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Dining Room Changes | February Garden Tour | Life on Lemon Lane

[Music][Applause][Music]can someone please tell me where thismonth went we are upstairs in my craftroom today I have so much to share withyou just kind of a lot of stuff that'sbeen happening in the last few days butbefore we head out to kind of log alittle bit I wanted to share with you myproject for March which will be thedining room remember February was allabout the living room March is gonna bethe dining room and this here you see itthis is fabric for new curtains in thedining room I am going to take downthose adorable blue little birdies thatI have up there I love them I'm gonnause them somewhere else I already havesomewhere in mind and I will be sharingthat but I just kind of want to tone itdown in there make it just a little lesscrazy because remember we are all aboutsimplifying calming ourselves down ahbreathing and I think this large Buffalocheck will actually help us just torelax a little bit in the dining room soI'm excited about that we are headed tothe park with John let's see oh I have abeautiful tour of the kitchen gardenplus a peek at the chicken coop in storefor you as well today just so much somuch going on I know you guys some ofyou are still in the throes of wintersnow eNOS coldwe have been rainy rainy rainy rainy butthe last two days it has been gloriousin the 60s so we're gonna take it for acouple more days and then I see theforecast has another week to ten days ofrain which is so uncharacteristic ofCalifornia but it happens you know every20 years or so we get a deluge of rainwe will take it and hopefully the powersthat be will store it and we will be ina drought this summer so the one thing Iam certain of is that though the gardenis going to be glorious so I can't waitto show it to you where it is now end ofFebruary and then Ishow it to you obviously a few times inMarch but by the end of March earlyApril oh my word it's going to beglorious so that is all my chatter forright now stick around I have so much toshow you if you're not a subscriber Ikind of like to do these day in the lifeday in the week vlogs where I just giveyou a little bit of everything I didn'tpost a question to shorter 10 to 15minute videos or one longer like 2025there were votes both ways but themajority seemed to say two shorter plusI will still do my Sunday encouragementif you have not caught those I'mcatching on the vlog I will put a linkin the description to all of my Sundayencouragement those are little three tofive minute videos just to get youstarted on the new week in a positiveway so oh those a lot to say I have notbeen on here in a while I can't wait toshow you everything if you're not asubscriber going and get that subscribebutton if you want to be notified hitthe bell let me know if you didn't chimein do you like longer videos shortervideos is there something that I'm notcovering um that you want to cover Ihave another one coming up this weekendI will be baking with John not today butnext time and then you're asking for myquick and easy artisan bread recipe so Iwill be sure to be putting that much sothat's it I promisetake a look at what's been going onaround here[Music]all right John and I are on our way tothe park John where we going to Nepalyay okay so then we're gonna hit thelibrary so let's get going[Music]yes is that your favorite Latikabut a close of a Circle Circle CircleCircle doesn't make you dizzybut you like[Music][Applause]I wonder if there's gonna be any kidshere[Music][Applause]Kelly's behind[Music][Applause][Music]so first sunny day goodness what seemslike forever it's not coming from thespoiled Southern California girl so Icouldn't wait to get out here and checkeverything out I am playing hide andseek with the sugar snap peas I see themat night and I come back and they'regone so I don't know if something'snabbing them before me or they justblend in so plenty of flowers and theydo produce the pods but I just can'tfind them the next day they're too smallto pick first day when I come backthey're gone so next year I am plantingthey have a purple one where the podsare purple definitely planning thosenext year the broccoli isdoing fabulous I had picked the biggerheads off most of these these are all aside shoot that I will use in stir-frythis week get back up garlic hereradishes lettuce in a pot so don't tellme you can't garden please let us in apot because you don't have room that isdill[Music]montreux in a pot and down in here isactually you see that chamomile theseare flowers from seed getting ready toexplode that it's gonna be it's gonna bea gorgeous March I could just I'm justgonna tell you here it's gonna be agorgeous March okay show through thegarlic let's go back here this back hereis Brussels sprouts and I am thinkingmaybe when I pull the broccoli theBrussels spouts will take off I didn'trealize how shaded it was back here thisis a first year garden space for me moreradishes back here this is celery thisis my first you can see down there is myfirst time growing celery get out oftheir tail and you see it actually lookslike celery I've cut a few here's morecelery back here that is red Russiankale that is a bok choy taken most ofthe bok choy out because I am actuallypreparing this area here will be wheremy tomatoes are in the next couple weeksI haven't startedI have calendula more kale more radishesmr. shim back here oopsremove the starship back therethis area here is all seats that I threwin first part of November they're flowerseedsI've been dividing them and just kind ofsorry for the shadow filling in thespace here with them these are sweetpeas which I'm just starting to train upthis trellis so I am telling you Marchis gonna be unbelievably beautifulcoming this way my pot of herbs suffereda bit from the cold but I know it'llcome back as soon as it heats up that isa volunteer nasturtiums on tyrannystarship grapevines we're cut back abouta month ago I need to trust those beforethey come back so that will happen inthe next week or two I'm going to builda beautiful arched trellis for them I'llshare that with you this is all thatgarlic that I planted[Music]these are really big at the bottom thereso that's fun my cool seasonthis is mustard greens and I laugh Ibought two plants at a farmers marketand I don't know how to use mustardgreen as much as this is producing sonext year maybe one plant would besufficient but I can see this isstarting to bolt so it's just about timeto cut this back lettuce still looksgood I'm still picking it every day fordinner but this area here will be forpeppers in the next maybe month when Iknow it's gonna stay warm for a whilethat lettuce gorgeous and then all ofthese here are volunteer annuals that'sLarkspur here the taller larks berg andthat is favorite view if some sage herethis little area here will be full ofherbs as soon as it warms up I have somestarted that is a pincushion flower Ijust saw that and this of course is timemore salvias sobeautiful day I had to share it with youespecially if you're covered in snow getall of those daisies waiting to push upleave in the Chester Daisy so yeah I'mtelling you March and April it's gonnabe beautifulthat's that fever of you and that justpops up everywhere no idea where itcomes fromoh this I wanted to show you this thisis an apple tree and it is anearly-season apple tree but it shouldnot this early I'm this actuallyflowered for me in the fall and startedthese apples here which I just left onnot thinking they would become applesthen there are more apple blossoms sothis is gonna be a double producingapple tree not sure how it's gonna workout but we shall see so that is theProtege garden mid-february in SouthernCalifornia all of these booksall of these pansies along here areactually volunteers so everywhere theycome up I've kind of been moving themaround the garden these are I just seemy first onethese are fallen daffodils these aredaffodils which have naturalized here Iplanted them goodness years ago and Iwas really afraid I wasn't gonna get anydaffodils but I just saw can you see it[Music]my first daffodil so it is gonna flowerfor me and these are all iris whichagain March and April you guys the rosesare leafing out it is going to be agorgeous gorgeous spring you're in zone10 Southern California I cannot waitget with the peek at the chicken coopthat's it for today I'll see you in thenext video[Music]

Today we are touring the potager garden for a February Garden Tour plus I’m talking about a few changes I have planned for the dining room in March. Join me for this vlog, week in the life on lemon lane.

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