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Dining Room Summer Refresh!

peace and blessings my Afrocentric homedecor and style channel this is LisaMarie Goodson so this is my summer 2018dining room refresh for the summer so asyou know yeah I already up first of alllet me just tell you what I did I washeddown the walls with my solution of waterdishwashing liquid and peppermintessential oil so the areasmells so dang good so yes this actuallysmells absolutely delicious and so yeahso anyway I wanted you to see it so letme tell you what I did it's very brightit's very summery it's new I love thehey Sandra so let's get a little closerso let's talk about the wall so I tookthese two I love these two masks andthese masks actually from I got them ata flea market in Berkeley Californiasome years ago and they were in thehallway but they were not noticeablebecause anything goes in the hallwayalways mostly dark so you won't see itand I just love these two pieces so Ibrought those in and let's see it's anovercast day y'all so the lighting notso great I just love the animals and Ithought that that would be a good ideato bring that in okay so we all knowthat that wreath that I got from afroshe will cheek how stunning is that allright of course as you see oranges allup in the house because that's myfavorite colorthank you and I got the calorie shells Imade that in a sense for this wall sowhatever sitting there I kind of madethat the centerpiece I love in my orangeI took this the same two coasts earlieryou called those the placemats and Iused those actually on the wall againand then I took the rolling pin and putthat in the middle yeah I was gonna puta rug down there but I was like okay yoyou get off so you can put the rugs backyou know in the wintertime so of coursewhat is the centerpiece here whiningabout happiness and the Baron where wasthe quilt made by Linda GE loving homeyou tuber very talented system onYouTube hereshe actually gifted this to me made itby hand and gifted itit's a beautiful quilt and I absolutelylove this quilt what I love about thisquilt and here in the dining room isI'll get to see it more when it's in thebedroom since I don't go into I onlysleep in my bedroom I read I don't hangout in there I don't do anything else inthere so yes Linda made the homemadequilt and it is gorgeousof course I brought in my Dollar TreeDIY project which is the placemats andthen yeah it's for Linda I know she dida wonderful job didn't she I'm glad yousaw it yeah so I took the cowrie shellsand put them on the placemat somethingvery beautiful you want to likeinstantly Afrocentric something aplacemat and some shells would do well Itook these pictures what I love aboutthese two pictures is it really is aboutwomen and I think the framing is reallybeautiful that these two are actually myhusband's piece and in here I took thisbeautiful spoon that actually is forhanging and this one I got at Ashby fleamarket again in Berkeley California sothese are temporary so as you see yousee I have the visors I'm gonna actuallyget my tall grass and we're gonna putthat life in there but for now becausethis is another alternative is I got mytwo cotton decor branches in each cornerand I think they're actually stunningand so let me just give you the look cuzwe're gonna get to the tablethank you yes very elegant and y'allfind out my husband calls me and says wehaving dinner guests it's this Saturdayso I gotta I gotta put the whole houseback together getting y'all and you knowI was doing the slow route but it'scoming I got this thing and I get thekitchen so yeah I got a few more areasto do but let me just take a littlecloser lookso yes the table so I did it somebodysaid do you ever leave the table with notablecloth and I say yes cuz the tableis very pretty so I took these I calledthem my Moroccan type placemats I thinkthey're wonderful it gives me my feelingof the rugs cuz you know I like the rugson the wall but I'm gonna do this theliving roomsand the better who's gonna be now mylittle Moroccan type theme so the rugswill be good in there it's gonna bebeautiful on those walls but we're hereso I took I changed it up because theyall couldn't fit long ways or landscapeor horizontally so I did this side andthen I did this side and the knees I didvertically and I did vertically on theother side and I absolutely love itI took the red chargers I think I gotthese from Hobby Lobby and I put thegreen plate from the Dom tree I brokethe other green plate but I've seenplenty at the Dollar Tree so I'm gonnaget another one I just used the white onthat one of course you know I gotta havemy orange plates and my orange placesand of course I took the beautifulnapkin rings and I don't even havenapkins in them I just think thatthey're so pretty and so decor fullright so I love that okay yeah I'm gonnatell you about the centerpiece in aminute so then I took my coasters I gotthese from Hobby Lobby I love thesethey're my kind of a wood I mean I'm abasket type of material look at thedetail just to let you see I thinkgorgeous I absolutely love these andthen of course the good old green dollartree glasses which i think are perfectfor this I got the Rings from actuallyyou know what I'm gonna be selling ringsvery similar soon but I got them offAmazon or EbayI can't remember which one they're inChristmas time I try to look for it butalso I'm gonna actually carry thosenapkin rings because they are they arereally stunning aren't they and then ofcourse I got my favor I call these myfavorite glasses the gold glasses I gotthese