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Danielle’s Dining Room Makeover

[Music][Music]hey guys it's Danielle here founder ofGrove least I'll Co I want to take youthrough our dining room makeover for ourlittle house our old dining room had avery industrial lookwe had metal chairs a table with metallegs and a raw tabletop and we had aUnion Jack console table we want it tobe able to refresh in the style to thethings that we like and that are currentand that we feel we can have forever solet me show you through so one of thethings that I knew that we had to havein our dining room was Chippendalechairs I absolutely love them they arean absolute classic piece they never dayyou'll have them forever available inlots of different colors we went withthe Navy really because I love blue butalso because there's just a little bitdifferent they also come with an easy topop out lid in the cushions so if youwanted to reupholster those you can it'sreally easily we can easily do that foryou too as part of our studio microwaveLeague style Co service but these are agreat staple and I have no doubts thatyou'll never regret buying these becausethey're fantastic and they lookbeautifulso after our dining chairs we had thisdining table it's a great piece we'vegot quite a small space here with ourdining room so the best thing with thisis it's extendable so if we have moreguests over we can easily make it alittle bit bigger or when it's just thetwo of us at home because we don't haveany children other than Charlie boy wejust have it like this as it's quitesmall the thing that I absolutely loveabout this table is the plinth at thebottom the big leg in the middle it'slike a Corinthian column it's gotfantastic little details and me I lovedetails so I knew this table wassomething that we had to have if you areinterested in this table please let usknow because we can have this made foryou as well so if you think you wouldlike it in your home if you've got aspecific size room that you'd like or aparticular size table that you needplease let us know because we canorganize to get one made just for youone of the other great things that wehave on our dining table here are ourrattan lanterns they're really beautifulthey come in lots of different colorsand they're really a versatile itemwe've featured ours with beautifulflowers pink and green to go with ourbeautiful pink and green table scape youcan also put candles in them as wellit's another great idea or this one youcould easily put in your kitchen and addyour utensils as well they're allavailable on our website and they lookfantastic with pretty much any decoranother great piece are our glasses sowhether you're after the clear whichgoes with pretty much any color that youcould have we've also got the greenavailable which is perfect with our pinkand green color scheme here reallynicely with your cabbage where if youhave green cabbage where you can alsoadd candles to them as well so putlittle tea light candles in these putthem throughout your table they lookreally beautiful we have all of theseavailable online as well so in our olddining room we had our Union Jackconsole table now to be honest if we hadthat here it just would not go at all sowe decided to settle on the Arabellaconsole table it's a really nice pieceit offers great storage it's got threegreat drawers which are fantastic sowe've sort of store a lot of ourutensils napkins linens that we use allthe time in here and then on top we'veadded a lot of mixture of blue and greenbecause that's sort of the color schemethat we wanted to have in our home sothe green we started off with thesebeautiful lamps they're huge they'refantastic I love the different colors wedo have similar styles available onlinethe next step for our lamps iscustomizing the lampshades so I foundsome fabric over the holidays that we'regoing to redo our lampshades ineventually over the next month or so soif you do have a lamp at home that youwant to be able to customize let us knowbecause we can easily do a new shade foryouso the gingers are great we love thecolors they're nice and bright you caneasily add flowers like we have withthis onethey're a fantastic item I love tocollect them to be honest I have a lotof them we also have this sweet littlepicture frame it has a really nicelittle photo that we loved about 10years ago of my husband and I in Franceit's a little bamboo edge these actuallymake really great gift ideas to yourfriends so if it's Christmas birthdaysor just because present Mother's Daythese are really lovely I've also gothere two of my favorite books so if youlike picture books coffee table booksthese two are my absolute favoriteswe've got the Charlotte moss and theAaron Lord a book they're beautiful thepictures are absolutely incredible everyphoto is stunning some other littletrinkets I've got my beautiful Wedgwoodurns that I've collected over the yearsthese are great I love them they lookgreat with potted flowers to put freshflowers in them as well they'rebeautiful so a great thing about theArabella console table is it has greatstorage underneathin terms of we've added great canebaskets here another great item is thisgorgeous little basketso this is going to be a new piece toGrove least alcove and I love it I thinkit's really pretty it's great good forstorage great for shoes maybe you've gotkids toys maybe you want to add it intoyour laundry it's got a little lid so ithides all the stuff so jump online thisis a beautiful piece and you weren'tregret purchasing this one on our tablewe have some fantastic new products togrow least our coke first we have ourbeautiful bamboo cutlery this is a greatsignature style piece if you loveplastic interiors like I do this isbeautiful this is only new to ourwebsite it's a gorgeous piece we'll beadding to this range as well andbuilding out the products and addingmore things we also have our gorgeouscabbage where this is a really classicitem it's been around for a really longtime we've teamed it here with somebeautiful vintage plates that we havetogether they look really pretty it's anice way to mix and match your tableschemes as well another item is ourbrand new table linens so I'm reallyexcited about these we've probably beendeveloping this product for about threemonthsit's really beautiful it's so cute withthe scalloped edge this is the napkinand it just looks really pretty it'sgonna be available in the napkins you'llhave a placemat and also yourtablecloths and I guarantee you or yourfriends will be asking you where youbought these from because they're sogorgeous thanks for visiting my diningroom makeover I hope you've enjoyed thisvideo as much as I have I look forwardto sharing more videos with you as we gothrough our home and give it a littlehuge up over the coming months if you'veseen something here that you love do letus know we're more than happy to helpyou don't forget we also have our studioby Grover East our Co service that helpspeople all over Astro to fall in lovewith their homes and I look forward toseeing you again soon thanks

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Bringing in the New Year with a new room. It was time to give my dining room at home a bit of a facelift, so I found some of my favourite pieces from our collection.

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