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[Applause][Music]we're in Benelux which is a newrestaurant that we're designing andbasically gutting from top to bottom outand butch with Brooklyn and when I'mhoping to accomplish today's I reallywant to nail down the aesthetic conceptof this space so we're figuring out thematerials for the bar the stain for thefloor the wall color the ceiling colorlight fixtures basically everythingsoup-to-nuts wallpaper for the bathroomsyou name it we ought to do itso we're gonna jump in we first muststart talking about what I really thinkthe wall should look like and then we'llkind of span out from thereso the aesthetic of this space but wewant it to feel like it's sort of like aEuropean diner so we want us to have afeeling of sort of heritage and historybut we also wanted to feel like a littlebit streamlined and a little bit coollike almost what you imagine the futurelooked like in 1920 so wrap your mindaround that so essentially we want tofigure out how that manifests in thisspace and that's the wall color that'sthe bar counter that's the way thefloors are finished you should see thatsame idea of this sort of like likehistorical diner you should see itthroughout the space and that's what'sreally gonna make the whole thing feelcohesive okay so we've got our planswe're looking for mustard yellows we'relooking for awesome navy blues and weneed to go find wallpaper so with thatin mind I'm heading to the DND and we'regonna nail this outokay so we're upstairs now in theBenjamin Moore showroom and essentiallywhat we're gonna do we're just gonnaleave through the different colorpalettes that they have the differentswatches and decide which yellows whichblues really work for our palette socome on I'm looking a look so I havethis idea the color path in therestaurant it's gonna be these two dustyblues and these really like a mustardyyellows but I don't let them muster tooyellow to be like brown like whole-grainmustard and I don't want the mustardyellow to be like yeah right yellow likebaseball mustard I wanted to be likeDijon mustardso I originally I was listing best nomore had this guy which i think is verynice it's called it's called it's whitegold very mustard also was kind of digin this situation here which is likeever so slightly greener but I thinkalso it's like a very Asian quality toit and I think picks up the colors inthe wallpaper in a really awesome way soI think we could zeroing in on a colorpalette here we've got like really goodoptions for the yellows and then we haveto really figure out what the Blues aregonna be because again I don't want itto be like too luminous I want it to belike a kind of a sexy mean you'll knowwhen you see it I swear it's gonna besexy me okay let's go look so that'snice with that that's called gentleman'sgraveblew kind of a sexy name you know likeyou know like dusty but rich this isnice so I think I'm gonna pull a coupleof these samples and then we'll sit downwith the guys will look at fabrics willlook at wallpaper and we'll look atpaint chips and see how they all cometogether and they'll coalesce into oneperfect palette here in New York andspecifically we're headed into Pieraffray which is a Parisian company theyhave a bunch of awesome wallpapers thatare really eclectic and I think shouldbe perfect for the restaurant so we'regonna head in there I've got my paintchips with me these are colors that we'dstarted out with this sort of mustardcolor and this really dusty navy bluewe're gonna take these look forwallpaper and see if we can findsomething that loops back into thiscolor palette I want to find issomething that's kind of eclectic andwild a bathroom is an awesome place toput something a little bit bold becauseit's a small space and a restaurantbathroom even more so you kind of wantto give it's like some solid pop so I'mlooking I want to see something it hasthe mustard the dusty blue and also alittle pizzazz I'm thinking I want likea weird print something old maybesomething with an animal nice parrotsthat's a monkey I like it I did get Idig it so that's a possibility alsodefinitely got our blues we got our ourmustard tones that's very harmonious I'minto it that's a possibilityalso birds but terrifying clearly sowe're gonna give that this skip I likethis this is awesomeplus with a cool canvas II texture allthe right colors I dig it that's a greatone alright so I'm gonna pull these andthen we're gonna go look at fabric andwe'll see what kind of fabrics we canlink in with this so that we startgetting really like a cohesive paletteof wallpaper paint fabric restaurant[Music]I thought zeroed in on really goodnavies these like really sexy boots andI'm really feeling I started with thisbut then I picked this up at BenjaminWarren I don't I'm liking it too dustythis it feels a little meek now like alittle unlike lacking in saturation thisis like a little deeper I think it'slike it just a little more decisiveNavy and then I think that looks greatmm-hmm feeling that it's great I thinkthat - can - can I know it's great I'mreally diggin the Navy which is thegentleman's correct between what andwhat this mustard in my last year I meanI this one's a little more saturated anda little more yellow I think this one'sa little bit too great this is like alittle you don't like baby poop aroundyou while you're eating right that'sgoodno I think this but no this one is Ithink is - that's - you think this isthis is the one that's really green Ithink this is also a green I think thisis the visit the alone I think macaronino no you're out of your mindI mean when you hold these two togetherthis one looks actually like aline at this one look at it on the walldon't look at it relationship to othercolors that are the same because it'sreally hard to decipher them that way soif you picture this at night though butit's covered in the shadow do you see Ithink it's like