Green Design 

Discovering Designs for Green Infrastructure

Explore Green Infrastructure design and implementation with Jack Eskin, Senior Programs Specialist at Delta Institute.

Jack introduces you to Delta Institute’s Green Infrastructure Design Guide ( Delta created this practical toolkit that features scalable tools and design templates to support municipal managers and decision-makers beginning to explore and implement Green Infrastructure in their communities.

This webinar will help you better understand how to identify opportunities for Green Infrastructure implementation, which Green Infrastructure treatments are most suitable for a specific site or purpose, and how to make informed decisions based on reasonable cost estimates. Learn about specific designs, cost, and maintenance for techniques like stormwater planters and permeable pavement.

We encourage you to watch and learn if you are a public sector manager, planner, decision-makers, consultant, or nonprofit dealing with municipal infrastructure.

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Delta Institute is a nonprofit that collaborates with communities to solve complex environmental challenges across the Midwest. Learn more at

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