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Cobb County Real Estate Agent: Inside the Mind of the Millennial Home Buyer

hey did you know that 52% of the buyersin today's housing market are millenialsand if you're somebody thinking aboutselling your home how are you gonnaattract 52% of the market to buy yourhome well in today's coffee with ConnieI'm gonna answer some of that questionfor you okay so welcome backso Millennials are becoming a hugepurchasing power in the United Statesand we came up with just a few thingsthat you can do if you're thinking ofselling your home in the next 6 to 12months to attract those millennialbuyers so number one thing that you cando is just modest updates Millennialsmost of the time want move-in-ready thatdoesn't mean we have to do huge you knowjust fancy renovations but they justlike clean and simple modest renovationsso that's one thing another one is theylove those outdoor spaces so maybe it'sa fire pit or we've got a picture hereon our web site where it's just a patiowith some string lights create kind of alittle venue back there they're gonnalove that that's gonna be veryattractive another thing is they likeusable space so you know that mother'sliving room in the front of the housethat you only use that you know one ortwo times a year they're really notlooking for that they want more openlivable space so that may be somethingyou consider doing is to open up yourspace um another thing is smart homesthey love the smart home idea and I wasat Best Buy just the other day I'mstarting with two smart light bulbs andmy smart app and I'm training thoselight bulbs to go on certain times ofthe day and so you can make your homesuper smart between doorbells andsecurity it's just it's actually kind offun so just start making that investmentand add little things um over time andactually it's a great Santa idea ifyou're one of those people who are veryhard to buy for maybe you ask for a fewof those smart items and one thing thatI have found also is they don't likecarpeting so if you are living in anolderthat you've covered those gorgeoushardwood floors up with carpeting pullthat carpeting out because they don'twant it so hopefully these will help youthere's also a lot of other ideas thatwe have to get your house ready to sellno matter who you're selling it to wehaven't booked called 90 things youcan't afford to neglect when sellingyour home and we'll add a link to thatwhether you're watching this on YouTubeFacebook or from the comfort of yoursmartphone we'll give you a link so youcan download that report hope you'veenjoyed this edition of coffee withConnie looking forward to helping yousoon

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