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Dining Playbook: The Hotel Salem

I've got myself a growing family and Ineed a car that can get me everywhere weneed to go safely and easilyyou're in luck the Chevy Traverse doesit all from hands-free liftgate Stuhidden storage compartments you're gonnaget where you need to go with everythingyou need to bring check out the brandnew Traverse at your new england Chevydealer Salem has become a popular NewEngland destination known for more thanjust its witch heritage by the way andthe Lark hotels has helped further thatwith the opening of Hotel Salem thisvibrant one-of-a-kind boutique hotelboasts an impressive and inviting vibethe mid-century modern design isfeatured throughout the space and islayered with sleek furnishings and abold color palette you'll finddifferently sized two guest rooms fromcompactdeluxe rooms to a 500 square foot largesuite there are plenty of choices and bythe way appealing to everybody's budgetthe design isn't the only noteworthypart of this hotel the two onsiteeateries offer unique and tasty menuscounter has expansive views on one endoverlooking Salem's walking promenadeand on the other of vast bar with viewsinto an open kitchen the shiny blueleather stools and smooth wood bar areenough to make you wanna have a seat andorder some bites share the hummus platewith friends or grab the counter burgerall for yourself the menu is regularlychanging to include seasonal favoritestoo in the summer we highly recommendthe lobster roll topped with shreddedlettuce and drizzled with a tangymustard the roof which by the way is alively seasonal bar perched on top ofthe hotel it's constantly packed withlocals and with tourists minglingsipping on craft cocktails and chowingdown on some of the Mexican style smallplates the chicharones guacamole is agreat table share mix with red pepperand kuso fresco you're not gonna want tomiss out on this flavor combination thebraised pork tacos are an absolute musttry the grilled pineapple adds a sweettaste and the Rojo sauce gives it justthe right amount of kick visit HotelSalem for a bite a drink on the roof oran overnight stay the hotel Salem islocated at 209 Essex Street and onlineat the hotel Salem calm[Music]

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