on around the time New Year's Eveand I think I got it from TJ Maxx I didand also the stunning I'm going to gettwo more at home had these I kept hopingtoday would have them on sale $6.99 Ihaven't been in recently but they werestill $6.99 I'm gonna go this weekendand get the other two if they are stillon display this is the mud clothcoasters which I think are simplyelegant so I have the other side has thesame glass saying Costa same glass andCosta onsigh now let's talk about thecenterpiece which i think is simplisticand beautiful and i absolutelyabsolutely love it so I picked up theseat Pier one and I think these napkinsare absolutely gorgeous so I wanted thatidea I mean when I think of Africa Ithink about sharing from one basket orsharing from one bowl and I love that Ilove this wood I'll pick this up at oneof the stores I wish I could rememberbut look at the handrunning napkins I think that's awonderful way I mean people know to takethe napkins out and they can use it andthen y'all I bought this wine bag thiswine holder bag from Ngozi boutique inDurham North Carolina and I when Ibought it I knew I was gonna use it fordecor purposes now I don't have a whileback I don't have any wine so I don'thave any woman but I and I'll get someeventually for the guests cuz we'regonna set a little dinner a couple overfor Saturday but is this not stunninglook at the fabric with the shells thecolors are so amazing got the Reds theoranges pulling in the napkins pullingin the cocoa will you call the Chargerspulling in the plates and the colors Ijust think that it's just I love thislike I love this centerpiece and it'sjust a little closer look here again nowremember y'all so this is the cottonwhich I think it's just so beautiful forthe core and inside the Vaz is dirt reddirt from our land so that's red dirtfrom our land and I absolutely love thatand it's the same thing here now when Iget the tall grass actually I make it alittle shortercuz if I get it too tall then it'llcover all of this and I'll see I'll playwith it I might get some shorter grassbecause they gotta just know it has tobe that tall so I aren't on land but Ijust think that green naturalness that'sgonna turn it out so either this lifewhich is what I love about the cotton isthe core is you're still bringing insomething that's real not just thoselittle what's the green ballsI forgot Pope topiary topiary not myfavorite thing for sure go ahead andhave that and enjoy it I like thingsthat are real so I don't end like a lotof fake plants poor and I don't knowthis the round ball just don't do enoughfor me but if you have any you love itthat's great I think that cotton is thecore it's real it's alive it's a plantdo you understand like its nature and soif you don't have plants or you're in adark area here like here a plant liveplant wouldn't really do well becausethere's no life there'swindows so there's no natural light thisis a wonderful way to bring in thenaturalness but also I noticed the tallgrass that's pretty well here the tallgrass really is weeds I'm sure so itdoes really well and because of such anabundance of it as it dies you can justput it back on the earth that's when Iget to tall grass you'll see it's greenfoliage and it's gorgeous it's sexy andit just brings height but for now Ithought I could go either waythe only thing about and so let me saythis this is good for looks but somebodyactually sat here they can get pumped inthe eye with this with these branches sothat's why I think the tall grass isgonna be beautiful we have dinner wehave a leaf to extend the table and sowe'll just move the whole table a littlemore forward this way so people willhave room to say just let me myself myhusband and this actually it's thebrother Larry Thomas the one I did theinterview from the historian brother toprofessor from Durham North Carolina andhis wife actually are coming over so Iknow we're gonna have a goodconversation what I love about this roomis everything in here I think yeaheverything in here is actually mine theonly thing that's my husband's that hecame and came with the marriage when itcame to marriage with is the twopictures of the ladies but the quiltmine I made those that those those eventhe cotton the vows is the dirtaccording to dirt is ours the dishes thestuff the tables the chair everythingthat the rolling pin so just like theroom in the second bedroomthis again is strictly my design withthe stuff that I have and I'm lovingthat like I'm so loving it it's brightit's beautiful it's summery and that's abig thing so that I think that they Itook the rugs off because you knowthat's kind of a winter look althoughI'm a deck them rugs in the in thebedroom I think the bare rooms gonna beable to really support those rugsbecause the bare room is so massive soyou know that was kind of big it's a bigbedroom so I think the wall and the wallis huge I think those rugs would justbalance out the height but I think thisis cozy Ellicott I think we're gonnagreat conversation hey Queen how youdoing darling I just think it's gonna bebeautifulso again yard this is let me show youfrom different angles so the entirehouse is a mess I got this whole wall Istill got to do all this before SaturdayI put the mask back there and I'm gonnaput I got another master put right ontop of the door actually somebody wastelling me about lemons to clear andnegative energy and actually thank youso muchI actually know that I grew up that waymy mama taught us that and really whatwe used to what we did with the lemonswere we would take the lemons