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[Music][Applause][Music]hi everyone okay so today I am going tofocus on the voice closet I've beenneeding to do it for a while becausePorter went in and dumped out all thosebins that I worked really really hard onbut really nice so I need to go throughand read organize them and I'm going totake them outside so they will fit inour garage so then Porter will have hiscloset back is my home so here isPorter's closet so I mean we have onetwo three four five bins in whole savedand the rest of these are nicely dumpedout so yeah I got to go through andreorganize these again and I'm gonna tryto DS - how much we have try to get waylessthat's my hope so I'm gonna get going onthis[Music]all right dad just thought home I don'tknow if you saw that chaos what that wasI took a half an hour break to have amental moment yes they were both insaneever since we got a quarter hasliterally not stopped movingand jiggy it was into everything andpulling out everything else penny way sotook a mental break I'm gonna come backin and try to tackle us as fast as I canwith that home because I told Porter wecould have a family movie night if I gotthis down fast really I'm to the pointwhere I have the bin sorted for the mostpart I at least have the right clothesin the right bins so I'm going to gothrough and I'm going to leave the binsthat they're on in no rooms likeactually need to buy a 5 T bin forPorter but Jamie I'm going to leave the18 T an 18 one in his room has 18-monthone in his room and then I have dividedup I have like blankets and then likeshe was pulled out so I got to gothrough and sort those but like blanketsI'm gonna fold up and put all in Jamie'scloset except for a few of quarters andthen there's I've been kind of tossingout clothes I'm trying to quickly gothrough boxes and toss out clothes likethey didn't wear is often cuz they justhave a lot of outfits they just didn'tend up really wearing that often so I'mreally tiredand I'm a little touched out thisafternoon I to my husband he walked itand I was like no they've got to beworse like I just mean I have to walkaway for a minute I've got a littleanything today tomorrow I actually getand it's not like great cuz I'm going toa funeral for my great-grandfathertomorrow but they are being watched forthe by my mother-in-law for the day andI'm like oh my gosh I get that manyhours not being touched now that are notbeing touched to this song another oneright hereokay I'm gonna get going on this becausethis is going to be doneand finished and I'm hoping within thenext hour we've done finishedcompletely[Music]right Porter's room is all done stuckthat up on the wall I've had that forhim for awhile but oh my gosh I justlove how this closet drew it out so youknow we have like church stuff hung upwinter coats winter hats that's for c40stuff that he's growing out of is goingin that bucket and then he's got hisdrawers which I loved much better inhere now we won't need to get thedresser yeah he has all he has is Magnaformers and a truck and then his booksthat he reads at night bottom are hisnighttime diapers and then in therewe'll go his shoes they're all by thefront door right nowthen we got his dirty clothes bin hereare just some of our favorite thingsthat we've kept and we've got ties andbow ties which summer and Jamie's roomso I'll get those out up here our shoesthe Shubin it's basically from Jamie'ssize up so when I need them I will grabthem up there isn't part of when we havethe baby for the pack and play andPorter sleeping bag it feels so muchnicer in here so now I just need to gopick up Jamie's room and um put the binsout in the garageokay I'm finished putting blankets awayI'm like and this is the one thing Istruggle to be minimalistic on for a lotbecause I love their blankets and theywere all made by special people so it'sreally hard for me so anyways we haveregular blankets to grab warm warmblankets and Mac there's like the lightlight blankets we use in the summer andthese are the little bling keys whichJamie is in love with and down here wehave the bin that he's currently in sohave that been in there that's prettymuch it just closet look his closetstayed clean because the toys aren't allin there all the time so hey Jamie'sroom so I'll put together Porter didmake me clarify Mitchhis special blankets went in his closetso like one for my grandmaone from his grandma and one for me myfriend he wanted to clarify that hisspecial blankets went in his own closetso those are in his own closet and thenhis bling keys are on his bed like hehas he's been loving this ABC blanketthis quilt my grandma made so that'snice for him when he's trying to fallasleep he'll look at it and then theblanket I made while I was pregnant withJamie so Jamie is currently pulling hisunderwear out of drawers and there's asock behind the door oh good thing goodjob put it back in there hey let's golet's go out out I'm glad this door canshut cuz he likes to come in here andempty the drawers for Porter he's sohelpful yeah put it back put it backyeah I said it said it no no shut itwell shut it with it inside yeahpeekaboo do it and he peekabooI'm glad you're doing the pair yourbrothers underwear one day I'll show youthis video it will be great it wouldmake my life so easy if I could getthose bins to all fit across therebut it's not going to happen plus thenI'd have to move all the paints andstuff so I'm trying to think I'mthinking these black shells or what I'mgonna try them on and they won't fitperfectly across it but at least I canyeah a lot of this stuff can be combinedit's my hope but at least then if I needto grab just like won bin off I can grabone bin if like often like my mom'llbring me an outfit you know randomlythat she found on sale so that'll be anice way to throw it in the right binsso I'm gonna move things around and thenwe'll try it for the 18 months and thenPorter's 41 this actually works prettywell a bunch of the stuff Darren's gonnatake you out in the shed we have a likea nother shed so he's gonna take likeMaura's work stuff out but these are atleast out here and organized and I guessdid a couple months I'll find out if Ineeds it and a couple months when wehave this baby and then I'll find out ifI need to be like storing for aneternity or if then I can just bekeeping like over a small period of timeand then it or not these are going to mysister like the ones that are afterJamie's done with it soall my cats are coming in to hang out inhere with us they're funny little thingsokay so that's done I'm really happythat's over withI'm gonna go clean my house now afterthe aftermath of my kids being a messbecause that's what they aretoday has been really rough I don't knowwanting and but yeah so we're gonna goclean up after that and then we'rehaving a little family movie nighttonightyou

My son dumped out all the clothes storage. I reorganized it and minimized his room a ton.

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