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Dining Out In NorthWest – Fultano’s Pizza – Scappoose and Clatskanie

we offer more than just a good meal at aclean restaurant with great service withgreat food we offer an experience in1992 I was given an opportunity to buythe classic and I location from Bob andJeanette Fulton who had started itano'spizza in 1977 I did purchase thatlocation moved up to clots can died Iwas 25 years old at the time had twochildren young children and had a wifewho was agreeable to my working 80 hoursa week and really that is the commitmentyou make when you go into the restaurantbusiness is I think some folks I thinkit'll be an easy way they'll do it intheir retirement it'll be a lot of funit's a lot of work and really thesuccess of any fault on OHS Pizza is theamount of time an owner is going to putinto itespecially on the front end in 2012 wewere given the opportunity to purchasethis land along the highway we feltScappoose was a great town very activeactive schools which is important to uswe like partnering all of our Fultonowes pizzas really like partnering withsmall communities we feel smallcommunities are where we do best we getto know our customers we see the samefaces weekend week outwell Donna's pizza here in Scappoose ispart of a group of pizza parlors mostlyon the coast we purchase together ourbusiness model is the same we value ourcustomers that's the most importantthing about being a Platanos pizza is wethink of them first we believe that thecustomer experience starts at the car itmoves into the building it moves to thetable it continues when the food isdelivered to the table and it continueswhen they leave we try very hard tothank every customer when we have oneperson say thank you the entire kitchenturns their heads and they all say thankyou we want our customers to know thattheir being here today was appreciatedeven though everytantos is different in how they're setup how they're decorated what goes on atthat Platanos whether it be the bowlingalley the video arcade you will findconsistently from every photo knows thesame Pizza all of our pizza crusts aremade fresh every dayall of our pizza parlors have a doughroller dedicated to that pizza parlorthey make a lot of pizza crusts ourpizza sauce is made fresh every day ourdressings for our salad bar is madefresh right here in the premises oursalads are made fresh we really valuethe opportunity we have to partner withour employees we have a lot of youngeremployees come a lot of them this istheir first job we we love that we getto give them the first opportunity tolearn what it means to have a job theresponsibilities of it we appreciatevery much their energy we appreciatetheir willingness to learn we appreciatethat in the short time we have them wecan try to make a difference in theirlives and as they go from here and doother things they have a basis for whatit means to work hard to know that thework that they do matters that they knowthat the work that they do is a benefitnot only to us as a business that tothem as individualsour goal is more than just offering agreat meal good food good service aclean restaurant we want families whocome in to have dinner with us to have agreat experience[Music][Music]

Dining Out in the Northwest: Fultano’s Pizza – Scappoose and Clatskanie Oregon. To discover more delicious local restaurants in Oregon and Washington, visit http://www.doitnw.com.

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