andactually if there was like a more of ashelf up here now some doors have moreof a shelf we would take the lemons andyou're supposed to put the lemons overyour door and then and then I will drawout negative energy and keep negativityfrom coming in but we're gonna get tothatso y'all let me just see I just want youto know look at all this blackmemorabilia stuff that I'm gonna do Ithink I'm gonna put all this in thishallway here so that that's a differentdisplay and I got I got picturespaintings artwork galore girl is notcomplaining I got these three pieces -what you know I had them in the kitchenfor a while and absolutely love these soI'm thinking about taking these and justputting one and one in on the other endand one in the middle so again it hasthat kind of simplistic look but I gottawash these walls I ain't gotten here yetI'll ask it back to the beauty this isstunning like I'm looking forward tobeing at this table and so so many waysto switch it up I got a table clothsthat would go nice with this if I wantedI got different napkins again we cantake the tall grass or as soon as I getthat I'll show you that look as wellbecause now I took the cotton bouquetsone was here and I really like it herebecause I think it gave this countertopsome height so but we know what I don'tknow cuz now I can see and hear betterso let me tell you - what I'm reallyfeeling is there is some continuity likeI really want that I I like this andthen you look in there like I said I'mgonna straighten those pictures out andI love the kitchen with the gallery wallI love that brightness right there Ithink I feel like it's a more of acontinuity waiter I'd do the bedroom andI just loved it so look y'all still gotthose those nails up there but ain't gotno pictures I'm waiting for my husbandto bring in some different pictures fromdownstairs that I would like to put outI want to switch it I want to live Iwant to feel new again so isn't thatgorgeous isn't that gorgeous oh Linda Gagain thank you and when I look at thetable you can really see it's actuallygreen on the bottom so I mean we'retruly if we want to talk about what isthe inspiration what is the focal pointdepending on where you're looking forbut of course it's the quilt it's thegreens the orange is the blacks thewhites right all the colors that willthat goes nicely with with this decorand so I everything kind of pulls in onthat so you got the orange placementsyou got the orange and reddish in thepictures of course again a few over herewhat is the focal point obviously it'sthe wreath you got the arse so it's thesame kind of feeling you know what theonly thing I didn't do and I'll do thatright now I'm gonna see a mess okay cuzI'm anger look at this look at this Igot the deal with mass kitchens a messbut hey you know I'm creating yeah I'mcreating so I hope you like it ladies solet me see okay that's so pretty thankyou since it looks good like that thankyou last yes yeselegant thank you they are nice where doyou get those rings okay good yeah I'mgonna have some hopefully I can get sometoday blessing sister Lisa Marie heyQueen those would look nice in thebathroom framed of course to protectfrom moisture in the air absolutely nowwhich one's on Jackie tell me when yousay those would look nice in thebathroom what would look nice the betterI'm sorry I missed it the frame yeah letme know cuz I wanna yeah let me know heypretty girl I'm proud of you your diningroom is decorative in a beautiful kindof way thank you key experienceeverything oh yeseverything looks so elegant invitingThank You Queen mr. Pancho Villaand oh the Joseph your judgment breakerpics are stunning and they would ofcourse like you said frame because ofthe moisture but you're there there'ssome and it's so colorful and I thinkLisa I love the earring that's great forthe warm weather yes you know a littleyou know I'm getting there right justcourt you got to rewatch okay Camillebut also Jackie and I was thinking whatI love about these three pictures is andthe first of course let's move somestuff so we can take a good look look Igotta do this whole table of I gottacreate a thing going here there'snothing there so I mean actually theycan go here as well but actually I gotsomething more for this walkers it's sobig so what I like about these let memove this candle ladies dare with mepleaseand again remember I kind of got thisidea of this in my mind everything isgonna flow and let me show you I knowmany of you have seen the pictures butand of course I'll wipe them down butlet me just show you them again so wehave this one right absolutely gorgeousand then we have this one right okay andthen we have this one right the famousJosephine Baker her bananas and herdancing the whole bit so check that outnow if you if you you know I'm bringingyour eyes somewhere because you know wegot the orange cheer we got the orangepillows over there right we got somethings going on and put some beautifulthings we got a little blue thing that'sgonna get ready to go so if I lookedhere and then I went into the hallwayand that orange picked up right herewith the ladies I'm thinking about thatthat's gonna be good the one thing withthese pictures which I absolutely lovethey were actually small and good forthe space but you couldn't see thepictures or the detail me not manypeople as that's all that they can seethat at eye level so I'm glad I broughtthose down but I think those are biggerso they have that color and I thinkthey'll be even bolder so I think that'sgonna look really really good but I'llsee I'm open now y'all