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Dining Room Tour | Lauren Messiah’s LA Apartment

[Music]good morning this is my dining room andactually I do very little eating in thedining room I usually eat dinner in theliving room I've these little cutelucite TV trays and I pull them out hereI eat like once a year when I havepeople over for my misfit Thanksgivingbut I do start every single morning atthe standing room table so after I makemy morning tea I bring my laptop in andI just check in on emails usually beforeI go to the gym so I don't like to workout like thinking about a bunch of workstuff or if it's not a gym morningI'll just crank out some emails get myto-do list going while I wait for myfriend Marcus to drop off his dogCampbell Campbell if you follow me onInstagram you've seen Campbell she's alittle Shiba Inu and she has been bestfriends with you og since they werelittle puppies she comes over every daywell Marcus is at work so the dogs canhang out because my office is rightacross the hall so once Campbell getshere I close up the laptop get my bagthis is the best bag ever check this outmy Balenciaga fringe bag so this is likemy badass work bag put all my things inheremy planner my little markers and Iliterally just throw it over my shoulderand I grab my cup of tea and I walkacross the hall to the office so that isactually how I use this space the mostbut I do love having a formal diningroom that was one of the things thatreally attracted me to the space I havewild fansseas of like actually having people overit having gatherings which like I saidI'd do it like once here forThanksgiving one of these days I'm gonnahave a game night it's gonna be epic butI just love the open flow from theliving room to the dining room and itjust looks prettyso this I just remembered this this isso funny I'm putting my tea away this isso funny so I used to have a like arectangular wooden table it had thiskind of like chrome strip down themiddle and it just got tired of thattable kept getting dinged up I was sickof it and this marble table anotherCraigslist find if you remember from theliving room my coffee tableCraigslist find another Craigslist findbut this used to be next door at theoffice and I decided I want this tableover here in my house so me and two ofthe girls that worked with me we decidedthat we could carry a marble tableacross the hall into this apartment thatwas a moment we had to take it apartthis is the heaviest table ever we hadno man helping us it took hours and itwas very dangerous but we got it done soI'm pretty proud of that accomplishmentthese ghost chairs I didn't want to takeup too much space visually when I have abigger place I declared this is my lastrental when I moved in because the nextstep is Lauren in her badass ballerhouse that she purchases but hopefullyin that space I will have a biggerdining room where I can have some likecool fabric chairs and just take up morespace visually but here I didn't want totake up all that space so I got theseghost chairs ready for a little bargainsecret tip for the home these are fromAmazon I Amazon primed these freakingghost chairs they were not expensiveof course we're not like real ghostchairs I don't care and they were senthere within like a day or two so Ireally like those this is from cb2 thisis another instance where this piece offurniture used to be in my office if youlook back at some of my old videos youcould see this in the background I thinkin my seven deadly sins series you'llsee this piece of furniture in thebackground because this used to be inthe office I strong-armed this piece offurniture from there to here all bymyself so in here I won't open itbecause it probably looks scary lookyeah it's borderline scary I don't keepvery tidy inside of things but this isall of like my good dishes forThanksgiving I even have Halloweendishes I'm like kind of a geek for forthemed things so all of like my nicedishes or vases that I don't have setout at the time I just kind of keep inhere all my extra tea sets I'm a tea setfanatic I keep those in here but I likehaving this buffet because when I dohave people over for Thanksgiving or thegame night that I've never had and oneday we'll have I can set out snacks andwas just dope these lamps HomeGoods Iwas visiting my family in DC and I sawthese at HomeGoods and I was like I haveto get these back to Los Angeles so Iprobably paid more than the lamps costto get them shipped back to LA but itwas so worth it and when me and myboyfriend broke up and we you knowobviously I moved out and blah blah blahhe wanted these lamps and I was like noI get these lamps and the in the in thesplit these are my lamps well birdieartwork I always rearrange so if youwatch me on stories you know this lookcompletely different not that long ago Ijust like to move things around and justkind ofthe energy and I like this it's kind ofa less-is-moresituation over here this piece offurniture this is from CB 2 I had thisin my bedroom at one point I had it inthe hallway at one point and thenrecently I just moved it into here justas an area just to add like knickknacksI'm kind of a knick-knack junkie myskull you've also seen this in the sevendeadly sins series I got this as alittle prop for that video and said heylet's stick her right here thesepictures HomeGoods finds they used to beover here as evidenced by my bad patchjob I thought I was touching up with theright paint I wasn't and I just left itthat way that's how I live people alittle off from perfect but I didn'twant to hang them up so I just kind ofset him here a little tic tac toesometimes I like to challenge my guestsYoji has a bed in every room of thehouse so there's his dining room bedbecause sometimes he likes to watch mework on my laptop what else oh this thisis the Google home look it's lighting upI never use this thing my brother got itfor me for Christmas last year and Inever remember to use it sometimes I dolet's let's let's do it now hey Googlewhat's the temperature outsideoh did you hear that 78 degrees andthere's a heat warning in effectI really should use that more often it'sit's actually kind of handy uh what elsewhat else oh here's some lorem lazinessat her at its best this little Chanelpicture it was in my bedroom then it wasin my living room and then I just stuckit in the dining room and it's hangingthis low literally cuz the nail wasalready there I think it looks fine I'mnot good at hanging pictures everypicture I hang is completely uneven so Ihave to have someone to come over and doit for me or else we just deal with itbeing uneven and finally another areathat I change out a lot is whatever mycenterpieces on the table so I get supertray happy I got this tray at HomeGoodsand what I did for this arrangementbecause sometimes it's really hard tomake centerpieces and it's hard toarrange coffee tables I will look onPinterest I will look in magazines forinspiration and I'll try to recreate soI totally recreated this I think fromlike a kitchen and bath magazine that Ipaid too much for at the grocery storecheckout and I recreated with theflowers and the candles and then I justadded my own little doodads my nerdysalt and pepper shakers from Targetcoasters also from Target and thenhere's a splurge the same company that Ihave my fancy pillow in the living roomI got the fancy candle and I hate toadmit this but I bought three of thesecandles this is a hundred and seventyfive dollar candle but it smells reallygood and when you're done with it it'slike a permanent decorationso another hi to the various Lowe'sTarget for good two hundred dollarcandle boom that's that so that's mydining roomooh one more thing I should add thislighting fixture I had the most grandmasad ugly looking fixture that came withthe apartment and I searched andsearched to find an alternative this Ifound at Lowe's it was like a hundreddollars and it looks totally fancy andit completely upgraded the space youknow this is a rental and to me it wasworth it to change out the lightingfixtures even in my living room Ichanged out the sconces I changed outthe overhead light because it can makesuch a difference in the space becausesometimes you just can't decorate aroundan ugly-ass light fixture so that Lowe'syou just never know you have to look inthe oddest places and you can findsomething dohso that is my living room thanks forcoming along and I'll see you in thenext room besides oh hello here I took aoversized Dodgers Jersey which is for aman yeah put a belt over it and heels wehave just brought sexy back through theDodgers so you know I mean the preJersey has never looked so good likethis

And we’re on to the next room! In this video I am sharing my dining room – what I do in it, how I decorate it, and where I found my favorite things.

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Dining Room Tour | Lauren Messiah’s LA Apartment

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