Decorating Tricks To Turn Your Bathroom Into A Spa

[Music]the spa is an incredible place to relaxand unwind we love it for distressingand taking care of your mental state butthe problem with the spa is that it canbe quite pricey in today's video I'llshow you how you can create a spa likeatmosphere right in your own bathroom[Music]de-clutter your space one of the thingsthat I hope you create a spa likeatmosphere is decluttering your spacekeeping things tidy removing bulky itemsand placing them in storage containersor baskets can all help your bathroomappear neater keeping your bathroomessentials at hand and everything elseneatly tucked away will help maintain arelaxing atmosphere use clear glass jarsto store cotton balls on the countertopor use a wicker basket to display handshouse get creative with decorativestorage items that will aid indecorating the room choose calmingcolors a bathroom is used to relax andunwind so stick to colors that arecalming soothing and won't create a busyatmosphere neutral colors such as whitebeige or greys are great for creating asoothing and welcoming environment makesmall adjustments in your bathroom suchas changing your lighting or yourshowerhead a rain shower can be just thething you need to create a relaxingfeeling to your bathroom use plants andgreenery to make your bathroom feel morelike a spabamboo is a great traditional accidentthat can be found at most paws tryfilling a vase with fresh flowershanging a potted plant for the ceilingor setting potted plants around thebathroom to embrace natural elements youcan even use stones to help accent yourbathroom and create that spa-like touchuse white tiles for decoration when youlight this ball you surrounded by whitetowels and robes indulge yourself incomfy warm towels by tossing out yourold bath mats and towels and upgradingto new fresh ones one two take your homespot to the next level purchase a towelwarmer for your bathroom so you canenjoy fresh heated towels right at homeadd relaxing candles and cents to helpyou on wine this fall always smellsamazing and calming accents invokeemotions boosting realization andrelieving stressessential oils scented soaps as well asa lotion are great for calming thespirit and helping you to relax considersince like lavender jasmine or vanillafor a calming effect and a more relaxingatmosphere alright guys that's it fortoday's video thank you so much forwatching remember to comment rate andsubscribe and I'll talk to you the nextone

Decorating Tricks To Turn Your Bathroom Into A Spa. Learn how to easily turn your bathroom into the spa with these decorating tips and tricks!

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