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good morning everybody welcome to afabulous Mondaytoday what am i doing today oh I'm onvacation it's it's Monday Thanksgivingis coming up this will be postedprobably in January I'm very behind andvery sorry about that so today I'mcleaning the dining room yesterday I didthe dishes for the house today I'm gonnado soap dishes and then I'm doing thedining room now the dining room is aweird place because it houses my officeand my soap studio plus the dining roomtable we are doing a little bit ofrearranging of our house so we're hopingsome of this will actually end up I'mjust gonna lean right here we're hopingthat some of this will end up in theback bedroom at this point I'm bringingyou along on the cleaning adventure[Music][Applause][Music][Music][Music][Music]everybody I hope you guys truly enjoyedthis double video of the cleaningbecause yesterday was digitus and todaywas the dining room so we successfullycleaned off this table which now hasmanaged to get dirty in a day but thisstuff is a very easy work I'm gettingready for a craft fair so if you didn'tknow I made soap I'll put a link to mysoap making channel up here though I amin the process of getting ready for ashow which is on December 1st by thetime you see this it will be way beyondDecember 1st but go to my Facebook pageto see if any amazing soaps are stillavailable or what's new but I hope youguys enjoyed this and if you love theclean of me videos let me know down inthe comments because I have two so muchI have to clean and I'm more thanwilling to video it oh no man oh pooryoualright guys I will check you lateryou

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