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Disney Dining Review – Disney’s Tusker House – Character Buffet – Disney’s Animal Kingdom

[Music]hi everyone hello welcome to part 2 ofour Disney dining series part 2 part 2we're talking about more food today andoffice of again for our walk Disney wellbecause it's not long till we go so weare well and truly in the dining mood weare so we've always shared some of ourrestaurant reviews if you call the firstone which was California grill we reallyhope you enjoyed it it's a good foodthere yeah today we're gonna go a littlefurther abroad with a bit more exoticflavors where are we going we're up tolet's go home duska house the rich isgonna be our fact man cuz he loves doingfacts so so if you're unfamiliar withJessica house it's located in animalkingdom and so it's in the Africasection and that's just around thecorner or festival of the Lion King andyou can usually it's right next to theperformers that play the audio Africaninstruments yes so yeah go ahead andtowards the Kilimanjaro safaris it'skind of in that central area it's reallylively so you kind of task a house isright there and it's such a nice themedrestaurant isn't it it is yes so withthis one it is another one that wehighly recommend reserving online inadvance 180 days through my Disneyexperience they do breakfast lunch anddinner they do yeah we've only donelunch but we've heard very good thingswhat friends have done the breakfast anddinner and overall it's a greatexperience of what we've heard but we'regoing to specifically talk about ourlunch experience yeah so we made areservation and we obviously arrived wewere arriving just as it was about torain so it's great to get some shelteryes so when you come into the restaurantyou've got an initial desk that youcheck in at mm-hmm and then we getissued with a buzzer buzzer so you sittight in the waiting area wait for yourbuzzer to go off and then you'reeventually called through to the actualrestaurant itselfyeah what's really nice is theyobviously disturbed the server will takeyou right through the restaurant and wewere actually seated in a really nicequiet area off to the side so we got towalk through the lively kind of centrallike marketplace marketplaceit's like a safari outpost yeahmarketplace kind of thing I mean I had agreat view out the window from wherethose African performance and play theirinstruments on the UH needs of standarea so that was goodlike yeah definitely so if you want amore quiet table and we had thecharacters coming around so many timeswe we had all four of the maincharacters who talked about a moment butwe also had the couple and come aroundagain didn't we we had a couple ofrotations and so we've got more than ourfair share of character experiences yeahso this one obviously you can book inadvance and pay for it when you're therethe pricing just varies so there is someseasonal pricing as there is with mosttable service restaurants yes and it hasyou can use Dining Plan yes you know andit's one table service credit that isyeah and the other good thing aboutTusker house is they do the rivers oflight package so if you want to booksome priority seating rivers of lightyou can book a table at Tusker house andthen it gives you some priority seatinglater on but it's like a package so youget like a drink and the mere inclusionis slightly more expensive there's twotable service credits for that but Ithink if you want to get a really goodseat for it as a Bly and you're going atbusy period definitely option definitelyoption and if you're not part of thedishes dining package the prices do varythroughout the year different times ofthe year so definitely check out themiters and experience app for the mostup-to-date pricing yeah we've not listedit here because it does check it doeschain say if we mentioned it here itwould may may change so you don't wannagive you the wrong information but keepan eye on my distant experience and theyshould have the most upstate pricing foryou but we had such good characterexperiences here didn't we we did yeah Ireally Twitter we went with mygrandparents and my mum so for them it'slovely they get to sit down and get areal choice of food yes but also get tosee the characters and for us obviouslywhen they are a bit older queuing forcharacters is not always an option so ifyou want to have a nice seat andcharacters come to you it was idealit was very ideal very comfortableexperience it wasn't we didn't feel likewe were rushed know the characters werecare to take a little bit more time withyour grandparents yeah and so that justmade it all the more of a really relaxedexperience so big thumbs up for thatyeah who do we see so we saw checkinghim nowwe saw Daisy Donald Mickey and goofy alljust in their African outfit yes SafariMickey and there's really realizing yeahand they came around so it was nicelytimed as well because you could see whenthey were coming because they followedthe same rotation you kind of gotindication whether to take that nextmouth for the food or or go up and getup get more food yeah but is a lot Lukesays it wasn't rushed and there was anice gap between the characters theyweren't all coming round one after theother and but even if they were wouldn'tBen - Ben was lovely it was just a niceplace but the service was brilliant wehad a really nice server looked after uskept our drinks top top plates clearedso it is a buffet or you can eat whichis always a good thing if you want totry different foods a bit of this bit ofthat we've got willow behind us and justchecking what she's up to keeps movingin the background get up pleasestay nicely willows are catalyzed to bevideos yeah so yeah it's a buffet andthe food options are really good theyare very good yes but they cater thefood actually