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Dining at Disney World’s Victoria and Albert’s (Queen Victoria Room) || Our 1 Year Anniversary!

decked out in our sinus and we areit is a ten-course meal that fit a lotfor like four hourswe haven't eaten all day like just toprepare for this oh I'm so excitedwe're gonna bring you guys a pod[Music][Music][Music]oh thank you so much thank yougot my bag onso like my bag doesn't have to be on thefloorit's a brand-new bag tooit's so quiet in here they humans donethey grew up it's crazy[Music]how does your first time eating caviarsolutions it was really good I think thewhole thing really it was like I don'teven know it's like a little salty butreally like fresh tasting with thevegetables it was good you remember -it's a crab saladthese testsis it good yummy taste test[Music]this is about the last how is thatpossible I don't understand how theyjust keep getting better and betterthat was honestly so every evening Ican't even deal supposed to get bettertoo I don't know how it's possiblewhat's actually better I know literallyevery meal has been better[Music]it's likethe best I can bethe best barbecue sauce I've ever hadand one[Music][Music]is it good really goodwhat did it land although we use for theship of the butter and it's refrigeratedovernight that almost of the day so wecan retain it about dinner servicepurpose by the next day bull doesn'the's been going greenyeah I know definitely[Music][Music]yeah I guess so I think a mix ofanything you can't go wrong you knowI really want to try that fun view inthe honeycomb honey with my honey it'scookinso the heat created pressure whichbrought all the liquid up into the topwhere the coffee comes through and thenit's gonna come back down as comfortableI'm really excited for this[Music]Wow[Music]taste test this is the pre desert veryeasy only companies ready so this is adesertit's like a little chocolate castle withlike you know a house alreadythis is basically the chocolates patientBirds the chocolate spaceship I'vecooled with 23-karat gold on top tell meabout thesesecond you can eat the whole thing ofgold okay how doesn't taste likeanythingnice buttercream a little bit of GrandMarnier our enemies don't think like mea chocolate child in France was Chambordon the inside they're like the sponsorsWow[Music]this is truly magical honestly that isso cute[Music]all right making our way back to ourroom how perfect was tonight so perfectVictorian Albert's the best diningexperience you've ever experiencedabsolutely absolutelylet's get back to our room I love thislittle walkway can you see Magic yeahbeautifulSpace Mountain is here it's huge what adapper man so handsome well you're verybeautifulmm you're handsomer Wow look at thatzoom in there how beautiful perfectionperfectionmmm that smells good it smells like aDisney hotel you know mm-hmm I want thatart look at how cool that is all thedifferent monorailsgoing up yes we are the floor or 4000Spain right hand will you do the honorsit's like the first time that's workedfor you this whole vacation for himhi okay so a few things I forgot tomention one since we were celebratingour one-year anniversary they let uskeep our menus it said thatcongratulations happy one-yearanniversary so that was really sweet ofthem um they let us see these chocolateshome cuz we just could not finish themwe were super super super full so theygave us both chocolate city home andthen they gave us like a littlebreakfast bread for tomorrow morninglike I don't know probably gonna stillbe full by then but super sweet so yeahit was perfectand again it was just like the bestnight in the whole entire world I wouldhighly recommend it um ladies get supersuper dressed up wear your best dressyour your favorite dress guys don't beafraid to get really really dressed upand just enjoy your night like four anda half hours of like good conversationwith the person that you're going withand just enjoy it because it goes byfastso yeah are you guys we made it back tothe contemporary that was the best nighteverwhat do you think amazing and we were inthere for like four hours it's four anda half hour and a half hours but it feltlike maybe an hour yeah it was crazylike we were eatinglike me just kept bringing plates andlike different dishes and like it justgot better and betteryeah it was so good so I would say ifyou plan on going definitely dressreally fancy definitely don't eat likesix hours prior to your reservation Iwould say let's see seven to be sicklike you get ten ours we did the QueenVictoria room so we got like aten-course meal plus like coffee and teathey did a surprise meal in there we gotthree loaves of bread for Low's becausewe asked for more turn in so um yeahthey don't eat like six hours beforehandbut it was amazing definitely if youhave like a special anniversary likewitnessed our one-year anniversary we'recelebrating so it was perfectum also shout out to Jordan thank you somuch for that special cake that you madefor us like it was amazing if you guyswant to check out like all of theamazing cakes she makes like for theGrand Floridian I'm gonna like herInstagram in the description sodefinitely check her out because she'samazing and Jordan thank you so much formaking her nice so special it was socool so um yeah it was amazing umdefinitely a once-in-a-lifetime as inwe're gonna go next year too so it wasso good so it was perfect and I wouldhighly recommend it and the servers wereamazing like so fun to talk to they werelike so totally laughing at us cuz we'relike wow this is amazing this all looksso good it was so overwhelming at firstlike you're so she was from but likethey were so great with this like youtried this like step by step knows forsure they're really sweet so yeah thankyou guys for watching our last nightwe're really really sad but we pullingthis videos tomorrow and then themagical express though it'll be a goodday around but it was missing good daytoday so thank you for watching[Applause]

YOU. GUYS. This was the BEST dining experience we have ever had…in our whole lives. We are so grateful to have been able to experience this, and we highly recommend going if you get the chance! We dined in the Queen Victoria room which only seats 8 people and is definitely a more intimate experience. We celebrated our 1 year anniversary, so we wanted to do something extra special and this was beyond perfect!

MAJOR MAJOR SHOUTOUT AND APPRECIATE TO JORDAN (http://www.instagram.com/spoonybakescake) for the BEAUTIFUL cake she made for us! (You should totally follow her – she’s got the cutest little baby and she makes the most gorgeous cakes for the Grand Flordian!) Jordan – this was the sweetest surprise and I will never ever forget how excited I was when I saw the perfect cake! You’re the best!!

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Song: By The Waters of Minnetonka
Artist: Paul Whiteman and His Orchestra
Genero: Vintage

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