don't forget nowI got this other piece like this issomething y'all love this piece where isthat piece here it is y'all love thiseverybody you're asking me about thisall the time again I got it from Alexbecause brother in Berkeley Californiaas well this is the big party or thefabric on the wall with the picture Idon't even know where I'm gonna put itlike I'll have to put everything up Icouldn't save it for something but likethat's it look that's a gorgeous piecenow that but I'm switching everything upthat was over here in the middle and ofcourse it was perfect because it took upthe whole space but I think I'm gonna dothe black memorabilia once I wash thewalls down I'm gonna do the blackmemorabilia in that hallway and I stillgot the second bathroom I don't knowy'all and the bedroom the bedroom thisis it I only can do so tomorrow I'llwork on all the outer rooms I work onthe hallway the bedrooms not sonecessary but I know we haven't guest onSaturday so they're not necessary gonnabe in a barrow though when people comein they'd usually want to see the wholehouse so you know me might be a lateFriday night matter of fact I probablywill so yes ladies this is it I'm lovingit it's so if I could I wish I couldfeel it because you know that's the onething about seeing something right isthat you can't feel it but it is so me Ithink the dining room I always say Ithink it's one of my favorite places inthe house because I see it every singleday the second bedroom don't go in thereunless I have tothere's my bedroom my husband died anddon't go in if we have to but here thisis something that we see and I thinkit's Africa I put some African music onand I'm a burn some incense my chair Iand I'm going to go to Africa so this isthe summer summer look and I reallythink it is so summery and when thewintertime come we don't change it againy'all so yes lovely balanced andbeautiful thank you darling thank you somuch so y'all when I get the grass thenwhen I get to talk foolish that richlush sexy green we'll see how it looksbecause it's so big I'm not gonna get itso much that it's gonna cover everythingso I'm gonna find the balance and thatas well but I really love it and I hopethat you do too so here's a look againat the tapedon't you just love this morning backwhen I saw it I knew it didn't have tobe for wine I knew from me it's gonna bethe core so ladies thank you so much I'mgonna eat then I'm gonna straighten upand I got a lot to do today I'm gonna goto my vendor I got a lot of stuff y'allwon a lot hopefully he got the fanshopefully he has more of the bags withthe wooden handle the Kinte bags y'allasked for a lot the wet cheer I I wantit all okay where do you store all yourdecorations that you're not using at themoment just curious great great questionlet me show you I know believe it or notI I actually have really one place andit's it is the suitcase this suitcase Iknow it sounds funny mostly everythingthat you could probably tell in thishouse mostly everything that I have isusually on the wall so I keep all of myChargers here shower curtains things ofthat nature it's cuz I decorate withshower curtains as well on the wall buteverything is basically here I gotanother buck bundle let me show youanother bag or so she can this is an oldlaundry bag so you could tell in here Ihave this candle aa bra and I have someother things in there there's anothersuitcase but that might have some wallhangings or something in there as wellbut but I mean I'm let me be honest nowmy husband he has a lot more stuff andwe have a storage I'm gonna say he hasone cuz ain't nothing down there minebut his I was right together he has somuch you know when he had his house hewas you know his first marriage man fora very long time 20 years so heaccumulated 20 years worth of Africanartifacts mass this is all the mass butstuff paintings and plus he's an artistright so all his other art so a lot ofhis stuff honestly is in the storagethat's right downstairs we have astorage on-site so a lot of our stuff isthere so that's why I'm gonna I'm askinghim to go downstairs and switch offswitch theall this art that's every single place Idon't even know where I put all the artI don't know where I put it but I wanthim to switch it out and we can do somenew art so that's my thing y'all ladiesI want to thank you so much thanks forthe thumbs up share the video peopledidn't want to be inspiredso next which are gonna see and I'mprobably tomorrow I'm devoting the wholedamn go to the post office and I'm areyou still moving no Matilda this is mynew move I decided to move into my ownspace change it up switch it up make itnew again we got enough stuff and we'regonna stay put here until we build ourhouse on land that we purchased that'sthe smart thing to do I was I was movingwith emotions before and not reallybeing sensible so I decided to grow upand stay so thank you for askingyes let's thank you ladies hit the likebutton and subscribe if you feel like itand the next thing you're gonna see isyou're gonna see this hallway transformyeah the whole hallway the whole thewhole for you everything yep the wholething that side up there table somethinggoing on theretransformed and then the guest bathroomI can't do everything y'all my husbandwill be here he can help me alrightladies love you very much want to thankyou for watching this is Lisa MarieGoodson of the Afrocentric home decor instyle channel and this ladies is thesummer refresh 2018 Afrocentric stylelove you ladies peace and blessings

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