Dining Room 

Dining Room Build Off – Six builds

[Music]hi guys welcome back to another vidtoday we are doing a build off of adining room we can spend up to 20,000and size does not matter and we aretaking 30 minutes to complete it oncethey complete their build and well oncethe 30 minutes is upthen I'll allow them to go in and changetheir decals if they'd like and thenwe'll start the choreoh we are doing this with seven peoplewe originally had nine but two startedis give away what is it called alabyrinth maze type thing he did startedthe stream at the same time I startedthis so two of our participants left soit would have been nine we have Captainegghead 204 towered 197 Joseph 3 3 3million excuse me ninja 666 and mix newunipeg poop and the last one I am gonnaspell because I know I'm just gonna hackhis name up its squ L X 1 I believe thiswaythe part was we also have some friendsaround Caesar the gamer and music manwhich is known as monkey man on robloxbut he has a white team name music manyou'd like to check that out I'll put itin the description for you and a fewother people that pop in on us so I hopeyou enjoy this I'm not doing the fullthing where you can watch me buildbecause when I started for about thefirst five minutes I was able to buildand then it just froze up on me I couldno longer build there no matter what Itried I couldn't couldn't click onanything and the inventorywhat happiest so I just kind of stoodoff to the side for the following 25minutes waiting for the others tocomplete their bills they all did reallygoodso hopefully you get some inspirationfrom this Oh in there we also have IDave here is well so welcome everybodyhopefully I didn't leave anybody out weare going to start the tour here in aminute and yoonah bug is missing herhead kinda weird and we have a headlessperson walking around and wanted to letthem get their decals done sothis is the first one this is squ lExcise house or house I am so stupiddining room it's as big as a housethough you did pretty awesome herethe time to around it other things youknow this is captain eggheads place sowe're gonna go check it outwhen they give everybody time to get itin before me so they're not in the wayin the camerayou should kind of group together aliving room with our dining room whichsome dining rooms are that way I'veactually made some like that in some ofmy houses as well should I do a neatlittle design on wallokay let's go is seen inches bedroomhurts oh my gosh guys I must be tiredyou have to forgive medining roomlike definitely weirdwait so here isn't them just we can geta hooker around for a lot of plantsthese picture by the dining-tablegood sorry about the noise in thebackground the cats going crazyattacking papernext year we are going to check outhoward's dining room we got it rightyeah he was a huge massive dining roomthis is definitely what you would expectmore in a futureI'm really good on thisand definitely like having a fireplacein the dining roomshe's pretty sets things off makes itseem more homeyI'm sorry typing things in between asyou can tell a little bit laggy here inthere for me I don't know what it isevery time I do is build off withsomeone that's one my plot building withme I lack a lot you don't notice it toomuch in the vids because I speed up thebuild part but today with so many peopleon my plot you couldn't even build Ihave tons of memory on my computer andits really great gaming computers Ireally don't think it's my computer ifit's more of an issue with blocks butnobody else really complained withoutlagging it's just me now we aretransporting over to univox place forher and mix move did their dining roomsyeah we're here so we are gonna checkout the you know Bucks place first herejust checkingshe be a Christmas decorated dining roomanother fireplace sending pleasebecause we have someone new show up it'sa Danny one hang out with us during thecourse okay so we have one plus lastplace to tour and that would be mixsmooth which we are waiting on theywonder too much change their Howard tocatch up as well he didn't get theinvite[Music]I have to tell you guys this took areally long time to set up having somany people involved and we were alltrying to come up with their own moneyfor the bit because we were all brokenup as it is and this is the last onethis is mixes dining roomand they put some fruit out for us onthe table so we wouldn't served it upI'm doing good here I think everybodydid awesome on their bills and heappreciate you guys doing it with methis is a lot of fun and it's not aboutwho has the best or any of that I likedoing these because it shows everybody'sdifferences their uniqueness and theirdecorating abilities gives you guys alot of inspiration and also sometimesjust see some things that you didn'tknow you could do or put together duringyour build everybody enjoys and getsomething out of these vids I know thereare a lot of fun to do once we finallyget all the plants together and geteverything into motion they go well it'sfun hanging out with a lot of peopleand we are pretty much done here just[Music][Music]you[Music]

Dining Room Build Off – Six builds

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