which onedid you guys like more the feathers ortheir neck perm a comment down below ifyou guys liked this video you might alsolike our other bedroom decor ideas weshowed you guys how to make a light boxand some paper crafts they were so muchfun make sure to go check out thosevideos next and guys don't forget comingup will be my big room up reveal we'llsee you guys next time bye[Music]

Make these five best wash tape crafts with Ava! They’re so easy for kids.
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Ava shows you how to make the five best washi tape crafts. These are fun and easy kids crafts using washing tape. Make a decorative pineapple phone cord, envelopes, feather pen, cupcake toppers and bookmarks!

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