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Design 101: Staging Your Home

okay we're back time for round two ofdesign 101 on this Friday again I'm KipI'm Elizabeth and we're gonna talk aboutstaging again because we had a fewlittle technical issues with our camerawe got worked out nowso y'all may have just seen the homethat we posted of the new constructionin seminary Kip and I got to collaborateand do some really great finishingtouches on that home say we're kind ofgonna go over some of the things that weadded and how you can get that same lookat homeabsolutely and that was a great funproject to do we took a lot of case goodfurniture pieces pillows throwsaccessories little succulents andflorals we got to use a lot of theclients books and just personal effectsin some of that staging and that wasawesome always awesome to get to seewhat's special to them that's rightthat's right and I think one of thethings that I liked most was bringingout that really soft green color in thesucculents and kept place some cookbooksthat had some of that color right thereby that kitchen backsplash and thatglass had some of those warm and reallynice green pools great some of you allhave asked some questions about paintcolors and I wanted to go ahead and giveyou the wall color that was usedprimarily in that home and it is AsherWilliams color and it was CherylWilliams seven zero five seven SilverStrand and that was just a really greatneutral that kept with the overallbrightness and the feel the customerwanted for their home absolutely andhere today Anderson's of course you knoweveryone knows where we've got thefurniture we've got the rug so we can doyour floor's we can do your kitchenabout cabinets but we can also handleall the pillows and plants and art andall the little accessories and things tostage your home and make it feel likehome feel like one of these homes andthe magazines that you go see that itjust looks comfortable and looks likewhere you'd want to come to every dayand you're able to express yourpersonality a lot of times with some ofthe fun fabrics and colors that are nowoffered in a lot of those pieces so Imean even the the pillows here on the onthe sofa that we're sitting rolling wehave lots of great color and textureinvolved and that's always great to mixand match thereanother thing too that we can do is youknow we'll come out and we'll work withwhat you have and we like when we get toyou know see that side of our clients weget to know them a little better Irecently worked with a lady who her sontravels the world and he brought herthis little canvas from France and itwas of the Eiffel Tower and he justbought it from a little artist sittingthere on the sidewalk paintingyeah and he's brought her things fromall over and just listening to her thatday talked about everything she had wasreally really awesome you know she hasall this stuff and memories and a lot oftimes you know people collect thesethings that they see and they're notreally sure you know how to put themtogether or where to place them in yourhome so I feel like that would be a funexperience working with her collectingthose maybe making a collage or somesort of accent it was hanging them in aspecial touch we're definitely doingsome awesome things with this behind usyou actually see some great lamps say weoffer you know a lot of lamps in ourstore throughout our showroom and we canalso custom order absolutely we have youknow tens of hundreds of times theamount of product we have on our flooravailable to order and you know that'skind of what we do we'll go through andpick out and make sure you get the bestthing for your home yeah you know and ifyou don't see something right away thatyou like ask us because really we areexcited to help you and work to findexactly what fits your needs we arethere I think that's it I think that'snow we've got this one down good we hopeyou all have a great Friday and a happyweekend yep see you later thanks

How to style your home.

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