caters for we talked alittle bit about this now differenttypes of preferences and so I mean foryou the vegetarian options were weregoodyeah they had like so I'm not fullyvegetarian but I don't need a lot ofmeat so for me there was great saladsthere were lovely breads and pizzabreads and hummus and olives so it waslovely for kind of like a meze middleeast and kind of themed but it wasobviously African flavors but it wasn'ttwo seasons but it was lovely and thenbe looking over your plate and it wasjust sort of like a meze and differentthings going on in your play it's reallynice yeah and we'll show you some aswe're on going around the video now butyou can see just the range of food andit was all chopped up and kept veryfresh yes and then on the meat front onthe meat front and there were thingslike chicken and beef and a pork porkand fear so there's some fish so the waythat it's laid out so when you go intothe it's sort of like an outdoor markarea they have some healthy selfstations but they also have some servingstations where they can carve and serveto you and one of those stationscontained a come with the fish now itwas a big fish and they were carving itup and some salmon as well didn't theyhad some salmon and so that was nice sothere's just a little bit of a mix thereand one good thing to mention isalthough the basis for other foods issort of african-themed there they docater for children as welland that aren't so keen on the will sayfancy type type foods more exotic moreexotic yes we say type foods so they'vegot things like the corn nuggetsthey've got fries they've got breadedchicken I think like potatoes I thinkthey have mac and cheese because mygrinder has some mac and cheese yeah hedid so if you're a little bit concernedthat it's there's nothing or veryminimal amounts of food for for childrenthat are more traditional not thetraditional foods they do have aseparate station and for I think it'sactually labeled children's area orlower kids food loads of kids food it'svery important that they do have thatthere so I thought it's great that weshould mention that yeah definitely yeahand then a dessert stand is in themiddle and the desserts we wereanticipating so many good desserts andwe ended up having probably more than weshould but there was like a strawberrycake brownie cookies fruit whichobviously show you on the camera as wellbut it was so many nice desserts so manyare said yeah really good you allspoiled for choice there actually yeahand we were really lucky actually whenwe were getting our food and Daisy wasdoing a little dance so the guy wasplaying enough to give us what it'scalled but it would say an African styleguitar yeah that's probably our bestlike that's what we got a text wheneverI take her name but that's kind ofinstrument he was playing and Daisy justdid a little impromptu little dance sowe caught that on camera which waslovelyyes and just the atmosphere was reallynice and we just didn't find the buffingtoo busy so it was really nice now hedidn't didn't get too busy even at therestaurant was really fullit didn't feel too busy at all we bookedI think at 12 o'clock yeah I rememberwhen we arrived it was it was very busyand then as we would meet eating ourmeal pretty much all the tables werefull but when we were going up to thecounters to get our food there wasn'tthat busy feel it was very there's somuch there that there was enough spacefor everybody yeah definitelyokay for then tonight's talent to startstart Brendan Behan we've got over therecominghamy voicereal mixture of salads my lamps andsalad tansy you know herI'm a realso Richards getting himself some desirecookiesyeah this is this is the really goodstation all three of my things came fromhere this is a strawberry cake withwhitetop of teeth manhere's orange chocolate chip redsay Tusker house gets thumbs uplook at that and Daisy was just jammingyou're gonna take my desert me where yougoing it's my desert comeback house bigthumbs up yes I think we've coveredeverything bill obvious if you've gotany questions please ask them below butyeah definitely one to do we woulddefinitely do it againdefinitely definitely would like to trythe breakfast because they have the likeMickey waffles and you know what Disneybreakfast is like yeah eggs baconpotatoes yeah yeah so we're we're hopingin the future will give the Tasca housea try in the morning yeah but no for italso lovely an air-conditioned in theremm-hmm if you do want to break from theheat is animal kingdom's one of thoseparks that it's just so hot yeah andactually it's good to you mention thatbecause it kind of when you arrive tocheck in Petoskey house it gives theimpression of cuz it's it's the outdoorbit where you check in yeah and there isnext door there is a seating area thatfor a thinker bar I come up with thename of it but it kind of gives theinitial impression that it is alloutdoors but you are taken inside to ana conditioned room regularly and it'slovely inside so oh nicedon't panic if you arrive and it's inthe outdoor section you are taken insideyeah it's lovelyso yeah highly recommended so that's thenext part so stay tuned we've got lotsmore restaurant reviews coming outmm-hmm and we'll see you all for thenext onesee you soon[Music]

Disney Dining Review – Disney’s Tusker House Restaurant at Animal Kingdom. Character buffet.

Here is the second part of our Walt Disney World dining review series.

We will be releasing our reviews over the coming weeks, including our opinions and clips from our visits to the restaurants.

Tusker House is a great option for character dining, join Safari Mickey with Goofy, Daisy Duck and Donald Duck.

You can book a take using the My Disney Experience app or website, 180 days in advance.

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