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Design Green Cafe ~ Donut Apples!

in this video I will be making my recipeidea for donut apples so I have myDonuts my cream cheese which I will mixwith one and a half teaspoon of honeysome sprinkles and my recipe is here sofirst I will need to mix my cream cheesewith one and a half teaspoon of honeyit's just one teaspoonyeahis I don't want it to be not sweetenough so I will try to mix itbe right back so I have mixed it prettywell but as you can see it's still a bithard so I'm just going to mix it foraround in one minute I am finishedmixing so now the next step is to slicethe apples so I will prepare the setup Ihave four apples here but I will only beusing two the other two of ourdecoration and we use my shy pin bladeto cut through like this and then hollowout the centerso this one was a failure because I'donly managed to slice half of itso I have around four as this one was afail so the other side and I will slicethe other apple right now so afterslicing them I have all the echos I neednow it's time to hollow the center outto make the donut shape so we cut hereso he's my first donor and I would cutout all the others and be right backbecause this will take a while to beable to slice all the doughnuts I willskip there and coming back so now I havehollowed out the holes in the doughnutit is time to use my cream cheese tocoat it on top so now I put the creamcheese bombdoing my hands are cleanso have my first donutso I'm sorry he gets out to the framebecause I need to see clearlyso for my second donut and I willquickly do all of them to save time soright now I have covered all of themfully in my cream cheese recipe but Iwill need to wash my hands was there abit dirty so now that I have washed myhands and everything is clean I will bedoing the final step which is sprinklingthese sprinkles on top[Music]sprinkle it on there most of the donutsokay so now I am almost finished so whatI need to do now is to well they lookpretty nice now I need to do is to get anew plate so that they will look moreappetizing and so that I can clean up abit this is the final product of mycooking so thank you for watching and Iwill try it out

This is for my design project. 🙂

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