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Hey, everyone. It’s Bob McCranie with Texas Pride Realty, and your realty idea of the day is market trends. We are now well into the fourth quarter of 2018, and it would be a great time for you to bring everybody up to speed on how homes are moving in the end of the season. So, I don’t know about your market, but in my market, we need about 30 days to close a deal. Whatever we get in needs to be in in November so it closes in December. Unless you just get a cash buyer which, yes, is wonderful. So, go out there, talk about market trends, talk about how houses are doing, is it still a seller’s market? Is it becoming a little bit more of a neutral market? Buyer’s market? What is happening in your area? Market trends are something people wanna hear. Now, we’re doing all these other posts about, you know, costumes, and Halloween, and Thanksgiving, and all this other stuff, so that these posts get through, okay? So, you gotta be talking about all the fun stuff to get people attracted and dialoguing and then this sort of thing will happen. Bob McCranie, realty ideas per day. There’ll be another realty idea of the day posted tomorrow. Bye-bye.

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