Dining Room 

Dining room decor using only family dollar products (voice over)

what's up you guys you gotta rise on myback what another simple video so todaywe're going to be doing a quick overviewyou might hear me talking a little fastbut I don't show you guys with my diningroom just looking like right now this isup-to-date version and I finally got todo something I want and it's a littlecrazy looking right now but it's stillpretty so we're gonna get right into itso these shears were five dollars apieceand like I said everything it's a familydollar and they're very light and as youcan see you kind of see through them andI'm using these to cover up my furnacethat it was very ugly and didn't go wellwith the look of my dining room tablethese put this right you come with threeof those little hanging things and it'svery light and I just love because ithas like this flow to it and what thecurtain being up as high it is itdoesn't touch the ground because my sonlikes to run around and I didn't wanthim stepping on it and when I vacuum Idon't have to move anything so this isjust a plus for me you guys so that islike the main scenery of the room thenwe have my mirrors and my candle holdersI think I've lost the information inhere with the candles I think you getthree for three dollars and I got twosets of those and the mirrors were sevendollars apiece but I use a twenty fivedollar coupon you know to spend twentyfive get five dollars off and I end uponly spending twenty one dollars so withthis playset casements that I got a bowlplate and cup for $15 for set which isperfect and then the four gold plates onan ether that what dollar piece as wellas the placemats underneath and theydidn't look really good to me at firstbecause they did like something youwould see like in a stainless steel umkitchen or something like that but itwent well as as I you know over viewedit and looked at it for a while it'swhat he shares you guys there $100 100and $9.99 from Amazon and these areperfect these chairsforces you to have good back posture orfortune you to sit up and you cannotreally slosh in each area which isperfect for us and as you can see it'svery soft andcushiony and if I want to buy it withoutthe cushion it would have been $75.99 sothat was perfect and I just I just lovethis you guys I will be doing anotherupdated video like I said but this isjust a quick overview so the littleelephant man in the middle was theinstant holder he was three dollars withthe sticks included in the two vases youguys see they were $1 apiece and thethings like the walnuts and everythinginside they were $2 a bag so that wasjust in like phenomenal so when I wentand purchased everything it was like 50some dollars compared to you know like Isaid I spend about 200 but I still havestuff that I already had you know frompreviously and I just that fit the wayit was and just added more into the roombut I will give a breakdown and thatwhen I do a first video so you guys thatis basically it from our quick overviewof you guys liked what you've seen andyou guys be able to bog on the budget aswell and still look decent like thislooks very beautiful so if you guys liketo see more and you're waiting for theupcoming video don't forget to Likeshare and subscribe look at thatbeautiful dining room y'all look at metrying to go thumbnail gotta hold itgotta hold it went to next time see youguys

I purchased everything needed for my dining room from family dollar. Like stated in the video I’ll be doing a full overview in a separate video.

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