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okay you guys ready okay all right goaheadokay you were now in the staplersubscribe everybody today I'm gonna tryand bring chase and Sean I put it thisgreen dye in their egg sandwiches okayso I don't know exactly how I'm gonna dothis so hopefully it works outlet's try mix this up a little bit here[Music]not sure how much to put inokay so they like cheese on their eggsandwich I think so I'm gonna melt alittle cheese on top of there as soon asthat's done I'll put it on some toastyeah call him down for breakfast steppedon off his foot accidentally he's notvery happy with me now how's yoursandwich Sean I have I left those eggsoutside for the last month and a halfjust waiting for this day when I couldmake you an egg sandwichhow's it taste well I just cooked it Ileft the egg outside for a month and ahalf not the sandwich I've just beenletting the egg kind of get rotten forabout a month just taste it how does ittaste[Music]we'll get you back dad strikes first allright it's onso me and Carly are gonna play a prankon Jason's yawn they don't even knowthey're right over there jumping on thetrampoline what we've done it was we'vehidden a Bluetooth speaker don't yeah sowe're gonna pretend like we're gonna gostart for them in a videoCarly has her phone hooked up to theBluetooth speaker so she's gonna playfart sense when they're trying to dotheir video okay and we'll see how longit takes ready we're gonna do afortnight Battle Royale okay so go aheadand do the opening and then we'll startfilming it all right okay you guys readyokay all right go ahead[Music]okay all right do it again do it againwe're doing the Battle Royalethe fortnight Battle Royale are yougonna say that part chase okay all rightyou kind of understand so you want totell them that like there's gonna be ashrinking dome as we have a nerf war andyou got and it's the last personstanding inside the dome as it continuesto shrink it's windy out here thoughokay you guys ready okay that make sureyou talk cloud who's going Hey go aheadand tell them what the rules are[Music]tell them what we're doing and Seantrying to be serious over here what areyou doing is it a chase are you fartychase it's not meCarly och och is that you Rocco's like Ididn't do anything he's just over therechewing on that stick alright so we'redoing the fortnight Battle Royalechallenge there's a dome and every threeminutes it just keeps getting smallerand smaller okay all right so here atown okay so the air conditioners outupstairs so the boys have been sleepingdown in the living room to make this anescape room this is what I've donecheck this out see the door lock on theoutsideshould be on the inside right there butI switched it they're gonna find the keyto that door find a key to that doorthey're gonna have to unlock this toolchest which has a padlock on it the keyis hidden in the room be able to findthe key we're gonna give them a clue I'mgonna leave this clue on top of the toolchest and what it is is it has the firstpart of where the key is hidden okayit's time to beat this prank started ifI'm sick I gotta price work okay youwere now in the stateroom you cannotstate to escape you're gonna have tofigure it out[Music]Oh science I think you move the rock[Music]he has the camera yeah I know thispopping yeah the other camera okay let'slook at this Oh number one choose yourroom to find the restclean your room to find the bus Sto[Music]what does that mean put it on it youneed to find the key step No so thisbody fit in somewhere[Music][Music]you guys are doing greatplease should also know the airconditioner is shut off and it's veryhot outside and it's going to start toget very hot in that room if you don't[Music][Music]door this stormy let's look forsomething that looks like a stormokay or room to me Jesus took bricks ohthat's a super what's this oh it mustmean trips where you don't need the /[Music][Music]no it's this way nobody knows how to getthis up and I go[Music]what that you give us a hint I think youlost it we could just unlock the doorbaby he did this thing very tight can'teven use it turning that off to lookyeah baby what something that was herethat wasn't here beforeOh[Music][Music]okay yes we got this must be work for isthat is it home for this escape I seizewe keep it up okayOhshe was eight[Music][Music]come onalright guys how'd you like the escaperoom it was fun alright I got you thoughhuh yeah I got you ha ha it took you alittle longer than I thought it would toget out of my escape room yeah did youguys know that was comingdon't forget to subscribe ok bye guysthanks[Music]


Dad pulls three pranks on kids. Prank #1 is rotten (green) eggs in egg sandwich. Prank #2 is mysterious fart sounds while trying to film a video. Prank #3 is turning the kids messy bedroom into an escape room. To find the clues to escape they have to clean their room.


Steel Kids is a family friendly channel with fun kid challenges, Nerf blaster battles, exploding balloons, and fun with slime. Join us, Chase & Shawn, with our sisters, mom, and dad, in the excitement. We release new videos every Sunday.

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