Decorating A Bedroom : An Indian Room Tour : Home Decor Tips & Ideas With Pallavi

so hi guys today we are in a beautifulhouse in throws to Lonavla and we aredoing up the master bedroom todayand below he has already done up theroom in terms of the woodwork is doneand the basic carpentry is already doneand we are going to kind of set it upand dress it up and style the room whichis which is what gives it personalityand character so what's in store forthis bedroom for the week so um so asyou can see you know this room has a lotof wooden or textures and I definitelysince it's a weekend home for for myclients I wanted it to be a littlerustic and they're also mid age so itcould be extremely barn kind of a notebut we had to kind of merge it with acommode or me with a contemporary aswell as a little bit of an old schoolkind of a feel so so you see thelaminates are all in gasps are you theclient kind of form in order to thewatereverything is very Moodle or wood finishand my client again likes a lot oforganic fabrics and things like that sowhat I what I want to do here is to addup beautiful drapes which are in Judeand they're just to add a little bitmore personality you see that thecurtains are block filters or not gottensome pretty Smith boys yeah I love thecurtains the curtains are just flameyyou know it's they are yeah like an icecream its enhances the beauty of apicture these beautiful when you look atthe room it's almost like an it youreally have an end shape of windowsso I thought that this this should belike a beautiful backdrop for the rawfor the ruling and it's right in frontof the bed so you know when you get upthat's something that you're going tosee so we had to focus on the curtainsas well let's start with the bed firstValerie since the bed occupies the mostyes it is the bedroom so the best bed isthe most important so what are we doingon the bed so yeah you know I have thisreally pretty bed covered that's definedin front from itself so this bed coverhas a lot of little it has someyou know that the same old patches andI'm also used a little cotton saying sothis is the bed come on and I have a fewpillows and you know since againeverything is very brown and very youknow tones so I wanted to add a littlebit of colorso I've added them through these reallytricky to keep cushions so what is thatin the corner that I sleep a little yeahso you were this was a little this is alittle painted part and we wouldinitially thinking too because you knowto put a study table and things likethat and then but it really had to havea lot of dual purpose so it's actuallytwo job you know so they wanted to keepa little bit safe a little corner in thehouse and they opted to put it in theirbedroom and what I've done is if we justwant it to be bulky and everything soit's a very pretty little ledge with twodrawers and they can have a picture ofthe day they are torn off and I knowit's off the floor right so anythingthat you take off the floor and onto thewall it kind of makes the space lookbigger and cleaner and you still use thespace but it's not cluttering things areit setting it up like a desk today and Ialso want to put some frames up andwhich I don't want to put on the wallsomething that can be moved around andact color with it and stuff like that soyou have these are the little framesthat I have - I like how they're beingplayer than yeah it would still be youknow less fun so yeah I mean they'reeverything both wall art and face thingswe instantly think of you know put anail on the wall I putted half butthere's a lot of creative stuff that youcan do with wall arms like you knowlayer it and just place it against atable etc so lots of ideas here it looksreally nice really nice I really likebecause I feel like going back often andwe're drying it out so let's get to theside table which is very very importantI think with this case what I've done issince there was a little bit of a spaceconstrained I have washed the side tableand the dresser so it's like anelongated side table so part of it canbe used as a nightstand and we are thepart of the dresser so since I'm goingto be combining both you know thefunctions togetherI would like to place the lamp now thelamp is gonna add you know to the sidetable bridge but also for the dresseritself since there is no light on thevideo the lamps would actually add somelightness just a little table laughs itjust adds so much class and characterand depth and warmth to the room thatit's amazing I mean it makes us it makesa big homey I know they specializedlamps like I'm learning things every dayin every video and lamps or something ifyou get nothing else you can getyourself or not we are very excited thatwe have this really cool idea and weneed your help to kind of get it youknow process and kind of get it getworking on itso we want to open up the makeoversection to you guys if you live in Puneand you're interested in making over anyof your space get in touch with me andfor the be or me or for Lily and send uspictures of your space send us a budgetand we could be coming over to yourhouse to make it over so if this soundsinteresting to you leave a comment orsend us an email with all your detailsyeah everything the description box somake sure you see the description boxand rights once you bring it alltogetherwe're adding up and I think it justmakes the whole space look really niceand cozy and that's how exactly rocksare very very underrated and peoplethink that anything on the floor isheavy it's difficult to maintain but youhave to choose the right drops and herewhatever I have chosen is especiallywith that climate in Pune and also thatalso how whatever goes with the theecosystem of the room there on hand opendrugs and these are really lightthirties and you get studies all thetime at different places you get theirfault or you get them at differentstores home Unicode and furnishingstores and and these are very easy tomaintain very easy to remove forcleaning and what they do is becausethey're so they're full of patterns itcut backtakes charge and it just adds so muchcharacter so that is it we are donedressing up this gorgeous room I hopeyou enjoyed this video I hope you got afew tips from the maestro yourself so weare going to say bye bye now and we willsee you very soon in the next videothere will be a video very soon with thenext room in this house in you knowcontinuing with the series so I will seeyou soon subscribe give us a thumbs upbye and write to us if you want to makeover yes

Decorating A Bedroom : An Indian Room Tour : Home Decor Tips & Ideas With Pallavi

How to decorate a small bedroom in an Indian home : Room decor tips and tricks. Home Decor India

Pallavi is an extremely talented interior designer based out of Pune.
Some time back you saw a tour video of her store Fulcrum in Pune.
Watch the tour of Fulcrum home decor store here :

Today we go inside a small cozy and beautiful home, Pallavi has just given the bedroom room of the house a magnificent makeover and in this video we take you through the makeover and decorating process and Pallavi shares some decor tips and tricks.
The home is done up very tastefully and muted earthy shades. It looks beautifully put together and very inviting.
Watch the video to get some home decor tips and tricks. Pallavi has very skilfully transformed this small Indian home into a gorgeous well decorated haven.

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