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Curios Box: The Green Box Interior Design Unboxing

hi I'm Katie Yale Erin chief ofinteriors and sources magazine and I amhere to explain what our newest kuriosbox looks like this is going to be ourgreen box and we want it to look atproducts that did more than just look atsustainability so we have a whole bunchof different options here so the firstone that I want to talk about is byMetro floor so um you may have seen someof these pieces before one of the thingsthat I was really excited about thatthey added in to explain why this reallyfits into our green box is also the ideaof social justice if you don't know thejust label actually goes through theprocess and make sure that the peoplewho are working for a company actuallyare healthy and happy and all of thosethings and so this year they actually atneocon were able to announce that theyjust received the first just label for aChinese factory so that's super excitingthey have always had a really greattrack record as far as sustainabilityand certifications go and so to add thatis absolutely wonderfulso we're excited you will get this boxwhich open a box within a box whichgives you a little bit of a sample ofwhat they are coming out with thishonestly has been the talk of our officeit's understandable so this is a HunterDouglas architectural and if you knowanything about them they are doing thesescreens and they wanted to show often ina fun way so these are super fun littleeveryone's been wondering what it is allweek so each of you will get this thegreat thing about this green screenevolved is that it's a hundred percentnon PVC it comes in four colors or sorrynine colors with four openness factwhich means that you can have it be moreor less opaque but the fun thing aboutthis is that it's actually for everyyard that is made 14 recycled waterbottles goes into it and so you knowthat's something that people are alwaysconcerned about is the amount of waterbottles that we use in America so thisis a great way to be able to reuse it ina in a manner that actually doessomething for the interiors somethingthat people don't usually realize isthat even if you do manage to recycle awater bottle which most of the timepeople don't remember uh but if you dorecycle it the problem is that there areso many recycled water bottles thatthere isn't enough places to put all ofthem so that's a problem in our cycle ifyou're even if you recycle if you can'tgo anywhere then what it just ends upbeing thrown out anyway so it's excitingto see that they were able to come upwith a non PVC window screen which alsoincorporates these recycled waterbottles MDC just released this new wallcovering and you may notice hereyeah it's newspaper so I think this is areally fun way of recycling somethingthat is an everyday object and so ofcourse all of them are going to bedifferent it's they're not going to bestandardized here but they're woventogether and each strip is woventogether and so you can use this as areally fun type of well covering that'sgoing to be unique and kind of stand outabove the above the restokay and so here we have the decoleather this is from Formica which youmight be a little surprised about thefact that this Formica but one thingthat I think is so cool about thisproduct is that you know there is a lotof concern about leathers about whereleather comes from and then if it is aan artificial leather there can beconcerned about what kind of chemicalsare being used in it the thing aboutthis deco leather is that it hasactually made out of 70% pulverizedleather which is pre-consumer so itcomes from places like shoemanufacturers or car interiormanufacturers and other tanneries all ofthat extra leather that isn't used getspulverized and then they put it intothis product so it is it is leather butit's 70 percent of basicallypre-consumer recycled leather so ifyou're really looking for thatthat leather surfacing but you don'twant to get you know virgin materialsespecially this is a great option italso withstands wear and tear muchbetter than traditional leathers dookay and these are so this we haveCrossville this is the retroactive 2.0and I'm just gonna lay them out here soyou get a nice collection of colors andso what is so cool about this if you'veheard about the living product challengethose involved in the living productchallenge get a petal per the differentaspects of the challenge so it's notalways realistic that a company is ableto do every single thing that's on alist for certification for it to begreen but the living product challengeallows you to take a look and and beable to do at least three so thisproduct you may have seen it before thecolor goes all the way through which isgreat because if you're going to beusing this on this on a side you don'thave to cover it up you can just have itbe raw and that way also if there's everany chips or any problems it's not goingto chip and and look white underneathand then so the last that we have hereand again I'm gonna kind of lay theseout so this is um a Rocko's prismand so what I get really excited aboutis that this one is actually a part oftheir part of their tooth 2019 2020that's all really weird to say it's partof their new collection so in 2019 youwill be seeing 16 new colors of theirprisms with two new textures and what isso interesting about this is that youknow it's they're really looking at howcan we give you the most naturalexperience possible in a surfacingmaterial but also in 2019 as of Januaryyou will be saying that the new incopper anti-microbial finish will beincluded in these so you don't have toworry anymore about whether or notthere's anything you know bacteria isgrowing on it or anything along thoselines because it has that new finishingwhich really makes it an ideal optionfor any kind of you know healthy settingin which you need to really make surethat those microbials are not adheringto your surfacing materials so these arethe six that will be in the newestcollection the box will be sent out nextweek so you should be receiving it soonwe absolutely love saying all of thehash tag hash tag kurios box we look atall of them it's so much fun if you wantto do your unboxing video please makesure that you tag us at interior sourceon Twitter and Instagram and we may beregram that or retweeting that if youstill don't have a curios box pleasefeel free to sign up if you go tointeriors and sources calm up on thenavigation bar you'll see the kurios thecurios tab we do have limited amountwe are looking at for 2019 being able toincrease that number as well asincreasing the amount of boxes that wehave this year we have six next year weare looking at nine so if you want to beon that waiting list because right nowwe do have all of the places filled asfar as the amount of boxes that we havegoing out every other month but pleasebe sure to sign up because we willhopefully be coming out with larger alarger sample size as of next year soand there's plenty of information onlineon that curious tab if you want to learnmore information about any of theseproducts or if you want to potentiallyget a sample of your own if you're notable to get the curious box yet but youwould like a sample please be sure tocheck out the curious tab on interiorsand sources comm and then we can get youall of the information that you need sountil next time thanks so much

The Green Box
End users are more aware now than ever before of the environmental and social impact their choices have. In response, companies are rapidly reassessing the materials and processes behind their signature products, realizing that “going-green” doesn’t have to equate to sacrificing a good aesthetic. This goes doubly so for the commercial interior design industry where eco-conscious manufacturers have been at the fore of material innovation for the last few decades.

Sustainable design no longer simply means recycling the old to make new again; instead, companies are looking at the entire lifecycle of a product and looking into all the ways in which they impact the environment and local community from start to finish. From planting trees and reducing water consumption all the way to removing old fishing nets from the ocean, brands are finding unique ways in which to extend their carbon handprint rather than their carbon footprint.

Because sustainability is becoming a key way in which companies can share their stories, i+s designated the latest installment of Curios to all things sustainable. Unveil the latest collections from the manufacturers you love, and get ready to be inspired to add a little more green to your routine.

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