really like lovely anddusty and feels like we're somewherewith history all rightand that's nice below it we can alsolook at it again at night we shouldcovered in shadow oh yes cool I likethis but I like these though I thinkthese are a good start okay good allright so we'll look at those tonight andthen we're happy with our wallpaperswe're happy with a few can and that whoare this guy which is like so abstract Idon't even know what's the plan forwhich is doing anything a little we um Ido I think this one's going in the bigbecause you can never have too many twocans you know this whole time I thoughtI'm sure someone's that's all I thoughtwas a sloth - it's not a sloth it's amonkey I know what are you gonna do youcan't control I think that guy's the jamso that'll go and I think that one'sgoing in this smallest one and thatone's going in the medium I know twocans agogo good right all right greatand then um why don't we just knock outthe floor thing and then we're likewe're really in business you always weara mask[Laughter]we have nailed down the paint colorswe've picked our wallpapers and now wehave to make a really big decision whichis the floor color and we've got a bunchof different samples a bunch ofdifferent mixes we're gonna I thinkwe're gonna cross over this crazy colorand this crazyand hopefully we'll nail the exact rightcolor we want which is like kind of aweathered Parisian floor just picturethat okay so mix that and if that sothis is one part for anime one partdusty bucket color really thoroughly[Music]that's like a nice mixture of the twochristine is always yeah this is likecrustiness alway 101 right herewe're like ideally don't have any of theproper tools don't wear the appropriateattire that's my jam right there that'swhy every single pair of pants I havehas paid off I think what we're gonnakeep seeing I don't mind disdainsbringing out striations of the sanderyeah which I don't know how it's gonnalook went into the whole floorbut it looks I mean looks cool it lookswhether that's restorable yeah if youlink darker you might it's nice too weshould look at this by night to probablyjust to make sure that essentially whatwe're doing at this point is we'retrying out all these different samplesand this is this is the real this is thewood and it's really the most accurateway to understand what the floor isgoing to look like with these differentstains is by putting it directly on tothe wood itself so we also we've chosenkind of a discreet corner to do this onbecause that way we don't have to sandeverythingso I think we're close to nailing downthe color I think both of these likeweathered options all three of theseweather options are really nice so we'reclose and now what we need to do is waitand come back here at night so we cansee how it looked by night and then comeback in the morning and see how it looksby day because really you need tounderstand how the color changesthroughout the day before you commit tosomething especially this much of a bandcolor so essentially what we're doingwe've done all of the prep work to getthis bathroom renovated we've pulleddown the wallpaper it was really uglywe've primed the walls we've painted theceiling things are happening I know itlooks bad but sometimes it has to getworse before it gets better becausethere's room for improvement and it okayso essentially what we're gonna do nowJohn's gonna start by painting thewainscotting which is this beadboardarea down below John's gonna paint thatit's like an awesome navy blue it'scalled gentleman's gray don't know why Ibet it's called gentleman's gray andhe's gonna paint the way it's got it andI'm gonna cut the wallpaper get thewallpaper up we're basically gonna beworking on top of each other which isabsolutely against the rules but we'regonna do it anyway because we mean toget this doneif that primer already in it please goright over this little shitty Brownright so we're going to get one coat ofthatdone and done okay okay you do thisgentlemen's blue please gentlemen's grayplease and we'll get started we're gonnawallpaper this bathroom so our firstpanel is 28 inches wide and 56 incheslong as they say measure twice cut onceor that's what my mom says anyway sothat's 57 and then you always want togive yourself kind of an excess becausewe want to be able to do is put thewallpaper up and then trim any of theexcess rather than discovering thatyou're in fact short and totallybuggered so I've given myself 57 inchesI've got my straight edge here to makesure I've got the correct length I'mgonna move my ruler I'm gonna keep thatpin there and then you're just gonnaslice your paper there we go okay let'sgo see what this first piece looks likein there maybe if I wear this as a capeyou can't tell how weird I'm moving[Applause][Music]that's why you were here with the ladderat first yeahmaybe put it over the toilet yeah[Applause]this is why John doesn't like to paintwhile we're wallpapering is therewet paint everywhere and I can't putthis on the wall okay is it I think it Imean it definitely fits so why not I'llcut the net I'm gonna cut the next sheetand that way you keep on letting thispaint dry and then we'll put them up oneafter another[Music]look at this glue John Thomascome on like likeI've never seen it so too small for clayif you don't like getting sticky don'tput up wallpaper it's a really stickyprocess[Music]okay so so far we've got these twopanels up John's got the wainscotingpainted I'm going to keep wallpaper I'mgoing to blast through this bathroomyeah then we just have two more to goand then we'll be ready this roomdefinitely had room for improvement andwe are well on our way to transformation[Music][Music]

In this weeks Episode Christina & John work to concept and renovate a Brooklyn Restaurant. Christina goes to the DnD to decide on color and wallpaper for the new project.





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